Preseason Southern-Tier: Outflied Analysis

Anthony Goncalves
VP Scouting

The 10 day, eight preseason event tour has finally finished here in New York. Nearly 600 players attended events over that 10 days making this the biggest preseason week in PBR New York history. Over the next six weeks, measurable stats, headshots, and videos are all being edited and added to players profiles. We will break down the events by positions with full player analysis. Today we take a deeper look at the Feb. 15 (Southern-Tier) Outfielders.


2022 OF Jack Hopko (Maine Endwell)
Hopko stands a strong 5-foot-11, 180-pounds with room for more physical gains from the freshman. In the box the lefty uses balance during his approach, a long back load on the pitch for timing, hands are compact and short to the ball, generates above average bat-speed (89 mph) while keeping barrel control to the gaps. In the OF he uses a quick first-step, keeps the ball in front of his body, no issues on the transfer, release comes from a clean 3/4 arm-swing that shows carry (79 mph) with arm-strength projection. Very nice looking 2022 from the Southern-Tier to keep eyes on. 

2021 OF Itai Spinoza (Fayetteville Manlius)
Stands 5-foot-7, 175-pounds from a strong, thick lower half. At the plate, he's slightly open on his setup, loose hands, strides back to even on the pitch, hands explode to the ball on a short path, barrel is fluid and slightly uphill with above average bat-speed (88). Defensively, he's very active to the ball, keeps lower half moving through his target, throws from a high 3/4 slot with no restrictions, carry on the ball, above average arm-strength (87). 

2022 OF Lucas Granger (Horseheads)
Athletic 5-foot-7, 135 pounds. Offensively- Stand in the box with a wide stance and slight bent in the knees. Loose hands with a slight arm bar when loading. Throws the hands to the hitting zone with a flat bat path. Balanced throughout the swing and finishes with one hand follow through. Displayed some pop in the middle of the field during the hitting portion. Had an exit velocity of 80 MPH. Defensively- In the OF, active footwork, attacks the ball out front with a quick exchange on the throws. The throws have some carry at 70 MPH. In the INF, stays square to the ball and move well laterally. Displays soft hands and quick exchange on the throws across the diamond. The 2022 graduate is athletic enough to play all around the field. Will be a good follow as he gets stronger and develops.

2021 OF Dominic Guccia (Union-Endicott)
Physical  5-foot-10, 180 pounds OF. Offensively- A tall wide base, takes a small stride forward towards before attacking the hitting zone. Level bat path with consistent middle of the field pop. Finishes with a one hand follow through. Had an exit velocity of 86 MPH. Defensively- Lower half is active when attacking the ball. Quick exchange with a long arm action on throws from the OF. OF throwing velocity was 75 MPH. The 2021 OF has a lot more in the tank. The OF improved in the exit velocity and has the frame to become good OF at the college level.

2022 OF/RHP Kevin McGovern (Vestal)
Lean 5-foot-11, 150 pounds dual player. Offensively- Stands in the box with a tall stance and a slight bend in the knees. Has loose hands that will drop the when attacking the hitting zone. Transfers weight to the front side with a one hand follow through. Displayed opposite field pop during the hitting portion. Exit velocity of 72 MPH. Defensively- Stays back on the ball when fielding and making a transfer to throw. Long accurate arm action with a OF velocity of 65 MPH.

2020 OF Zach Odum (Elmira)
Athletic 5-foot-10, 156 pounds OF. Offensively- Stands tall with quiet hands in the box. Simple load with a small stride forward toward the pitcher. Quick bat with a flat barrel through the hitting zone. Balanced throughout the swing with a two hand finish on the follow through. Displayed some pop during the hitting portion with a 79 exit velocity. Defensively- Active footwork and attacks the ball out front. Gains ground during the exchange with a high ¾ arm slot. Throws have some carry with a 76 OF velocity. The 2020 graduate is an active player with simple actions to follow.

2020 OF Chris Bonacci (West Genesee)
Athletic 5-foot-8, 135 pounds OF. Offensively- The left hitting OF stands tall with loose hands in the box. Simple load with a short step to the pitcher before entering the hitting zone. Displays quick hands with a flat barrel and clears the hips through the hitting zone. Shows some pull side pop. Exit velocity of 83 MPH. Defensively- Active footwork and gains ground after fielding the ball. A smooth exchange throwing the ball with a high ¾ slot. Throws are accurate and have carry at 83 MPH. The 2020 OF is quick with a 6.99 60 yard dash and a 3.98 Home to 1B. The OF projects for all three positions at the next level.

2022 OF/RHP Riley Loomis (Horseheads)
A physical 5-foot-10, 165 pounds. Ran a 7.01 60 yard dash and had a 4.01 home to first time. Offensively- Balanced stance with slight bend in the knees. Uses a back toe tap and strides forward before the pitch. Quick hands to the point of contact with a strong barrel through the zone. Gets the hips fully turned and an athletic finish. Displays power potential, ball jumps off the bat with an 87 MPH exit velocity. Defensively- Active feet and smooth laterally before fielding the ball. Gets behind the ball, above average transfer, and ¾ release with an OF velocity of 78 MPH. 

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