Top 10 Profiles Of 2014: No. 3 Calvin Blish

Dan Cevette
Director, New York

Leading up to January we are going to countdown the 2014 calendar year with a look at the top ten viewed player profiles of 2014. After drilling down into our google analytics we have compiled a list of the ten most visited profiles by you the reader in 2014.

No. 3 Calvin Blish

Scouting Report
Calvin Blish, RHP/1B, Elmira HS, NY (2015)
Blish stands 6-foot-2 205-pounds with room to add some weight. On the mound he uses a high knee lift and drops and drives hard on his back side. His arm action is a touch funky, very short, but it works for him. He throws from a high ¾ slot with a head turn on release. He has great hand speed and extension on his pitches and finishes strong out in front of his body. His fastball sat consistently 87-89 mph with deception and late action. His curveball was 71 mph with gradual 11/5 shape.

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