Digging In: Unsigned Seniors, Step Away From The Panic Button

By Sean Duncan
Executive Director

Right around this time I get the same question from concerned parents: How come their son isn’t being recruited as heavily as others? They see the growing list of committed players – players who may not have shared the same success as their son – and they wonder. Why? Shortly after, their wonder bends into panic.

What should they do?

The short answer is I don’t know. One thing I do know, however, is keep that sweaty palm away from the panic button. Panic breeds poor decisions, and poor decisions usually end in a mismatched fit, either athletically, academically or both.

Plus it’s way too early to even begin to think about panic.

Sometimes the answer is easy to figure out: your son just doesn’t have a strong enough arm, quick enough feet, etc. He’s not being recruited by Division 1 schools because he’s not a Division 1 player. Simple enough.

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