Preseason All-State Showcase Outfielder Analysis: Class of 2014

By Greg Williams
PA Director of Scouting

MachiThe Preseason All-State Showcase displayed the talents of 20 outfield prospects on February 23 at B2B Baseball Academy in Manheim, PA. The quality of outfielders was very good and should force some significant movement in the PBR Pennsylvania player rankings that will be updated in the next two weeks. In Part One of our analysis we will take a look at the prospects in the Class of 2014.

  1. Mitchell Machi, OF/RHP, North Allegheny HS

    Machi showed well in the outfield with athletic actions and good carry on throws of 85 mph to the plate. With his 6-foot-1, 195-pound frame he will most likely be slotted as a corner outfielder at the next level. He earned his spot at the top of the Class of 2014 outfielders with an incredible round of batting practice. Machi used his 96 mph bat exit velocity, tops on the day among all prospects at the event, to punish the baseball repeatedly. He displayed excellent timing and rhythm to his swing while squaring every pitch and driving the baseball.

  2. Cole Creighton, OF/LHP, Neshaminy HS

    Creighton is a 5-foot-10, 180-pound left-handed throwing outfielder who showcased an accurate arm with good carry at 84 mph from the outfield. At the plate, Creighton showed an explosive lower half hitting out of a slightly open stance. Creighton showed quick hands, a short swing path and definite power potential in one of the top rounds of batting practice on the day.

  3. Shane Connahan, OF, Midd-West HS

    Connahan had the 2nd fastest home-to-first time of the day at 4.00. He showcased an accurate arm on throws of 83 mph with good carry from the outfield. At the plate, the 6-foot, 175-pound left-handed hitter consistently squared the baseball and showed the ability to use all fields. He has a very simple approach to hitting with no wasted motion that allows him to be consistent.

  4. Cody Bain, OF, Blackhawk HS

    Bain had an impressive day in all facets of the game. He showcased his speed in matching Connahan's 4.00 home-to-first time. The 5-foot-11, 175-pound right-handed hitter showcased an 84 mph bat exit velocity and good barrel whip to his swing. Bain has a short swing path and stays inside the baseball well. His 87 mph throws from the outfield were tops among all outfielders at the event.

  5. Jake Rosenberg, OF/3B, Harriton HS

    Rosenberg is a 6-foot, 185-pound prospect that makes the game look easy. He showed smooth actions in the outfield and an adequate arm at 78 mph to home plate. Rosenberg was impressive offensively. He used a square stance and a fluid, short stroke to repeatedly drive baseballs to all fields. Rosenberg has a flat bat path to the baseball allowing his barrel to stay in the hitting zone for long periods of time.

  6. Will Faccenda, OF, Council Rock South HS

    Faccenda is a 5-foot-10, 155-pound prospect who saw his stock grow as a result of his complete performance. He showed his ability to run with a 4.06 home-to-first time and demonstrated athletic actions in the outfield. His arm strength was not as strong as some of the other top outfielders, but he made up for it with a clean transition and good carry on his throws. Faccenda was very impressive at the plate showcasing a fluid swing with good barrel whip. He squared the baseball repeatedly and showed a very short swing path.

  7. Matt Oruch, OF, Wissahickon HS

    Oruch is a 6-foot, 160-pound prospect who has an athletic frame. He showcased athletic actions in the outfield and an 83 mph arm with good carry on throws to home plate. Oruch's athleticism was further demonstrated when he turned in a 4.10 home-to-first time. Oruch had a nice round of batting practice utilizing a very strong hip turn to produce barrel whip and an 82 mph bat exit velocity. He showed the ability to square the baseball frequently and was able to stay inside the baseball throughout his solid round.

  8. Coleton Graham, OF/LHP, Hershey HS

    Graham is a 5-foot-9, 175-pound prospect who shows potential to be a legitimate switch-hitter at the next level. He has an explosive lower half from both sides of the plate and shows the ability to consistently square the baseball with good pop from both sides. His bat exit velocity of 86 mph is generated in large part by his ability to stay behind the baseball. The left-handed thrower showcased a 75 mph arm from the outfield.

  9. Jeremy Hileman, RHP/OF, Red Land HS

    Hileman showed his athleticism and the potential to be a two-way player at the next level. The 6-foot-2, 165-pound junior showcased a 4.30 home-to-first time, and a strong 85 mph arm from the outfield. Offensively Hileman hits out of a slightly open stance and generates good barrel whip with a 78 mph bat exit velocity. He showed fluid hands that work through the baseball producing some power potential.

  10. Ben Bomberger, OF/RHP, Manheim Central HS

    Bomberger is a 5-foot-7, 145-pound prospect who showed well turning in a 4.18 home-to-first time and showcasing accurate throws with carry from the outfield. Bomberger showed a strong arm at 82 mph with more in the tank. He has a solid approach to hitting and his lower half works well with his hands to create an 85 mph bat exit velocity and good barrel action. Bomberger hits out of a slightly open stance and uses a toe tap to trigger his swing.

  11. Jordan Yates, OF/2B, Beaver Area HS

    Yates is a 5-foot-10, 155-pound prospect who showed well in all facets of the game. He showcased a 4.12 home-to-first time and athletic actions in the outfield. His throws to home plate had good carry at 79 mph. Offensively, Yates barreled the baseball consistently and showed the ability to use all fields.

  12. David Lyons, OF/SS, Montour HS

    Lyons is a 5-foot-9, 180-pound prospect who showed well offensively. Hitting out of a square stance, Lyons used a short swing path and a solid lower half to consistently barrel the baseball. He has a line drive swing path with repeatable mechanics that should allow him to hit for average at the next level. Lyons showcase a 4.12 home-to-first time and accurate throws of 72 mph to home plate.

  13. Caleb Thorn, OF/1B, Knoch HS

    Thorn turned in a 4.34 home-to-first time and threw 77 mph from the outfield. The 5-foot-11, 185-pound prospect showed a 77 mph arm and a bat exit velocity of 77 mph. Thorn consistently squared the baseball in his round of batting practice showing. He utilized a slightly open stance and a short swing path to produce consistent line drives to all fields.

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