Results from 2019 Sinclair Scout Day

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We would like to thank all who participated in PBR Ohio's 2019 Sinclair Scout Day. This was a great opportunity for the juco prospects to be put on College/MLB radars. Many players impressed during their individual workouts at the showcase. Below we have the complete statistical results from the event as well as the top performers across various different categories.

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**Complete Statistics**

2019 Sinclair Scout Day - Top Statistical Performers

Top Fastball Velocity

Name Velocity
Brett Souder
Mark Manfredi 89
Cade Carlson 88
Brandon DeWitt 88
Ethan McCarty 87
Sam LoPiccolo 87

Top Pop Times

Name Pop
Drew Klaserner
Bryce Cox 1.85
Zac Wilson 1.86

Top Catcher Velocity

Name Velocity
Bryce Cox 80
Zac Wilson 79
Keegan Corbett 76

Top Infield Velocity

Name Velocity
Brian Hama
Mike Sears 90
Michael Tennie 84
Jacobs Adams 84

Top Outfield Velocity

Name Velocity
Mike Sears
Andrew Simones 90
Brandon DeWitt 89
Kyle Dixon 88
Ethan Schultz 88

Top Exit Velocity

Name Velocity
Mike Sears
Scott Seeker 98
Luke Barners 96
Brian Hama 96
Brock Stoner 96
Zac Wilson 95

Top 60-Yard Dash

Name 60-Yard
Seth Gergely
Ethan Schultz 6.71
Jacobs Adams 6.89
Brock Stoner 6.90
Brandon DeWitt 6.92

**Complete Statistics**