Unsigned Senior Analysis: OF Reports from Sept 21

Dan CevetteMickey Mullins
Director, New York

September 21st was PBR NY's first Unsigned Senior Event, held at Damaschke Park, home to the Oneonta Outlaws, saw 30 plus kids from all over NYS make the trek in hopes of some much needed, late baseball exposure. These players did not disappoint, as we saw next level talent from almost every position. What really was impressive was the number of players that ran a 7.0 or better, given the ratio of players to sub 7.0 times, I know the 10 colleges in attendance were glad they made the trip. Let's take a look at the Outfielders from this years first ever Unsigned Senior Event.

Mickey Mullins OF (Vestal HS, 2015)
Mullins stands an athletic 5-foot-10 160-pounds with great athleticism proven by his 6.85 60 time. In the OF he gets behind the baseball fielding to his glove side, quick transfer, small crow hop to a 3/4 slot. Arm strength was 81 mph a showcase best from the OF with carry. At the plate his setup is upright and relaxed, slightly wide. On the pitch he uses a straight back load and stride for timing. Hands explode inside the ball with above average power potential, short path and level plane. Extension through contact with a shoulder height finish. Exit velocity off a tee was 91 mph.

Matt Zakala OF (Rome Free Academy)

Zakala stands 6-foot-1 180-pounds with an athletic build and shows above average athleticism evidence by his 6.96 60 time. From the OF he fields/catches to his glove side, clean transfer, opens his front side and hips up early, throws from a high 3/4 slot with an 80 mph arm strength, keeps the ball low. At the plate his setup is wide, weight back. Loads on pitch, uses a heel lift before driving his hands inside the ball will above average bat speed at 87 mph off a tee. Path is short, bat plane is uphill, finish needs more balance.

John Zamites OF (Olean HS, 2015)
Zamites shows well for this third event having the fastest 60 time at 6.79. In the OF he fields glove side using quick footwork to line his throw up. Arm slot is from a high 3/4 today sitting 75 mph. This off season increasing arm strength should be his main focus. At the plate he uses a long swing, slightly uphill plane, great extension through contact with a should finish. Exit velocity was 80 mph off a tee.

Nick Chilson OF (Johnson City, HS 2015)

Chilson stands 6-foot-1 175-pounds with a great lean baseball body. From the OF he gets behind the ball well, in the game moves well laterally evidenced by his 6.98 60 time, fields glove side, uses a small crow hop for power, long arm action to a high 3/4 slot. Arm strength was 77 mph with carry. At the plate wide approach, weight shifted back. Uses a back load, short path, slightly uphill path, extension through contact should height finish. Exit velocity off a tee was 85 mph showing above average power potential.

Joe Parrillo OF (East Islip HS, 2015)

Parrillo stands 5-foot-7 160-pounds. Don't let the size fool you, Parrillo has some above average next level tools. He should athleticism running a 7.0 60 yard dash, from the outfield he stays behind the ball, quick transfer, crow hop for power staying lined up to target, throws from a high 3/4 slot with 80 mph arm strength getting the most out of his frame. At the plate his setup is crouched but athletic. Wide stance to a high knee lift on the pitch. Short path to the ball with a 75 mph exit velocity. Bat plane is level with good extension through contact, finish is shoulder height.

Nicholas Petrosino OF (Auburn HS, 2015)
Petrosino stands 5-foot-11 165-pounds with room for growth. In the OF me moves well (6.89 60) and under control. Fields the ball glove side, takes a little long from glove to release, throws from an over the top slot, arm strength consistently at 76 mph with carry and height. At the plate his setup is balanced with not a lot of weight transfer. On the pitch he strides forward driving his hands inside the ball, short path, uphill path with extension through contact, high finish. Exit velocity was 76 mph.