PBR Ontario's Top Stories For 2014: Recruiting Essentials

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By Chris Kemlo and Dylan Hefflinger
PBR Ontario Director of Scouting and Ontario Editor in Chief

Top 12 Stories for The Year 2014

Although PBR Ontario started up just three months ago Chris Kemlo, PBR Ontario Director of Scouting, looks back at the year in review and put together a list of the top stories for 2014.

To start off the list, Chris has chosen a long running piece that has provided players and parents with valuable knowledge when it comes to recruiting.

Each day we will reveal the next story on the list. A hint for the next story is the word "trail".

Recruiting Essentials

Although PBR Ontario is new to Prep Baseball Report in 2014, I have already received plenty of feedback from players and parents about the knowledge and information they are taking away from our Recruiting Essentials archive. Whether it’s about the process of signing a letter of intent, college visits, or eligibility rules, PBR Kansas Director of Scouting Sean McCann has it covered.

Recruiting Essentials debuted in January of 2014, and has provided valuable information to help guide your way through the recruiting process. Sean McCann is the right person to man this blog, as his experience at the collegiate coaching level has seen him at the likes of Missouri and Kansas State for 18 years.

As Sean states, this blog is “aimed at high school baseball players who strive to play baseball at the next level, their families, coaches, as well as anyone with an interest in learning more about the college baseball recruiting process.” At PBR, we understand how difficult these decisions can be, and with recruiting essentials, parents and players will be able to get the information they need when it comes to the college baseball recruiting process.