Preseason All-State Player Spotlight: Benjamin Monti, C, Lancaster HS, NY, (2016)

Dan Cevette

Director, New York

Name: Benjamin MontiBenjamin Monti
High School: Lancaster
Position: C
Projects As: C

Scouting Report
Benjamin Monti, C, Lancaster HS, NY, (2016)

Monti stands 5-foot-11, 160-pounds with a frame able to handle more positive weight. Behind the dish he shows off a plus skill-set. He uses a wide base receiving the ball to a high clean transfer, short arm action to an over the top release. His arm strength will improve with strength which was 73 mph, footwork showed quickness, pop time ranging 2.18-2.28. At the plate he starts with his weight shifted back, hands high. On the pitch he drops his hands, strides for timing, and gets the bat to the ball on a short path. His path is inclined through the zone using extension through contact and a high finish. His exit velocity off a tee was 78 mph.

With quick footwork, proper alignment, and a clean transfer it's clear to see Monti is getting the right instruction. His body frame has the ability to project adding an easy 10-15 pounds of muscle during the next two off seasons. Getting his arm strength up and his release faster will take some time, but there is no doubt he has the tools to become a next level catcher. I like his short path and long extension attacking baseballs out in front, see his overall stock rising with continued instruction and hard work. Very pure, balanced left-handed swing. Monti will be on full display Feb. 15 at our Preseason All-State Event.