Digging In: Attention Players, Lose The Beard

By Sean Duncan
Executive Director

I still have the same hairstyle as I did in seventh grade. I have never employed any sort of hair product. Khaki pants, in my opinion, are one of mankind’s greatest inventions: they can function in nearly every daily situation – dress up, dress down – they are comfortable and, most importantly, they pretty much match with everything. Coordinating clothes, I am told on a semi-regular basis by my wife, is not one of my strengths.

Point is, I am one of the least qualified people to be writing about style. I view clothes, accessories, and everything in between in terms of function and utility. If you could wear a Swiss Army knife, I’d be rocking it six days a week.

I am also far-removed from relating to what is hip among teenagers. Upside down sunglasses on the back of the head seems like the dumbest thing in the world to me. One step further, I have zero understanding for what the teenage girl thinks is cool in terms of evaluating a teenage boy (not that I would ever want to, mind you). So, any high school players reading this, take the following for what it is, for purposes of helping yourself get recruited – and not about style and what the girls prefer:

Shave the beard.

Yep, lose the chin strap (an even worse look, in my opinion), remove the Abe Lincoln (if you can’t grow the mustache, you shouldn’t have a beard anyway), delete the notion of a neck-beard (hideous, regardless of age), save the goatee for college ...

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