Prep Baseball Report

Oregon Class of 2026 Player Rankings Update (May 2024)

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

As the Oregon high school baseball season nears an end, it is time for a player rankings update. Today, we continue our three-week stretch of state rankings updates with the class of 2026. Featuring a total of 50 prospects, this modest class of 2026 list showcases some premium committed players at the top as well as some emerging prospects who jumped onto the radar this spring. 

As always, the evaluation process is a fluid and ongoing process with multiple viewings in order to get the best feel for players abilities. It’s important to note that as players continue their development some show marked improvement at a much more rapid pace. That doesn’t indicate that other players got worse or went backwards, it’s just how player development works. As the year unfolds, players make improvements and new prospects pop up on the radar expanding the Prep Baseball rankings universe.  

In addition to the evaluations of players, our scouts, both those in Oregon and nationally, have also had multiple discussions with each other to review our individual lists and then make adjustments based on what we've each seen. 



‘26 C Teagan Scott (South Salem/Oregon State) remains the #1 overall prospect in the class. His gaudy offensive performance this spring just further cemented his status as an elite talent after he slashed .521/.655/.753 with 7 2B, 2 3B, 2 HR, 32 RBI, 41 R, 32 BB, 20 SB. The numbers, as loud as they are, only tell a fraction of the story with Scott though. Behind the plate, he commands the game from the catcher position as both a vocal and physical leader. Whether it’s staying engaged with the pitcher or eliminating the run game with electric quickness and arm talent, he never takes a play off. His career arc throughout HS will be an exciting watch over the next few seasons. 

The remainder of the Top 10 stays the same. With the new recruiting rules coming full circle at this point, a vast majority of the 2026 class remains uncommitted. And with communication opening up later this summer in August, we expect a lot of action on the recruiting front with these top prospects. 

#14 ‘26 RHP/INF Parker Raubuch (Sunset)
Raubuch has been a key contributor for a thriving Sunset team this season in a lot of ways. At 6’1, 185, the frame is carrying added strength throughout and the jump in physicality has allowed the tools to tick up. Offensively he maintains a wide, balanced set-up with a simple forward move with tight levers. The barrel gets into the zone easily & he doesn’t need much effort to hit the ball with authority. On the mound, he maintains a simple approach with a clean delivery and tight, short arm action with a FB up to 83 mph. Overall he’s made quality strides in the last year and continues to trend up. 

#15 ‘26 RHP Jinki Tomita (Grant)
One of the best overall pitching arsenals in the class. Jinki is another arm who has always possessed pitchability and a competitive demeanor on the mound and now is showing the physical jump to elevate his stuff to the next level. The FB was up to 86 mph this winter in the preseason and he pairs it with 2 distinct breaking balls with his CB/SL as well as an above average splitter with late, hard tumble. With a strong, compact frame, he controls his center of gravity easily and maintains body control down the slope. The arm works freely from a high ¾ release with an athletic decel. 

#24 ‘26 OF Andrew Ha (Oregon City)
One of the best speed tools in the class. Ha is a smooth, easy runner with low effort strides and quickness out of the gate. He pairs the speed with a projectable frame and emerging arm strength and consistent accuracy. Offensively it’s a contact profile with a middle of the field approach and gap to gap type power. Doubles become triples with Ha and his ability to pepper gaps makes him a constant threat to get into scoring position. 

#27 ‘26 RHP Ben James (Liberty)
Another young arm on an upward trajectory, James has always been a strike thrower with feel for multiple offerings. He works in a FB/CB/CH combination with a FB up to 81.9 mph this winter in the preseason. Maintains a controlled, sustainable amount of effort with a balanced finish. Arm action gets extended early then stays loose out to release with length out front. Works downhill and keeps momentum behind the ball well. Given how easily he moves through his core, expect to see him continue to throw harder as his frame adds more strength.


Idaho Rising Stars ID OR 06/04 College of Southern Idaho - Twin Falls, ID
Portland Summer ID OR 06/05 Milwaukie High School
Eugene Summer ID OR 06/19 PK Park
Ridgefield Summer ID OR 06/20 Ridgefield Outdoor Recreation Complex
Portland Summer ID - Session II OR 07/02 Wilsonville High School
South Oregon Summer ID OR 07/09 Grants Pass High School
Future Games (Class of 2026/27) NATIONAL 07/24 LakePoint Sports
Junior Future Games (Class of 2028/29) NATIONAL 07/24 LakePoint Sports
Senior Future Games (Class of 2025) NATIONAL 07/24 LakePoint Sports
Pacific Northwest State Games (Invite-Only) OR 07/30 Heritage High School