Eastern PA Top Prospect Games Analysis: Navy Team

By Jacob Gill
Pennsylvania Assistant Director of Scouting

Western PA Top Prospect Games - INVITE ONLY

The summer rush of PBR events in Pennsylvania began this week with the 2017 Eastern PA Top Prospect Games on June 13-14. Eighty prospects from Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New Jersey gathered for two days of nine-inning games and showcase activities at Cooper Park on the campus of Millersville University. Today we continue our analysis of the prospects in attendance by taking a look at those who participated as a member of the Navy Team.



Austin Bradbury, 2019, OF/RHP, Cedar Cliff
BradburyToolsy 6-foot-2, 190-pound athlete. Right-handed hitter starts from an open, upright stance and strides slightly closed. Has bat speed and swings with intent (92 mph exit velocity), although path can get long, as he primarily employs a grip-it-and-rip-it approach in the box. Did show an ability to barrel the baseball to both sides of the field during his BP round. Long strides produced a 6.76 60-yard dash and 4.40 in-game home-to-1B time. Exhibited athletic actions in the outfield with a slingshot arm action that produced 93 mph arm strength. Raw on the mound, his fastball was scattershot at 83-85, while he slows his tempo on his mid-70s change-up. Doesn't take full advantage of his size and potential downhill angle, collapsing his lower half and pushing the ball to the plate with a low elbow.

Remainder of roster (in alphabetical order)

Joe Adametz, 2018, LHP/1B, Governor Mifflin
Lanky 6-foot-5, 175-pounder pitches out of a high three-quarter slot. Soft stab out of glove with good hand speed out front. Has progressed nicely since we last saw him nearly one year ago, as fastball now sits 82-84. Throws a quality change-up at 73-76 with good armspeed, while his curveball has big 1/7 shape at 64-66 when he gets on top of it. Left-handed hitter starts from a slightly closed stance with weight unbalanced toward back leg. Limited use of his lower half and would benefit from strength gains to help get the barrel moving. Ran a 7.39 60-yard dash and recorded 82 mph exit velocity. Feet and arm slot work well on double-play feeds.

Ricky Bromirski, 2019, C, Ephrata
6-foot, 165-pound right-handed hitter who ran a 6.88 60-yard dash and posted an 87 mph exit velocity. Starts from a slightly open stance and strides slightly closed. Lowers hands below armpit and lays bat flat above back shoulder in load. Ran 4.56 and 4.58 home-to-1B times during game play. Defensively, he exhibits quick feet and transfers the baseball high, while his release could be shortened. Accurate arm with 70 mph arm strength produced pop times of 2.18-2.26 during workout.

Dan DiBeneditto, 2018, OF/LHP, Bishop Shanahan
5-foot-10, 170-pound left-handed hitter who battles at the dish. Starts from a slightly open stance and strides slightly closed. Incorporates a bat waggle for rhythm and showed an ability to manipulate the barrel during his BP round and game play. Ran a 6.92 60-yard dash and logged an 87 mph exit velocity. Moves well defensively, featuring a compact throwing motion and accurate 82 mph arm strength. On the mound, he pitched out of an over-the-top slot and competed around the zone. Fastball sat 80-81 with some armside run. Also featured a 1/7 curveball at 70-71 and a 74 mph change-up.

Curtis Freyermuth, 2019, RHP/3B, Cochranton
5-foot-11, 185-pounder who pitches out of a high three-quarter slot. Deliberate wind-up; arms and legs work in sync. Leads with front hip out of balance point and gets good leg drive. Fastball sat 80-83 with a bit of cut when thrown to the glove side of the plate. Curveball at 67-69 lacked significant action early in his outing, although he found the feel eventually, as it flashed solid 11/5 shape in his third inning of work. Right-handed hitter starts from a square stance and strides slightly open. Some forward float with stride, although eyes stay on plane throughout swing. Stayed in the middle of the field during his BP round, although predominantly used the pullside during game play. Ran a 7.52 60-yard dash and posted 83 mph exit velocity. Feet stop when fielding the baseball causing him to have to restart in order make a throw. Logged 80 mph arm strength across the diamond from a low three-quarter slot.

Daniel Gonzalez, 2019, IF, Lancaster Catholic
Solid 5-foot-9, 175-pound build and good defensive actions. Feet work well and help his solid 82 mph arm strength play across the diamond. Made a series of quality plays during game action, particularly on balls to his left (including one during which he slid on one knee, popped up, and made the throw to first base for the out), and showed an ability to complete the slow roller play as well. Right-handed hitter starts from an open stance and takes a slow, controlled leg lift to square. High hands launch and swing can get long at times. Ran a 7.58 60-yard dash and recorded 85 mph exit velocity.

Adam Maser, 2018, LHP, Ephrata
5-foot-11, 155-pounder who pitches out of a near over-the-top slot. Sideways rocker step into chest-high knee lift. Stays on-line to plate, landing with open stride foot. Clean arm action produced a fastball at 77-79, a slow curveball at 57-60 and a change-up at 69-70. Threw strikes and generated ground balls.

Garrett McClain, 2019, 1B, Downingtown East
6-foot, 200-pound right-handed hitter. Starts from an open stance, kicks front foot toward back knee, and strides to square. Has some strength in his frame (88 mph exit velocity) and ran a 7.68 60-yard dash. Defensively, he fields the baseball out front well, shows solid footwork on double play feeds and logged 72 mph arm strength.

Joseph Richardson, 2019, RHP, St. Joseph's Prep
6-foot-2, 185-pounder who pitches out of a high three-quarter slot and stays on-line to the plate. Elastic arm action with some hook in back. Turns front shoulder in during delivery, while front hip stays open, limiting ability to get loaded over rubber. Closing off his lower half in his balance point could lead to plenty more to come from a fastball that sat 82-84. Mid-70s curveball had tight, late tilt, while he also mixed in a firm change-up at 77-78. Intriguing upside here.

Adam Ricketts, 2019, C, Warwick
Right-handed hitter starts from an open stance and strides to slightly open. Quiet approach, drops hands to launch, head stays still throughout swing. Will benefit from strength gains to his 5-foot-10, 155-pound frame. Ran a 7.02 60-yard dash and logged 75 mph exit velocity. Defensively, he posted workout pop times of 2.14-2.21 with accurate throws and 71 mph arm strength. Could get feet started sooner in order to sync up with his exchange and give his front foot time to get completely around toward his target.

Travis Sankovich, 2018, IF, Laurel Highlands
Fluid defender with a soft glove hand who has the versatility to handle multiple infield positions at the collegiate level. Takes a solid approach to the ball that allows him to keep his feet active and get lined up for the throw. Logged 88 mph arm strength across the diamond and can complete the slow roller play on the move. 5-foot-11, 165-pound left-handed hitter starts from an open stance and strides slightly closed. Lots of barrel action in load can lead to an inconsistent launch point, but balance has improved and swing continues to smooth out over time. Ran a 7.20 60-yard dash and posted 88 mph exit velocity.

Tyler Stabley, 2018, LHP/OF, Red Lion Area
5-foot-9, 150-pounder who pitches out of a three-quarter slot from an efficient delivery. Pitched to both sides of the plate with his fastball at 77-78. Fading change-up at 67-70 was thrown with fastball armspeed and he trusted it in down counts. Also incorporated a slider at 71-72 and a curveball at 61-62. Showed an ability to drop down sidearm with a fastball at 71-72 and 59 mph slider, both of which come out from behind a left-handed hitter. Left-handed hitter starts from a square stance and strides closed. Creates an armbar in his load, but repeated his swing and consistently barreled the baseball during his BP round. Ran a 7.37 60-yard dash and posted 78 mph exit velocity.