Carolinas Top of the Summer: Blast Bat Speed

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Executive Director

PBR was working all summer to identify as many players for college coaches and pro scouts as possible throughout the summer of 2021.  While the world was not completely back to normal, our scouting staff was able to attend PBR Events, PBR Tournaments, practices, games, workouts, and other events.  With each event in the Carolinas, we will look back at some of the top performers from the summer of 2021

Top of the Summer: Blast Bat Speed


Throughout the summer, PBR scouts were on hand to capture stats, notes and video on players attending PBR events.  Today we turn our attention to some of the top bat speeds in the Carolinas.  At PBR Events, Blast Motion technology is used to measure analytics pre-contact, including bat speed through contact.  Bat speed is a measurable stat that gives coaches and scouts the ability to see which players may be able to evaluate pitch type and pitch location longer, before committing to a full pass through the ball.    During the BP sessions, of full PBR Events, Blast Motion sensors were put on each hitters' bats, allowing the measurement of bat speed.  The peak bat speed is each hitter's top end bat speed on a pass during BP.  The average is an average of all swings during one session of BP.


Blast Motion - Peak Bat Speed

Rank Name State School Class Pos Bat Speed (max)
1 Joshua Bussey NC Pro5 Academy 2023 OF 84.80 mph
2 Nate Hoyt SC Bluffton 2022 OF 83.00 mph


Blast Motion - Average Bat Speed

Rank Name State School Class Pos Bat Speed (avg)
1 Brady Nathison NC Fuquay-Varina 2023 OF 78.37 mph
2 Jacob Trivette NC Caldwell Academy 2023 C 77.29 mph


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