Prep Baseball Report

OSAA 6A Playoff Roundup (5.22.24 - 5.24.24)

PBR Staff

Last week saw some great high school playoff baseball action, as top 6A teams in Oregon battled for a trip to the state semifinals.

Below is a recap of the scores and top performances from the second and third rounds of action. 

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GAMES PLAYED 5.22.24 - 5.24.24

#16-Grants Pass - 1
#1-West Linn - 3

B.Crawford (WL) 7ip, 2h, 0er, 0bb, 13k, CG
D.Wideman (WL) 2-3, HR, r, 2rbi
E.Simshauser (WL) 1-2, 3b, r, bb

T.Osborne (GP) 6ip, 6h, 3er, 3bb, 7k

#18-McNary - 1
#2-South Salem - 11

S.Nelson (SS) 3-4, 2HR, , 2b, 3r, 4rbi
N.Scharer (SS) 3-4, HR, 2b, 4r, 3rbi, bb
T.Scott (SS) 2-3, 2b, rbi
C.Nelson (SS) 6ip, 8h, er, bb, 7k

T.Ratliff (McN) 2-3, sb

#19-Sherwood - 2
#3-Sunset - 4

P.Raubuch (SUN) 7ip, 6h, 2er, 0bb, 5k
D.Chun (SUN) 2-3, 2b, 2rbi, sb
M.Ellerbrook (SUN) 1-3, r, rbi, bb

K.Sheller (SHER) 2-3, HR, r, rbi
J.Buck (SHER) 2-3, HR, r, rbi
N.Umlandt (SHER) 5ip, 5h, 4er, bb, 6k/1-4

#13-Sandy - 6
#4-Jesuit - 9

P.Miller (JES) 3-5, HR, 2r, 4rbi
T.Cleeland (JES) 2-5, HR, r, 3rbi
J.Rolling (JES) 2-3, 2bb, 2sb
J.Ingalls (JES) 5.1ip, 3h, 2er, 4bb, 5k

C.Hibbs (SAN) 1-4, HR, r, 2rbi
A.Menachace (SAN) 1-3,r, rbi, bb

#11-Barlow - 1
#6-Westview - 6

G.Pedersen (WEST) 2-3, 2b, r, bb/2ip, 2h, 0er, 0bb, 2k
G.Bologoff (WEST) 1-1, rbi, 2bb
E.Vice (WEST) 1-1, 2b, r, rbi, bb

K.Kiyokawa (BAR) 2-3, 2b

#9-Central Catholic - 2
#8-Tualatin - 3

J.Mattecheck (TUA) 4.2ip, 3h, 0er, bb, 4k
D.Duncan (TUA) 2-4, rbi, sb

G.Dunn (CC) 2-2, rbi, bb
C.Ames (CC) 5.2ip, 5h, er, 3bb, 4k

#26-Mountainside - 5
#10-McMinnville - 0

A.Ingalls (Mount) 7ip, 4h, 0er, 5bb, 5k/0-3, rbi
K.Wood (Mount) 2-3, 2b, bb
E.Young (Mount) 1-3, 2b, 3rbi

M.Tayler (McM) 6ip, 4h, 5er, 3bb, 3k/1-3

#28-Beaverton - 3
#21-Clackamas - 4

B.Foglio (Clack) 6ip, 8h, er, bb, 4k
J.Giancola (Clack) 2-3, 3b, 2b, r, sb
K.Pisano (Clack) 1-2, 2b, 2r, 2bb, sb

E.Hodes (Beav) 2-3, bb, sb
B.Papadopoulos (Beav) 2-3


#8- Tualatin - 0
#1- West Linn - 10

G.Howard (WL) 6ip, h, 0er, 2bb, 8k/1-2, 3r, 2bb, sb
D.Wideman (WL) 2-3, 3b, 2r, 2rbi
R.VandenBrink (WL) 1-3, 2b, r, 2rbi, bb
M.Rowe (WL) 2-4, r, 2rbi
B.Naone (WL) 1-2, 2b, r, rbi

E.Matsooka (Tua) 1-2

#2- South Salem - 14
#26- Mountainside - 4

T.Scott (SS) 2-3, HR, 3r, 3rbi
N.Scharer (SS) 2-2, HR, 4r, 2rbi, 2bb, 3sb
G.Price (SS) 1-3, HR, 2r, 3rbi, bb
S.Nelson (SS) 1-2, 3r, rbi, bb, 3sb
J.Feik (SS) 2-3, rbi, bb, sb
K.Semm (SS) 5ip, 6h, 4er, bb, 6k

L.Sigler (Mount) 2-2, HR, r, rbi, bb
A.Ingalls (Mount) 1-2, HR, r, rbi
R.Shandy (Mount) 1-2, HR, r, rbi
G.Gustafson (Mount) 1-3, HR, r, rbi

#6-Westview - 0
#3-Sunset - 3

W.Slater (Sun) 7ip, 5h, 0er, bb, 5k, CG, SO
C.Anderson (Sun) 2-3, HR, r, 2rbi
K.Schoolcraft (Sun) 2-3, 2b, r
M.Montoya (Sun) 1-2, 2b, r, rbi

C.Frederick (WV) 2-2
T.Sasaki (WV) 5.1ip, 6h, 3er, 2bb, k

#21-Clackamas - 0
#4-Jesuit - 5

M.Mcklaskey (Jes) 7ip, 7h, 0er, 0bb, 4k, CG, SO
C.Stewart (Jes) 1-3, HR, r, 3rbi, bb
B.Lyman (Jes) 2-3, r, rbi
D.Ruchaber (Jes) 1-1, 2b, bb

K.Pisano (Clack) 2-4