Preseason All-State Player Spotlight: Jeff Palczewski, 3B, Orchard Park HS, NY (2016)

Dan Cevette
Director, New York

Name: Jeff Palczewski
High School: Orchard Park
Position: 3B
Projects As: 3B

Scouting Report
Jeff Palczewski, 3B, Orchard Park HS, NY (2016)
Palczewski stands 5-foot-10 165-pounds with an athletic build and frame to add 10-15 pounds more. At 3B he fields the ball in the middle of his body, clean transfer, gets the job done but needs more polish, has great athleticism confirmed by his 4.19 home to first time; long arm action and throws from a high ¾ slot, with arm strength at 78 mph. With an emphasis on arm strength and smoother actions he will be a lock down corner defender. At the plate his set up is weight back and hands high. On the pitch he uses a stride, short path to the ball, high contact hitter with a level bat path through the zone, balanced with a long extension through contact, shoulder height finish.

Palczewski plays the game with extreme passion and with a strong work ethic. During showcases  this summer he held his own at the corner, and at the plate had aggressive, productive BP sessions. Now at two events, both times his best comes out when the game starts. He takes his game up a few notches, good speed turned to great speed, solid hitting turned to plus abilities with the bat, and sound mechanics at the corner turned to a lock down vacuum. Palczewski in my opinion has the tools to play at the next-level. A player that only keeps impressing each time we see him, we are excited to have him Feb. 15 at our MEGA Preseason All-State Event.