2014 Spotlight Watch: Aaron Fritz

Q and A with Aaron Fritz, a 5-foot-10, 185-pound, C, Minersville HS, Class of 2014

                                  Aaron Fritz

PBR:  What type of training did you do this past winter to prepare for the high school season?
Fritz:  This past winter I was involved in a program designed to develop strength, speed, and explosiveness. It was a three-day a week program that included free weights, plyometrics, and medicine ball training. I also was involved with a Velocity Improvement Program to increase my arm strength.

PBR:  Now that your sophomore season is coming to a close what do you plan to do over the next 18 months to catch the eyes of college scouts?
Fritz:  I plan on attending and competing in the best showcase tournaments. This will give me the exposure needed for the college coaches to evaluate my abilities to play at their level. I also plan on continuing to get more athletic and stronger and on improving my baseball skills through hard work. 

PBR:  Who do you play for in the summer and what was your most memorable experience from last summer?
Fritz:  I play for the Evoshield Canes Mid-Atlantic 2014. Last summer we placed third in the nation at the World Wood Bat Association (WWBA) National Tournament in East Cobb, GA. The team won five tournaments against some of the best competition in the country. We received a final ranking of sixth in the nation.

PBR:  What position do you anticipate playing in college?
Fritz:  I anticipate playing catcher in college as I am currently being recruited as a catcher. I also play both corner infield positions as well.

PBR:  What is your current GPA?
Fritz:  I am a sophomore at Minersville Jr/Sr High School and my current GPA without the weighted classes is 3.83 and with the weighted classes it is 3.97. I am currently ranked eighth in my class.

PBR:  What’s the biggest baseball event or tournament on your calendar in the coming months?
Fritz:  In my opinion, it will be the WWBA National Tournament at East Cobb, GA. Our team has improved over the fall and winter and we believe that we have the ability to win the title. It is also one of the most heavily scouted and attended tournaments of the summer. It will be a lot of fun!

PBR: Who is the toughest player in your class that you have played against or with?
Fritz:  This spring I would have to say it is Brendan Miller from Williams Valley High School.  He is a pitcher who competes on each and every pitch. He has good stuff and commands it. He can dominate opposing team’s hitters!