Elite Prospect Showcase Pitching Rotations Released

By Greg Williams
Pennyslvania / West Virginia Director of Scouting

The finalized roster for the Elite Prospect Showcase was released on Sunday. Today we present the finalized pitching rotation along with catching assignments for the October 29 event. A total of four states will be represented among the 68 players in attendance.

Time Mound 1
Mound 1 Catcher Mound 2
Mound 2 Catcher
3:15 Aaron Groller Sam Aslansan Colin Macko   Dylan Swarmer  
3:20 Dylan Kingan Michael Becker Len Asari
Tom Borum
3:25 Dawson Magar Bryce Behmer Connor Dewees
Lenny Piccini
3:30 Jacob Marcus Austin Clauser Troy Emert
Chad Speiser
3:35 Matt Benda Joshua Rich J.R. Hahner
Sean Hopkins
3:40 Shayne Ostrowsky Nathaniel Semanek Carter Heller
Dylan Swarmer
3:45 Blaise Sclafani Emmett McCauley Ryan Lynn
Matt Turner
3:50 Matt Schembri Josh Tesarck Jacob McCaskey
Sam Aslansan
3:55 Jake Pothering Luke Weigel Jon McCullough
Bryce Behmer
4:00 Kyle Laing Michael Becker Noah Miller
Austin Clauser
4:05 Brett Steinle Tom Borum Hunter Sentz
Joshua Rich
4:10 Tyler Treese Lenny Piccini Jake Miller
JNathaniel Semanek
4:15 Austin Bradbury Chad Speiser oe LaFiora
Emmett McCauley


  • 10:00-10:20  Position Players Check-in
  • 10:20-10:45  Position Player Introductions / Stretching
  • 10:45-11:30  Position Player 60-Yard Dash / Defensive Evaluations
  • 11:30-12:15  Position Player Live Batting Practice
  • 12:30-12:45  Two-way Players & Catchers Check-in
  • 12:45-  1:30  Two-way Player Introductions / Stretching / 60-Yard Dash
  •   1:30-  2:15  Two-way Player/Catcher Live Batting Practice
  •   2:15-  3:00  Two-way Player/Catcher Defensive Evaluations
  •   2:15-  2:30  Pitcher Onlys Check-in (prepare to begin bullpens at 3:15)
  •   3:15-  4:30  Bullpen Sessions

CLICK HERE to view the complete roster.