Preseason Greater NYC: 1B Analysis From Feb. 19th

Dan Cevette
Director, New York

February 19th PBR New York made its way to the Greater New York City area - Elmsford, NY for a preseason identification event at the very neat and clean - Game On 13. The smoke as finally settled, and the 1B reports are final. Here's a look at the first-basemen Feb. 19th.

Brett Holtz, 1B, Valhalla HS, NY (2017)
Holtz stands 6-foot-2, 180-pounds with a solid lower-half, big profectable, durable body. At the plate he starts with a slightly open front side, hands low. On the pitch he shifts his weight back, loads, gets front side back to even as he powers to the ball. Short path to the ball, barrel gets to the ball out in front, sightly inclined plane, 81 mph exit velocity with wood. Pure left-handed swing, next-level bat. From 1B he fields low in a proper position, glove open and out in front. Uses a funnels glove side-away from body, clean arm action, throws from a high-3/4 slot, 76 mph arm strength - more in the tank. He also ran a 4.3 home-to-first-time. Fun 2017 to keep an eye on.

Timothy Moore, RHP, Ossining HS, NY (2016)
Moore stands 5-foot-10, 275-pounds.  At the plate he starts with his hands high, short knee lift and stride on the pitch. Loads high, barrel drops, shorter path, bat plane has some shoulder tilt and incline. Extension after contact, shoulder level finish. Moore creates 78 mph exit velocity of a tee. At 1B he works to stay behind the ball, uses back-hand a lot, bends at his back, throws from a mid-3/4 slot from first, accurate throws.

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