NW Futures - 2021 Grads (Part 2)

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

Vancouver, WA - At the end of February we held a Scout Day event for the NW Futures baseball academy. Scout Days are designed to focus on the players within a specific organization while recording the same statistics, video and player information as an open registration event. 

For a full statistical release of all players at the event click here

Pre-season events such as this provide players with the opportunity to build their profile with the most up-to-date information and video footage. All players in attendance receive an online profile with their verified statistics, player report, picture and video. Additionally, all subsequent stories written about a prospect will be linked to the player’s profile, ultimately creating a one-stop shop for recruiters.

Furthermore, the top players will be listed in our statewide player rankings and overall national rankings. 

Tonight, we take a look at half of the impressive group of 2021 prospects who attended that day. 

2021 GRADS



RHP / OF / KALAMA, WA / 2021

Rounded upper half with a proportional frame at 5-foot-11, 180 pounds. Brandenburg uses a clean, old-school style delivery with repeatable tempo. Lifts hands behind head and then re-centers them as he separates and begins stride. Creates some tilt in his shoulder plane as he pushes down the mound with noticeable drive in his lead hip. Front hip opens up and allows him to land with a clean path of direction towards his catcher. Loose arm action with a fluid, continuous arm motion. Aggressive finish out front with extension over his front side. Throws from ¾ release and repeats that slot for all of his offerings. Has one of the more advanced 3-pitch-mix (FB/CB/CH) arsenals in the state. Oregon commit


2B / SS / BATTLE GROUND, WA / 2021

5-foot-11, 155 pounds with a slender build and square upper half. Switch-hitter with solid hitting actions from both sides of the plate. Sets up in a wide base with front side and lower half aligned to pitcher. Hits with consistent rhythm as a RHH and LHH. As with most switch-hitters, he shows more lift with a slightly steeper uphill path on the left side. Features more of a level swing and finish from the right side. Defensively, sets set up in a wide base and starts with glove arm fully extended to the ground. Upper half flattens out over ball while funneling in, allowing him to stay tall with his lower half and get into throw quickly. Keeps ball high after hand break with compact arm action. Throws from ¾ slot and shows feel for adjusting release point on double play feeds. 


C / 3B / PRAIRIE , WA / 2021

5-foot-11, 190 pounds with a developed frame and durable build. Uses a crouched, narrowly opened stance in the box. Starts with some weight pre-shifted onto back leg. Maintains relaxed rhythm with hands. Short leg lift into a toe-tap landing. Barrel shows loose action as it gets thru the zone on a slightly uphill path. Swings with controlled intent. Behind the plate, allows hips to sink below the ball and presents a compact target. Footwork is slightly staggered when in the crouched position. Glove arm stays quiet, bent while receiving. Clean exchange into a high takeaway with compact arm action. Over the top release with accurate ball flight out of hand. 



Square build to upper half with a lean, wiry frame at 6-foot, 150. Sets up with feet slightly outside shoulder width, slight bend in lower half and an upright torso. Stays tall as he gets into leg lift. Hands show some deliberate movement as they load and he gets to his landing. Launches barrel into the zone from just below shoulder line, creating flat path into the zone. Level, rotational finish thru contact against a firm front leg. Defensively, uses sound footwork in the OF and shows clean actions. Adjusts tempo with his strides and allows himself to come thru the ball with momentum once he receives out in front. Uses a crow hop to get more carry into his throw. Full arm path with a high ¾ release. Pitches with a deliberate, methodical tempo on the mound. Keeps back leg extended at leg lift. Weight stays gathered over backside. Drives front knee up to about waist height before getting into stride. Shoulders stay level into to landing. Full extension from throwing arm out of hand break. Head stays on target as he gets to his high ¾ release. Backside comes thru as he finishes his offerings. 


LHP / OF / SKYVIEW, WA / 2021

6-foot-5, 180 pounds with an ultra projectable, wiry frame with long levers. Slightly closed off stance in the box. Stays upright with minimal bend in lower half. Lifts front foot as he drifts forward into landing. Hands shift to just below shoulder height as his stride foot gets down, allowing him to get barrel on plane early. Mostly line-drive contact during BP but did flash some lift to his pull-side. Stays tall in lower half thru contact. In the OF, adjusts footwork as needed. Capable of using long strides to cover ground but also shortened up when approaching the ball. Uses a side shuffle with some crow hop action to get into throwing motion. Works from a low ¾ slot with a loose, whippy arm. On the mound, works exclusively out of the stretch. Has some slight hesitation in delivery as he gets down the mound but it keeps his weight back and allows him to keep body control into landing. Should develop more consistency as he gets stronger. Front slide opens up nicely and allows him to have  a clean path out over his front side to reach his target. Arm action stays compact and he avoids getting too long or wrapping the ball. Low ¾ release with aggressive hand speed out front. Overall, features some of the most upside of any arm in the state for his class


C / CAMAS, WA / 2021

Physically built with some strength already in his frame at 5-foot-11, 180 pounds. Square set up in the box with tall, relaxed posture. Hands create some rhythm with subtle movement prior to short leg lift and stride. Tight, compact swing. Hands stay inside of the ball. Strong at point of contact with the ability to consistently generate gap-to-gap type power. Stays balanced thru contact. Defensively, shows athletic posture while in crouched position. Hips sink low & back, allowing him to keep chest upright. Clean footwork when coming out of crouch and into throwing position. Quick exchange into tight, bent arm action with minimal arm stroke. Ball flight was consistent throughout and stayed on the bag.


SS / 2B / HOCKINSON, WA / 2021

Compact frame at 5-foot-10, 155 pounds. Lower half starts slightly open in the box with front side turned in towards pitcher. Uses a leg lift but keeps weight centered as he takes forward stride. Hands show a subtle pull back to create stretch against front side at landing. Short levers allow him to generate quick, direct swing to the ball. Avoids getting long or too extended. Finishes with flat barrel path after contact. Defensively, starts with a balanced pre-pitch hop that allows him to quickly redirect to the ball as needed. Quick, controlled footwork when on the move. Maintains body control throughout. Slight pause in arm action after hand break. Shows hand speed and quickness thru release from ¾ arm slot.


C / 3B / SAM BARLOW, OR / 2021

Lean, athletic frame at 6-foot, 180 pounds. Wide set stance in the box with front leg extended and slight bend on backside. Strides into a wide base with hands loaded above back shoulder. Keeps weight centered and creates above average bat speed with controlled effort. Creates leverage against a strong, tall front leg. Uphill barrel path with high finish thru contact. Defensively, Weber has above average pure arm strength that allows him to impact the game from the catching position. As a receiver, sets up in a slightly staggered stance while presenting a compact target. Athletic actions as he gets out of crouch into throwing motion. High, quick takeaway into clean arm action and high ¾ release. Ball works downhill out of hand with impressive carry. Popped 1.87 on his best bolt down to 2nd. Oregon State commit


OF / RHP / SAM BARLOW , OR / 2021

6-foot-3, 165 pounds with a wiry build and length in his frame. Hits from a tall, narrow  stance with straight posture and front side lined up with pitcher. Takes a short, forward stride to initiate swing. Uses a subtle scap load with hands while keeping barrel tight to body. Contact type of approach with a simple, level swing. Doesn’t have too many moving parts, allowing head to stay quiet and keep balance throughout. Works thru the ball with methodical tempo in the OF. Keeps footwork short, quick when coming thru ball on the ground. Receives ball in the air slightly out in front with weight gathered underneath him. Full arm path with a ¾ release point. Uses an inside shuffle-step to get direction lined up and accelerate into throw.