Q and A with 2015 Kent State Commit: Joe Vranesic (Moeller HS)

Joe Vranesic, RHP, Moeller HS, Class of 2015

PBR: Why did you choose Kent State?

Vranesic: It just seemed like a great fit all the way around.  I felt very comfortable with the coaching staff, and as a pitcher, it would be tough to do any better than Coach Birkbeck.

PBR: What other schools were you considering?

Vranesic: I tooks visits to Indiana University, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, West Virginia, and several others. I was considering offers from Miami (Ohio) and NKU.

PBR: Where did the coaching staff first see you and how did your relationship develop?

Vranesic: I think they first saw me at either PBR's Underclass Games or the Midwest Futures Games.  The relationship really started to develop last fall when I was playing for the Midwest Redbirds and we played the first couple weekends at Kent State.

PBR: Was the recruiting process what you expected?

Vranesic: I really didn't know what to expect, and now that I've been through it for over a year, I'd still have to say it's a pretty confusing process. 

PBR: How does it feel to be a part of a Division 1 baseball program?

Vranesic: I'm really grateful that Kent State thought enough of me to allow me to continue to do what I love at the next level.  It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice just to play at the high school varsity level, so it feels great to be able to continue to the D1 level. 

PBR: Moeller is one of the top baseball programs in the country.  How does it feel to wear the same jersey as some of the all-time greats?

Vranesic: It's just been such an honor to wear the Moeller uniform and know the tradition it represents. Much of the credit for Moeller's program has to go to the coaching staff.  As a transfer, I was able to see the differences with other D1 high school programs and for me it just seemed like a whole different level.

PBR: Who do you play for in the summer and what was the most memorable experience from this summer?

Vranesic: Ohio Elite-Valentine.  I had a minor shoulder injury that kept from playing most of the summer.  I was finally back to normal at our last tournament of the season (Dinger World Series), so finally being able to pitch at full strength was my most memorable experience.

PBR:  What person has the great impact on your baseball career and why?

Vranesic:  My parents.  My dad for working with me when I was younger and pushing me to work hard. My mom for always having my uniforms ready.  And both of them for all of the support and for driving me all over the place while I slept.

PBR: What were your stats this spring season at Moeller?

Vranesic: On the mound I was 2-1 with 3 saves.  In 35 innings pitched I had 40 strikeouts and a 1.60 ERA.  At the plate with 58 AB's I hit .310 with 18 hits, 2 homeruns, and 18 RBI's.

PBR: Who is the toughest hitter that you have faced in Ohio?

Vranesic: That's a really tough question with so many really good hitters in our area.  I will say that I'm glad I didn't have to pitch to the guys on my teams.