Unsigned Seniors: Top 15 Available Pitchers From This Summer's Events

Dan Cevette
Director, New York

The Prep Baseball Report has made its way to New York producing eight top flight events between June and Sept. In that time we have seen over 70 class of 2015 pitchers come through the door and with that came some next level talent. With 10 pitchers already making verbal commitments, here's a look at the top 15 pitchers in the class of 2015 still available from this years events.

1. Andrew Bailey, RHP, Honeoye Falls-Lima HS, NY (2015) 
Bailey stands 6-foot-0 195-pounds with a solid strong frame. On the mound he uses a balanced approach with good separation and drive towards home. He throws from a high ¾ slot with a fastball sitting 83-84 mph, reports up to 86. His curveball has serious 11/5 hard downward shape at 74 mph. Best curveball to date from events we have seen this year, there's serious action with control.

2. Ryan Green, RHP, Penfield HS, NY (2015)
Green stands 6-foot-3 180-pounds with a projectable body. On the mound he uses a knee lift that comes back over the rubber, collapses on his back, with movement towards home plate early. His arm is quick showing good hand speed from a high-¾ slot. His fastball sat 83-86 mph with more in the tank and late run. His curveball sat 72-74 with an early hump out of his hand. Green is a work in progress but is making considerable strides in the right direction and has the body and arm to project on the mound.

3. Jim Dawson, RHP, Webster HS, NY (2015)
Dawson stands a towering 6-foot-5 215-pounds with a good frame for even more weight. He shows balance over the rubber staying tall and using straight shoulder alignment. He drives off his back side throwing from an over the top slot with a fastball sitting 82-84 mph with some deception. Hi curveball was 69-70 mph with 10/4 shape, signs of bite, and finishes all his pitches with great extension and over his front side. He slows his arm down on his curveball and with increased hand speed he will see more depth and bite on his already solid pitch.

4. Samuel Spadafore, RHP, CNS HS, NY (2015)

Spadafore has great size on the mound at 6-foot-3 195-pounds. His mechanics are balanced through his delivery, clean arm action, throws from an over the top slot with a fastball sitting 80-83 mph with arm side run. Curveball has late action 11/5 shape at 66 mph. With his size and current pitch ability if he dedicates his winter to adding some arm strength sky's the limit.

5. Tristan Aldinger, RHP, Alexander HS, NY (2015)
Aldinger stands 5-foot-10 145-pounds with room to grow. He throws from an over-the-top-slot, sitting 83-84 mph, long arm action and late life. He shows a 70-71 mph curveball with 11/5 shape, power action. Change up was 71, needs more arm speed. Mechanically he has a good tempo, drives well off the rubber hard. He finishes his pitches over his front side.

6. Sean Nickerson, RHP, Horseheads HS, NY (2015)
Nickerson stands 6-foot-0, 170 pounds and has a nice loose arm. His fastball topped 84 mph sitting 81-83 with late down action. He spins a nice 12/6 shape curveball at 70 mph for strikes. He rushes at times and ball stays up and flat, but when relaxed the ball comes out with life down in the zone.

7. Ryan Stott, RHP, Liverpool HS, NY (2015)

Stott shows his biggest jump through four events attended this summer. His fastball sat 80-84, touching 85 once with some late tail. The RHP from Liverpool NY, has a small build that needs to add some serious weight this off season. His mechanics are sound but dips too hard on his back side, would like to see him stay taller and stronger towards home. With a focus on arm strength the 6-foot-0 182-pound RHP could help the right program at the next level.

8. Jake Hewitt, RHP, Penfield HS, NY (2015)
Hewitt stands 6-foot-1 195-pounds and has an athletic build. On the bump he starts upright with good balance over the rubber. He drives hard off his back leg going forward throwing from a mid ¾ slot with good shoulder direction. His fastball sat 82-83 mph with good late arm action and the ability to work both sides of the plate. His curveball shows signs of late 10/4 shape but slows his arm down. He finishes very well using great extension and length over his front side falling to the first base side.

9. Noah Burchill, RHP, Union Endicott HS, NY (2015)
Burchill has a solid pitchers body at 6-foot-1 175-pounds and lean. His body frame could easily hold an extra 15-pounds of muscle. On the mound his arm slot sits around a high 3/4, clean arm action, fastball topping 83 with arm side movement. He shows a curve/slider at 70 mph with sweeping action late. He needs to stay more over his front knee on finish, and focus on arm strength this winter.

10. Nicholas DeMarco, RHP, Shaker HS, NY (2015)
DeMarco Stands 6-foot-1 165-pounds with room to add some weight. On the mound he uses a high knee lift with good balance over the rubber. He uses good shoulder alignment before rotation and throws from a high-3/4 slot. His fastball sat 80-82 mph with some arm side gradual run. His (spike) curveball sat 67-70 with late tumble and his changeup was 71 with arm side fade. He uses a clean arm action with good extension and finishes over his front side.

11. Andrew Patentreger, RHP, Colonie HS, NY (2015)
Patentreger stands 5-foot-9 165-pounds with a stocky build. On the mound he uses a slide step with back arm action leaning into a side arm very low 3/4 slot. Fastball sits 79-83 with sink and run, slider has sweeping action at 74, change sinks at 71 mph. He can definitely help a program on the mound at the next level

12. Anthony Loussedes, RHP,  Arlington HS, NY (2015)
Loussedes stands 6-foot-1 165-pounds with a lean build. He throws from a mid/high-3/4 slot, fastball works on a downward plane at 81 mph. He shows some hand speed on his 10/4 shape curveball at 71. Mechanically he has a long back arm action with a solid strong front side. He finishes strong out in front and stays on target well.

13. Jeff Biddle, RHP, Orchard Park HS, NY (2015)
Biddle stands 6-foot-3 190-pounds with a lot to like in his frame. On the mound he rushes some towards home dragging his arm from a powerful mid ¾ slot. He uses a long back arm action, quick hand speed, fastball sitting 83-85 mph with more projectable velocity. He is still erratic with his pitches but when he slows down and keeps his shoulder alignment towards his target he will be in great shape. Excited to see his progression this fall through winter.

14. Jake Worley, RHP, Honeoye Falls-Lima HS, NY (2015)
Worley stands 6-foot-2 205-pounds with great size. Sound, slow, balanced mechanics, clean arm action with quick hand speed. Fastball sat 79-82 mph with downward action. Curveball has some late sharp 11/5 action at 65 mph. This winter is big for him and should focus on arm strength.

15. Henry Buholtz, LHP, Webster HS, NY (2015)
Buholtz stands 5-foot-11 175-pounds and throws from the left side. He works from an over-the-top-slot with a fastball sitting 78-80, topping 83 two times. His fastball has some late downward action, some run. Curveball sat 68 mph, with 1/7 shape. Mechanically he is pretty effortless and has a clean arm action. His finish is good, but could be more out in front.

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