Ontario Insider: Candidates for 2017 Super 60

By Chris Kemlo and PBR Staff
Ontario Scouting Director

With the 2016 Super 60 in the books, it is now time to look ahead at who could follow up Ontario’s first ever representation at the event and in line for a potential invitation to next years event.

Personally, this is one of my favourite days of the baseball season. Never before have I witnessed this type of collective talent in one particular spot on one day. The outpour of Major League scouts in attendance in February are something that doesn’t happen anywhere else. Although nobody gets drafted in February, it does allow scouts to see guys early, get a feel and align their schedules for the next three and a half months. Especially for our Ontario guys, where not every day they get to perform in front numerous scouts, crosscheckers, and even some scouting directors.

We take a look below at the potential 2017 class and those who could follow up the performances of Max Wright and Luke Van Rycheghem this year. With all the new states that are hopping onto PBR, this showcase is becoming more and more prestigious.

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Ontario Insider: Candidates for 2017 Super 60


Adam Hall, SS

Name: Adam Hall
Position: SS
Grade: 2017
Height/Weight: 5-foot-11,165-pounds
High School: AB Lucas Secondary
Ranking: 1st in Ontario’s 2017 class
College Commitment: Texas A&M

Outlook: Hall is a premier player at a premier position. He stands out with his 90 mph across the infield, his 60-yard dash time of 6.50, the way the ball jumps off his bat and the quickness in his hands on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Hall will fit right into the talent pool and be a no-brainer to represent Ontario in 2017.

Cooper Davis, OF

Name: Cooper Davis
Position: OF
Grade: 2017
Height/Weight: 5-foot-10,170-pounds
High School: St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary
Ranking: 2nd in Ontario’s 2017 class
College Commitment: Vanderbilt

Outlook: Davis is a game changer with his speed as he regularly runs anywhere between a 6.45-6.55 in the 60-yard dash. The Vanderbilt commit plays the game with confidence and is a pure leadoff hitter that could jump start any offense. His hands work at the plate with good hand eye, he uses the whole field and will surprise some with his power as he has been known to leave the park once in awhile. Has improved his routes and arm in the outfield and is a fun, exciting player to watch. He is a no-brainer as well for a Super 60 invitation.

Landon Leach, RHP

Name: Landon Leach
Position: RHP
Grade: 2017
Height/Weight: 6-foot-4, 215-pounds
High School: Pickering High School
Ranking: 3rd in Ontario’s 2017 class
College Commitment: Uncommitted

Outlook: Leach was on the shelf rehabbing after a minor setback last year but has taken the time off and transformed his body during that time. He now stands 6-foot-4, 205-pounds and is athletic and strong from every standpoint. Leach came onto the scene last February at the Bureau camp after being converted from a catcher/outfielder, where he was an easy 87 mph off the bump as a 2017. The right-hander has been healthy since late fall and reports had him up to 88-89 mph in his rehab bullpens before returning to his winter throwing program. He projects to be a power arm with feel for his breaking and has the potential to be one of if not the hardest thrower in the province and country this summer.

Dondrae Bremner, SS

Name: Dondrae Bremner
Position: SS
Grade: 2017
Height/Weight: 6-foot-2, 165-pounds
High School: Bill Crothers Secondary
Ranking: 4th in Ontario’s 2017 class
College Commitment: Uncommitted

Outlook: Bremner continues to develop and improve his body. As he matures and grows, he seems noticeably stronger and has continued to improve his 60 times with every session heading into the winter. Bremner is advanced defensively with his footwork and hands, good loose actions and body control on the infield. The arm is clean and he can make the throw on the run, arm strength was 82 mph with more to come. At the plate, he showed good actions and hand eye, needed to make a few corrections but the biggest thing for Bremner is to gain strength. Once he does that, he should be able to see significant increases at the plate and on the field.

Malik Williams, 1B

Name: Malik Williams
Position: 1B
Grade: 2017
Height/Weight: 6-foot-4,220-pounds
High School: Porter C.I.
Ranking: 7th in Ontario’s 2017 class
College Commitment: Uncommitted

Outlook: Currently rehabbing from arm surgery. Malik is a big, strong, powerful right-handed bat with lots of pop and the ability to leave the yard at any time. He has strength in the swing that is suited to hit the ball high and far. A successful rehab and added muscle to his 6-foot-4, 220-pound frame will make Williams hard to overlook for a Super 60 invitation.