Unsigned Senior Event: Top 15 Performers From Sept. 21

Dan Cevette
Director, New York

September 21st was PBR NY's first Unsigned Senior Event, held at Damaschke Park, home to the Oneonta Outlaws, saw 30 plus kids from all over NYS make the trek in hopes of some much needed, late baseball exposure. These players did not disappoint, as we saw next level talent from almost every position. What really was impressive was the number of players that ran a 7.0 or better, given the ratio of players to sub 7.0 times, I know the 10 colleges in attendance were glad they made the trip. Let's take a look at the Top 15 Players from this years first ever Unsigned Senior Event.

Top 3 Prospects

1. Mickey Mullins OF (Vestal HS, 2015)
Mickey Mullins
Scouting Notes on Mullins
Mullins stands an athletic 5-foot-10 160-pounds with great athleticism proven by his 6.85 60 time. In the OF he gets behind the baseball fielding to his glove side, quick transfer, small crow hop to a 3/4 slot. Arm strength was 81 mph a showcase best from the OF with carry. At the plate his setup is upright and relaxed, slightly wide. On the pitch he uses a straight back load and stride for timing. Hands explode inside the ball with above average power potential, short path and level plane. Extension through contact with a shoulder height finish. Exit velocity off a tee was 91 mph. 

Next Level Projection:
Mullins has the speed, arm, and power potential at the plate to make an immediate impact at the next level in the outfield. Any program looking for an ATH should take an interest in Mullins. One of the top OF prospects available still from the 2015 class.

2. Justin Decker 3B (CBA HS, 2015)
Justin Decker
Scouting Notes on Decker
Decker stands 5-foot-11, 185-pounds with a solidly build frame. At third base he shows plus lateral movement, evidence from his 6.96 60 time. Stays behind ball glove out in front, quick transfer, short arm action, mid 3/4 slot with 80 mph arm strength. At the plate his setup is tall and relaxed. On the pitch he back loads, knee lift back with a stride, explodes hands inside the ball with a short path (91 mph exit velocity, plane is slightly uphill, powerful finish shoulder height.

Next Level Projection: Decker packs a punch at the plate with impressive bat speed and power to both gaps. He's working hard on his foot speed and it shows with his sub 7.0 60 but still needs to improve around the bag. Arm is above average and will only get better. Projects at 3B/SS, middle of the order bat potential.

3. Samuel Spadafore RHP (CNS HS, 2015)

Samuel Spadafore
Scouting Notes on Spadafore
Spadafore has great size on the mound at 6-foot-3 195-pounds. His mechanics are balanced through his delivery, clean arm action, throws from an over the top slot with a fastball sitting 80-83 mph with arm side run. Curveball has late action 11/5 shape at 66 mph. With his size and current pitch ability if he dedicates his winter to adding some arm strength sky's the limit. This spring it will be interesting to see what kind of jumps he makes from now till the HS season.

Next Level Projection:
At 6-foot-3, 195-pounds, whats not to like from the central NY RHP? His arm works easy with a fastball up to 83 mph, its a projection game at this point but there's signs of more in the tank. Could be a Starter at the next level.

The Rest of the Top Prospects from Sept. 21

4. John Zamites OF (Olean HS, 2015)
Zamites shows well for his third event having the fastest 60 time at 6.79. In the OF he fields glove side using quick footwork to line his throw up. Arm slot is from a high 3/4 today sitting 75 mph. This off season increasing arm strength should be his main focus. At the plate he uses a long swing, slightly uphill plane, great extension through contact with a should finish. Exit velocity was 80 mph off a tee.

Next Level Projection:
With tremendous athleticism, Zamites could help a next level program right now in the outfield. Arm strength needs improvment but he's committed to that this winter. He bats from the left side, some power in the gaps, and uses all fields. Projects as a CF at the next level. 

5. Luke Terwilliger SS (Corning HS, 2015)

Terwilliger stands 6-foot-0 170-pounds with an athletic frame but needs to add more weight. At SS he uses athletic actions to get to the ball, gets around baseball, fields out in front with a clean transfer. Short arm action, high 3/4 slot with above average arm strength from 80-83 mph. At the plate his setup is wide and balanced. On the pitch he back loads, drives hands on a short path inside the ball, slightly inclined plane through contact. Long extension after contact, high finish. Exit velocity was 77 mph. He ran a 7.2 60 yard time.

Next Level Projection: Right now Terwilliger looks like a 3B with a great baseball body, strong accurate arm, and can swing it a little bit from the right side. Footwork is the main focus for him now and if he continues to work hard his improved quickness could keep him at short. I am excited to see how he looks this spring. Projects now at 3B at the next level.

6. Ryan Stott RHP (Liverpool HS, 2015)
Stott shows his biggest jump through four events attended this summer. His fastball sat 80-84, touching 85 once with some late tail. The RHP from Liverpool NY, has a small build that needs to add some serious weight this off season. His mechanics are sound but dips too hard on his back side, would like to see him stay taller and stronger towards home. With a focus on arm strength the 6-foot-0 182-pound righty could help the right program at the next level.

Next level Projection: Stott pitches with a lot of heart and fight. He made a big jump bumping an 85 mph and hitting 80-84 every fastball. His arm works quick, there is some sink and arm run, he is just hindered by his size. With that said there is a lot of desire to get better, this off season will be crucial for his next level opportunities. Right now he projects in the middle of a bullpen.

7. Noah Burchill RHP (Union Endicott HS, 2015)
Burchill has a solid pitchers body at 6-foot-1 175-pounds and lean. His body frame could easily hold an extra 15-pounds of muscle. On the mound his arm slot sits around a high 3/4, clean arm action, fastball topping 83 with arm side movement. He shows a curve/slider at 70 mph with sweeping action late. He needs to stay more over his front knee on finish, and focus on arm strength this winter.

Next Level Projection: Burchill impressed with his clean mechanics and sweeping breaking pitch at our last event. His fastball jumps late and did top out at 83 mph. There's good news, at 6-foot-1, 175-pounds and very slim, his frame is ready to add 5-10 pounds of muscle and watch his velocity naturally increase. That coupled with a serious arm strengthening program, mid 80's this spring is extremely realistic. Projects as a Starter for the right program at the next level.

8. Andrew Patentreger
RHP (Colonie HS, 2015)

Patentreger stands 5-foot-9 165-pounds with a stocky build. On the mound he uses a slide step with back arm action leaning into a side arm very low 3/4 slot. Fastball sits 79-83 with sink and run, slider has sweeping action at 74, change sinks at 71 mph. He can definitely help a program on the mound at the next level.

Next Level Projection: You either love side arm guys or you don't. The difference with Patentreger is he can throw from the side with some velocity (up to 83). Typically side arm guys can throw all day, he projects as a late bullpen guy, or a long reliever at the next level.

9. Matt Zakala OF (Rome Free Academy)
Zakala stands 6-foot-1 180-pounds with an athletic build and shows above average athleticism evidence by his 6.96 60 time. From the OF he fields/catches to his glove side, clean transfer, opens his front side and hips up early, throws from a high 3/4 slot with an 80 mph arm strength, keeps the ball low. At the plate his setup is wide, weight back. Loads on pitch, uses a heel lift before driving his hands inside the ball will above average bat speed at 87 mph off a tee. Path is short, bat plane is uphill, finish needs more balance.

Next Level Projection: With great size and athleticism, an above average HS outfield arm, and signs of gap to gap power and above average bat speed, Zakala projects as a CF at the next level, but could play anywhere in the OF.

10. Lorenzo Horvath C (Christian Brothers Academy, 2015)
Horvath stands 5-foot-8 170-pounds with a stocky build. Behind the plate his setup is wide, receives the ball soft in the game. He uses quick, slightly opened footwork (7.14 60 time), clean transfer, ball to ear, high 3/4 slot. Arm strength was 69 mph, 2.1 pop time. His winter focus needs to be on developing more arm strength. At the plate his setup is wide, weight back. On the pitch transfers weight forward driving hands inside the ball, short path, bat plane level through contact, extension with a shoulder height finish. Exit velocity was 82 mph.

Next Level Projection: Whats impressive is his pop time compared to his arm strength. With that said an arm strengthening program is key for Horvath and he's already working hard to improve that. His footwork is very quick gaining ground behind the plate and still showed 2.1 pop times respectively. Above average hitting catcher, projects behind the dish at the next level.

11. Jake Worley
RHP (Honeoye Falls-Lima HS, 2015)

Worley stands 6-foot-2 205-pounds with great size. Sound, slow, balanced mechanics, clean arm action with quick hand speed. Fastball sat 79-82 mph with downward action. Curveball has some late sharp 11/5 action at 65 mph. This winter is big for him and should focus on arm strength.

Next Level Projection: Worley has size and sound mechanics. The only reason he is rated where he is, is because there is little projection to his game. Topping at 82 mph, however its possible a strength training program could bring that number up. Good spin on the curveball, projects as a Starter at the next level.

12. Chris Sullivan RHP/1B (Oswego HS, 2015)
Sullivan stands 6-foot-1 205-pounds with a strong body build. On the mound he uses a long arm action to a high 3/4 slot. Fastball sits 78-81 with cutter movement almost every pitch, very late action. 11/5 shape to his curveball and falls off to the first base side. More balance through his delivery and more extension over his front knee will help greatly. A serious arm strengthening program would be great as a few added ticks to his fastball would make him extremely dangerous. 1B/Hitting - From the corner he moves quick around the bag evidenced by his 7.01 60 yard time. Fielding position is sound, transfer to release is slow, throws from a high-3/4 slot at 75 mph arm strength. At the plate his setup is wide and tall. On the pitch he uses a stride, hips slide forward and open, path is short to the ball, bat plane is level through contact. He uses a shoulder height finish, exit velocity was 90 mph off a tee showing above average power potential.

Next Level Projection: Great physical body, 90 mph bat speed, and runs well for his size at 6.96 60 time. That's all impressive, but on the mound he throws 78-81 mph fastballs that cut into lefties all day long. With that alone he projects on the mound at the next level. If he can add a few more ticks on his fastball sky is the limit.

13. Evan Plante LHP (Christian Brothers Academy, 2015)

Plante stands an athletic 6-foot-2 170-pounds with physical upside. On the mound his balance is over the rubber with solid mechanics. Uses a long but clean arm action, high 3/4 slot and a fastball sitting 78-80 mph. His changeup was 65-66 mph slowing his arm some, curveball sat 60-61 with early 1/6 shape out of his hand. He needs to keep his front side closed longer and finish more over his front side with extension.

Next Level Projection: At 6-foot-2, 170-pounds, frame to grow on, and he's left handed. He has a clean, loose arm that sat 78-80 mph with signs of more in the tank. He projects as a starter at the next level.

14. Tyler Clehane 1B (East Islip HS, 2015)
Clehane stands 6-foot-3 185-pounds with great size and presence at the corner. At first base he moves off the bag well getting around the ball. Stays low with glove down and out in front. Clean transfer, throws from a high-3/4 slot with arm strength at 76 mph with more in the tank. At the plate his setup is balanced and wide. Hands start back, on pitch uses a small stride, bat plane is slightly uphill through the zone, extension after contact, shoulder height finish. Exit velocity was 80 mph off a tee.

Next Level Projection: At 6-foot-3, 185-pounds and a body that could easily hold another 10-15 pounds of good weight. Very cerebral ball player that projects with some power potential pull side. Projects at 1B at the next level.

15. Joe Parrillo
OF (East Islip HS, 2015)

Parrillo stands 5-foot-7 160-pounds. Don't let the size fool you, Parrillo has some above average next level tools. He shows athleticism running a 7.0 60 yard dash, from the outfield he stays behind the ball, quick transfer, crow hop for power staying lined up to target, throws from a high 3/4 slot with 80 mph arm strength getting the most out of his frame. At the plate his setup is crouched but athletic. Wide stance to a high knee lift on the pitch. Short path to the ball with a 75 mph exit velocity. Bat plane is level with good extension through contact, finish is shoulder height.

Next Level Projection: Parrillo has sound footwork in the outfield with a strong arm and carry from the OF. At the plate his focus needs to be on getting stronger hands and more bat speed. He shows he has athleticism so improving his bat speed wont be that hard. I look forward to following him this spring. Projects in the OF at the next level.

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