Prep Baseball Report

Oklahoma Top Prospect Games (Underclass): Quick Hits

Scott Hood
Oklahoma State Director

Prep Baseball Oklahoma held their annual Top Prospect Underclass Games at O'Brate Stadium in Stillwater and continues to be one of the more talented events we run all year.  This year the prospects underwent a prostyle workout with laser timed 60's, BP with Trackman and Blast Motion data, defensive evaluations, and a game featuring live pitching and hitting with pitching data captured by Trackman.  The event featured talent from the 2026 class to a few up and coming prospect in the 2028 class and the roster was flooded with talented players up and down throughout the day.  Today we take a look at a few of the top performers from the event with notes on each.  We will have more breakdowns on the stats and data from the event throughout the week.

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William Grayson Jr. SS / RHP / Mount St. Mary Catholic, OK / 2026

Grayson Jr continues to show improvement each time we see him and it was his work on the mound in this event that caught our attention most.  He worked the fastball up to 86.4 mph with a feel for the strikezone and an aggressive attack on hitters.  He paired it with a firm curveball with strong depth to the bottom of the zone giving him potential to miss bats.  As a position player, he set multiple personal bests on the day with a 7.14 60, 92.5 mph exit velocity, and 84 mph from across the diamond making him an intriguing 2-way prospect to follow in the future.



Traylon Barnes SS / RHP / TUTTLE HS, OK / 2027

The 2-way from Tuttle showed a strong three pitch arsenal on the mound using his quick arm to generate fastballs up to 85.7 mph and mixing in a mid 70's slider with strong spin and feel for a mid 70's changeup giving him a starter's profile.  Barnes has a strong feel for pitchability even at a younger age making him an arm to keep an eye on in the future.  He also set multiple personal bests at our events logging in an 86.1 mph exit velocity, 7.32 in the 60, and working it 84 mph from across the diamond.



Jaxon Adcock SS / RHP / Cameron High School, OK / 2027

Adcock is one of the more projectable 2-way prospects in the class thanks to his already lean and athletic 6-foot-3 and 163 pound frame.  On the mound, Adcock is working the fastball into the mid 80's with a clean arm action and showing very strong feel for spin on the mid 70's slider.  Offensively, he uses his natural leverage to generate exit velocities up to 89.3 mph and has smooth defensive actions in the middle of the diamond with a feel for glove action in the dirt.



Kaden Dean LHP / OF / Preston High School, OK / 2026

Dean always impresses in front of us on the mound with his high-end pitchability from the left side and at this Underclass Games he continued to show his ability to miss bats at a high level.  Dean worked the fastball into the mid 80's with strong command and showing the ability to manipulate the hitter's timing with his mechanics.  His calling card continues to be the ability to spin the breaking ball at a high level showing the ability to land it in the zone as well as generate chase with 2 strikes.  He also shows some upside at the plate where the left-handed hitter worked exit velocities up to 92 mph and has a strong feel for the barrel in the zone.



Jeron Dow SS / RHP / ENID HS, OK / 2027

This was our first look at the 6-foot-5 and 173 pound prospect from Enid and he did not disappoint on both sides of the ball.  One the mound, Dow worked the fastball up to 84.1 mph with strong tilting action and mixed in a low 70's curveball and mid 70's change up that both show promise for the future.  At the plate, Dow showed some strength in the hands with exit velocities up to 91.4 mph and worked the ball 81 mph across the diamond.  Dow still has plenty of room to continue to add strength to his frame and will be a strong follow in the future.



Cole Bray RHP / SS / SKIATOOK HS, OK / 2027

The 2-way prospect from Skiatook is coming off a strong freshman campaign for the Bulldogs and continues to show strong growth each time we see him.  On the mound, Bray shows strong pitchability with a sinking fastball in the low 80's, and developing slider in the low 70's, and a feel for killing the spin on the changeup.  Bray also showed some strength at contact in this one working exit velocities up to 93.1 mph on the day.




The 6-foot-2 and 178 pound OF/RHP showed off his athleticism on both sides of the ball at the Underclass Games working the fastball in the low 80's with a clean arm action.  Showcasing the arm strength, Shughart worked 85 mph from the outfield and set a personal event best of 90.9 mph exit velocity.  Shughart still has plenty of room to continue adding strength and has put himself on a strong trajectory of improvement each time we see him.



Caston Fox SS / RHP / Poteau, OK / 2027

Fox has strong 2-way potential but it's his work on the mound that continues to catch our attention when we catch him.  The right-hander has a quick arm that is generating fastballs in the low 80's already which should continue to climb when he adds strength to the frame.  His ability to spin the breaking ball is the separator for Fox with advanced feel for shaping the pitch and being able to manipulate the zone and disrupt hitters.  Definitely an arm to continue to follow in the coming years.



Jackson Mays SS / RHP / Washington, OK / 2028

Mays impressed in both the workout and in the game where the 2028 looked poised in all facets of the game.  Defensively, Mays works smoothly in the dirt with a confident glove and worked balls across the diamond at 81 mph.  His 82.4 mph exit velocity doesn't quite match the swing yet and will continue to improve as he continues to add strength.  On the mound, Mays is working the fastball up to 80.8 mph with a strong attack and is already showing feel for spinning the upper 60's slider with strong action and potential swing and miss.



Isaac Beeson OF / RHP / Heritage Hall, OK / 2026

Beeson topped the charts at the event with the top exit velocity from the day at 97.4 mph and a strong average of 87 mph from across his round.  He uses a strong combination of bat speed and rotational acceleration to get the barrel moving through the zone quickly.  Beeson showed his athleticism turning in a 6.91 60 and showcased an 84 mph from the outfield.



Tyler Robinson 2B / OF / Edmond Memorial, OK / 2026

Robinson turned in an event best 6.49 60 making it the second time this summer he has turned in a sub 6.5 mark after his impressive 6.32 a few weeks ago at the Risin Scout Day.  Robinson showed it wasn't all about his speed in this one where he turned in an exit velocity at 97.2 mph and an event best 92 mph average across his round.  Robinson shows some positional versatility giving him the option to play multiple spots on the diamond and should continue to be a fun follow as the strength is starting to catch up with his elite athleticism.



Benji Bauer C / 2B / OWASSO HS, OK / 2027

Bauer turned in the third highest exit velocity at the event with a 96.8 mph reading from the swithc hitter.  Right now the right-handed swing is more polished and has the most pop, but the left-handed swing is showing signs of improvement over where we've seen in it the past.  He also turned in the top pop time from the event at 1.94 showing the ability to quickly transfer it out of the glove and still shows strong defensive actions in the infield.



Luke Franks C / 3B / Lincoln Christian School, OK / 2027

The physical 6-foot-2 and 184 pound backstop used his natural leverage and hand strength to generate exit velocities up to 94.7 mph and a strong average of 90.1 mph across his round.  Franks always shows a big arm from behind the plate working at this event at 76 mph from the crouch and working pop times as low as 2.0.  His physical approach at the plate and advanced catching actions makes for him to be a very intriguing follow in the future.



Wade Webb OF / 3B / Mount St Mary's, OK / 2027

Webb continues to show why he is one of the top offensive prospects in the 2027 class with another strong showing with the bat at the Underclass Games.  Webb worked a personal best 94.6 mph exit velocity and has a unique knack for finding barrels.  He also set a personal best in the outfield working up to 86 mph and also has smooth footwork in the infield making him a very interesting potential utility man in the future to follow.



Joey Grabeal C / 3B / Owasso, OK / 2027

The Owasso backstop showed his hand strength at the plate at the Underclass Games working exit velocities up to 94.5 mph and a strong average of 88.8 mph throughout his round.  He is able to generate that force thanks to quick hands through the zone and strong use of the lower half in the swing.  Behind the plate, Grabeal worked the ball 72 mph from the crouch and registered pop times as low as 2.02.  He got some valuable time at the varsity level this past spring as a freshman and should be one to follow in the coming years.



Cole Campbell OF / Owasso, OK / 2027

The athletic outfielder turned in the top 60 time from the 2027 class at the event with a blazing lazer timed 6.63.  He has shown that it isn't just straight line speed but speed that translates into gameplay with strong coverage in the gaps in the outfield as well as disrupting the defense on the basepaths.  Campbell continues to make strides with the bat working exit velocities up to 87.1 mph and his 83 mph from the outfield combined with his speed should make him one of the top future center field prospects in the area.



Barrett Marlow C / OF / Verdigris, OK / 2026

Marlow is coming off a strong sophomore spring for Verdigris and set a personal best 91.4 mph exit velocity thanks to strong bat speed and quick hands through the zone.  Marlow showed his ability to handle the bat in game as well showing that hand strength and ability to control the barrel in the zone.  The backstop turned in pop times as low as 1.95 at the Underclass Games and has also proven himself to be a strong defender in the outfield as well.



Reid Watkins 1B / LHP / Broken Arrow, OK / 2028

Watkins took the top spot on the 2028's in attendance at the Underclass Games with an exit velocity up to 95.5 mph and a strong average of 90.6 mph.  The 6-foot-1 and 251 pound left-handed hitter has advanced strength in the hands and generates a ton of bat speed to make him one of the more physical hitters we've seen from the class.



Tristan Tomlin OF / RHP / Deer Creek, OK / 2027

Tomlin continues to show why he is one of the more projectable prospects in the class setting a personal best 88.3 mph exit velocity thanks to strong bat speed.  The 6-foot-2 and 175 pound outfielder also showed off his arm strength in this one working it 87 mph from the outfield shows he has the advanced tools and should continue to get better as he continues to add strength and experience to his game.



Owen Murrell 3B / RHP / Edmond North, OK / 2027

Murrell had one of the more impressive rounds of BP on the day working exit velocities up to 94.9 mph with strong mechanics and balance at the plate.  Murrell has the type of hands that should allow him to handle plus velocity in the future and he contines to make big strides with the bat each time we see him.



Tommy Lord OF / OF / OWASSO HS, OK / 2027

Lord has had a strong track record of showing improvement each time we see him and he continued that with our looks at him at the Underclass Games.  The left-handed hitter turned in one of the more consistent rounds of BP with a top exit velocity of 89.1 mph.  He also added a 6.84 in the 60 and showed his big arm in the outfield touching 88 making him a very strong prospect to follow in the future.



Maxon Gipson OF / RHP / Cascia Hall, OK / 2027

The 2-way prospect has always impressed us when we see him play and his bat seems to have taken another jump after a strong performance at the Underclass Games.  Gipson worked exit velocities up to 93.5 mph and showed a strong feel for driving the ball up the middle with power potential.  Gipson offers positional versatility being able to play all over the yard and also has some upside on the mound making him one of the intriguing prospects in the 2027 class to follow.