2017 Preseason All-State Showcase Analysis: Class of 2018 Middle Infielders

By Jacob Gill
Pennsylvania Assistant Director of Scouting

We continue our evaluations from the 2017 Preseason All-State Showcase with middle infielders in the class of 2018, who numbered seven of the 100 players in attendance at the event.

Top Prospect

Sean Guilbe, SS, Berks Catholic
6-foot-2, 190-pound right-handed hitter is verbally committed to St. John's. Has big power potential (96 mph exit velocity). Starts from an open, upright stance in a relaxed set-up and takes a controlled stride to square. Short load of hands, hits against front side, and swings with intent to get the baseball airborne. May end up outgrowing the middle infield, but a transition to third base is easy to envision. Exhibits good feet with a soft glove hand, a loose, easy arm action, and ability to complete the slow roller play.


Other Participating 2018 Middle Infielders

Gianni Arici, SS, St. Joseph's Prep
Moves well defensively, playing through the catch with his feet and completing the slow roller play with relative ease. Clean transfer out of glove and short, easy arm action that generated 76 mph arm strength across the diamond. Ran a 6.81 60-yard dash. 5-foot-11, 180-pound right-handed hitter who hits from a slightly open stance, incorporating minimal stride and keeping his head and body still throughout the swing. Incorporates some pre-swing hand rhythm and posted an improved exit velocity of 88 mph.

Matthew Clarke, SS, Hanover Area
Solid defender sets up well behind the baseball, shows good hands, accurate 81 mph arm strength with some carry, and an ability to complete plays on the move. 5-foot-11, 160-pound right-handed hitter with a relaxed set-up who showed a middle-of-the-field approach during his BP round and logged an 84 mph exit velocity. Would benefit from additional strength, as he has a tendency to body the barrel into the zone with his top half and shoulders at the present time.

Brett Heckert, 2B, North Allegheny
Significant strength gains helped this now 6-foot, 155-pound right-handed hitter improve his measureables across the board from when we last saw him five months ago, while he still has more room to add muscle. Starts from an upright, slightly open stance and strides to square. Exhibited simple swing mechanics with some pre-swing hand rhythm, a solid middle-of-the-diamond approach and an 81 mph exit velocity. Played below the baseball well defensively and showcased 73 mph arm strength. Ran a 7.44 60-yard dash.

Nick Parker, RHP/SS, Dallastown Area
Verbally committed to Coastal Carolina as a pitcher. 6-foot, 180-pound right-handed hitter starts from a slightly open stance and strides to a wide base. His hands work when he doesn't get his weight into his front hip too early. Has wiry strength and logged an 89 mph exit velocity. Ran a 7.32 60-yard dash (has been as low as 7.11 one year ago). Exhibits active feet defensively and moves them well through the catch. Posted 89 mph arm strength across the diamond.

Travis Sankovich, SS, Laurel Highlands
Above average defensive skill set. Trusts his glove hand and exhibits a quick, clean transfer of ball from glove to hand. Showcases 86 mph arm strength across the diamond with accuracy and carry from a whippy arm action. 5-foot-11, 165-pound left-handed hitter has put on 15 pounds since our PA staff last laid eyes on him 15 months ago. Strength gains are evident in both his ability to generate bathead speed (89 mph exit velocity) and ability to control the barrel. Starts from a slightly open stance and strides slightly closed, causing him to spin some to get to pitches on the inner half. Lot of pre-swing hand action, but his hands worked through contact well on pitches out away from him. Ran a 7.32 60-yard dash (one-tenth slower than we have previously recorded him).

Sam Wheeler, 2B, Sayre Area
5-foot-6, 140-pound right-handed hitter who ran a 6.93 60-yard dash. Consistently barreled the baseball during his BP round and posted an 83 mph exit velocity. Tendency to hook the ball, as he strides closed, cutting off a direct path into the zone and forcing his hands to work around his body. Defensively, he exhibited solid feet and hands with a short, repeatable arm action that generated 75 mph arm strength.

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