Prep Baseball Report

Pitching Analysis From July 1st Event

Dan Cevette
New York Scouting Director

Pitching Analysis July 1st
July 1st PBR NY saw some solid young arms highlighted by some impressive 2017 and 2016's.

Danny Madden LHP/OF (Corning HS, NY 2016)
Madden stands 6-foot-2 180-pounds and has a strong physical presence. On the mound he throws from a mid 3/4 slot with his fastball sitting 79-82 with more in the tank. His fastball has some late action and arm side fade. His changeup fades arm side as well but slows arm down some.

Zacary Granger RHP/OF (Horseheads HS, NY 2017)
Granger stands 6-foot-0 160-pounds and has the frame of a next level guy. He throws from a mid/High 3/4 slot with a fastball sitting 80-82 mph. His curveball has 11/5 shape at 63-65 mph. Mechanically his tempo is good and gets out in front nicely, his back arm action is longer at times.

Wyatt Myers RHP/SS (Bishop Grimes HS, NY 2016)
Myers stands 6-foot-0 173-pounds and has an athletic frame. On the mound he throws from a mid 3/4 slot with arm side run at 80-82 mph. His changeup sat at 73 mph, not enough separation from his fastball but used good hand speed. His curveball had 11/5 shape at 68 mph. Mechanically he needs to land more on the ball of his foot but the rest is smooth with a good tempo and throws in a power position.

Nathaniel Kiel LHP/OF (Oakwood HS, OH 2015)

Kiel stands 5-foot-11 165-pounds with an average build. On the mound he throws from a high 3/4 slot with a fastball topping 80 mph with late action and arm side run. His curveball has a 1/7 shape and ranges 64-67. Mechanically he has a good mound presence with a sound delivery. He needs to stay stronger on his front side.

Trevor Maciejewski OF/RHP (Webster Thomas HS, NY 2015)
Maciejewski stands 5-foot-10 155-pounds with a slim slender frame. From the mound he throws from a high 3/4 slot with a fastball topping 79 mph. He throws an 11/5 shape curveball at 65 mph with late movement and tight spin. Mechanically he flies open with his front side, once he develops a stronger front side more action and velocity with come.

Steven Rossi RHP (Corning HS, NY 2018)
Rossi stands 5-foot-11 165-pounds with a lanky frame and has a chance to be pretty good. He throws from a high 3/4 slot with sound mechanics but needs some smoothing out as he rushes a touch to home. He showed consistent arm side run with a fastball sitting 69-72 mph. He showed the makings of a changeup but slows arm some at 60-61 mph.

Bobby Antonacci RHP/SS (Westhill HS, NY 2017)
Antonacci stands 5-foot-7 140-pounds and has a slender frame with plenty of room for growth. His throws from a good power position with a mid/high 3/4 slot. Arm is free, easy, and clean. His fastball is good for his age ranging 75-77 mph. He shows the making of a tight 10/4 shape curveball that just needs more spin from velocity. Mechanically he is sound but needs to break hands a little sooner and finish more with his back facing the sky.

Daniel Johnson RHP/MIF (Sodus HS, NY 2017)

Johnson stands 5-foot-6 150-pounds with a small frame. On the mound he throws from a high 3/4 arm slot with his fastball ranging 66-69 mph. He threw a 52 mph curveball with some spin.