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The PBR Mid Atlantic Fall championship was held September 13-15 at the Henry S. Parker Atheltics complex in Salisbury, MD. 30 teams from VA, DC, DE, MD, NJ, and PA attended the tournament. Today we continue post tournament content with the beginning of our tournament scout blog.

Mid-Atlantic Fall Championship Content

Gatorball DC

Sangho Baek 2020 James M. Bennett (George Mason)
Athletic body type and 5'9'' 160 pound. Up-tempo side-step wind-up to a controlled leg kick and compact balance point. Creates really quick arm speed through release. Throws with short arm action from a high three-quarter slot with effort. Maintained velocity throughout the outing. Fastball sat 85-88 and touched 89 mph. Breaking ball showed more 11/5 shape at 58-61 mph. Threw a couple harder later in the game.

Jeffrey Coakley SS Woodrow Wilson (DC) 2021 SS
Athletic body type and 5'10, 160 pound frame with room the grow. Hits from a relaxed, balanced stance at the plate with no stride and hands pre-loaded. Short to the ball and showed quick hands and bat speed through the zone. Squared three balls up against BBA Expos on Sunday with two doubles. Gap-to-gap type hitter with pop. Showed speed running the bases and was rangy at shortstop making several plays on the run throwing from all arm angles.

Santos DeLeon OF Wilson (DC) 2020
Athletic body type. Hits from a tall, balanced stance at the plate with hands pre-loaded. Quick toe-tap load and creates fast bat speed. Showed some strength in the swing and doubled to right in Saturday's game.

Solomon Redo RHP School without Walls (DC) 2020
Lanky projectable frame. Compact, build up delivery. Free and loose arm action throwing from a three quarter slot. Pitches with light effort and shows fast arm speed. More in the tank as he adds to frame and gets more intent with the arm speed. Breaking ball showed flashes, but was inconsistent. Liked the 11/5 shape and think it shows potential to be a good pitch. Fastball was 80-83, topping out at 84 mph. Breaking ball ranged from 68-73 mph.

Amartya Eswaran-Kin, RHP, Wilson (DC) 2020
Athletic compact frame. Slower, build up style delivery. Loose arm action throwing from a high three quarter slot. Arm works quick and clean. Average lower half usage, could get more out of delivery with more lower half intent. Like how the arm works, fastball ranged 80-83 on the day. Breaking ball showed 11/5 shape that ranged 64-66. threw a plus changed up with fastball arm speed. Pitch had fade and ranged 71-73 mph.

Prime Time Baseball

Robert Kelly RHP Marshall (VA) 2020 (UMBC)
Fastball ranged from 84-86 with 73-76 breaking ball that had hard and tight 11/5 shape. Change up ranged from 80-81 mph. Long loose arm action, arm was electric, smooth delivery, clean hand separation with strong command and pitch ability.

Boschen Siegel St. Stephens & St. Agnes (VA) 2021
Went 2-for-4 on Saturday against the PA Shockers with a base hit and a stand up triple. Showed pop at the plate and quick bat speed. Good feel for barrel getting consistent plus contact. Outs were deep line outs to centerfield.

David Rondeau Episcopal 1B 2020
Athletic set up at the plate. Balanced with nice rhythm. Short quick load at the plate, showed quick hands at the plate with a barrel in and out of the zone. Good feel for barrel and was able to make good contact in multiple at bats. could see more pop develop with better extension.

Shane Tucker RHP TC WIlliams (VA) 2020
Athletic body type and 5'10'', 175 pound frame. Strong down-to-out lower half drive off the rubber. Creates quick arm speed through release. Gets over front side well with an athletic finish. Fastball sat 81-84 touching 86 mph. Breaking ball was 71-74 with tight 10/4 shape on the pitch.

Invaders Baseball

Cameron Phillips RHP Jefferson Forest (VA) 2021
Controlled side-step wind up and leg kick to balance. Strong downhill lower half drive off the rubber. Quick delivery from balance to the plate. Creates some arm speed through release. Throws with shorter arm action from a high three-quarter slot with light effort. Fastball sat 70-74 mph and breaking ball showed big 11/5 shape at 60-62 mph.

Sam Helton 2B Blacksburg (VA) 2021
Solid, athletic body type and 5'8'' 175 pound frame. Hits from a balanced, crouched stance at the plate. Small leg kick load, quick hands and bat speed. Squared several balls up at the plate and showed smooth, clean actions in the infield.

Grayson Bush SS Monticello (VA) 2020
Athletic 5-foot-10, 165 pound frame. Hits from a balanced, slightly open stance at the plate. Smooth back load and swings with intent. Short swing with quick hands and bat speed through the zone. Gap-to-gap type hitter with some pop and speed on the bases. Squared up several balls throughout the weekend using the whole field. Offensively has continued to develop that is starting to match with his defensive skills, which are high end. Confident and quick first step with smooth actions and soft hands. Picks the ball very well and can get rid of it and throws from multiple angles. High quality player still available in the 2020 class.

Jacob Exum IF/P Miller School 2022
Very interesting middle infield prospect out of Miller School. Has re-classed into the 22 class. Athletic actions with quick feet and good hands defensively. Can get rid of the baseball. Hits from a taller slightly open set up. Hands are short and quick through the zone. Feet get him in trouble and out of balance at times. Solid foundation at the plate. Showed pitching potential with a fastball up to 83 mph but also the ability to throw strikes from multiple arm slots.

Spencer Williams LHP Jefferson Forest 2021
Compact frame. Deliberate delivery with some build up at leg kick. Sound arm action throwing from an over the top slot. Fastball gets on hitters and ranged 79-81 on the day. Breaking ball showed 1/7 shape at 66-69 mph. Attacked hitter with aggressive approach. Pretty efficient delivery with average lower half implementation.

Patrick Rakes 1B Miller School 2023
Recently reclassed into the 23 class. Shows some advanced ability for a player of his age. Hits from an atheltic set up at the plate. Barre is level through the zone with some bat speed and power potential. Nice ability to stay behind ball on outer half and drive. Has making to be a nice offensive prospect and ability to play the bag at first well. Two way potential on the mound. Arm works and velo is continuing to rise. One to keep an eye on.

BBA Expos

Russell Thistle LHP Toms River North HS NJ 2021
Lanky, projectable frame with room to add strength to. Free arm action throwing from a three quarter slot and pitching with light effort. Fastball has run on the pitch and sink at times. Fastball ranged from 70-72 mph.

Brandon Feigin RHP/INF Toms River North HS NJ 2021
Athletic body type and projectable 6'0'', 185 pound frame. Pitched from the stretch. High leg kick to a controlled balance point. Down-to-out lower half drive off the rubber. Lands square to the plate with an athletic finish. Creates quick arm speed through release. Throws with shorter arm action from a high three-quarter slot with regular effort. Fastball sat 80-83 and touched 84. Mixed speeds well on the breaking ball ranging 64-70 with 11/5 shape. Hits from an athletic set up at the plate. Short swing with quick hands. Smooth glove with average feet, could move to corner pretty easily. Hands are clean defensively.

Nathaniel Obeng OF/RHP Toms River North HS NJ 2021
Athletic frame with some length. Short swing at the plate with quick hands hitting from an open set up. Gets around ball at times, but shows shorter path keeping hands inside the baseball. Slap style approach at the plate with some barrel awareness. Runs well out of the box with good 90's throughout game. On the mound, has sound arm action throwing from a high three quarter slot. Fsstball had some run on the pitch up to 79 mph. More in tank. Should add strength to frame overall and shows solid foundation. Breaking ball was 66-67 mph with 11/5 shape and sweep at times.

Brandon Valles LHP Toms River North (NJ) 2021
Went five strong against the Keystone Baseball Club surrendering just two runs on five hits while striking out three. Athletic body type and 5'9'', 145 pound frame. Controlled wind-up and delivery landing square to the plate with an athletic finish. Gets over his front side well and throws with shorter arm action from a high three-quarter slot with easy effort. Fastball sat 75-77 mph and breaking ball was 66-68 mph with big, sharp 11/5 shape.

Ryan Baker 2B Toms River North 2022
Athletic body type and projectable 6'1'' 175 pound frame. Showed a short, compact swing at the plate driving one through the hole at short for an RBI against Gatorball. Stays behind the ball well with good extension past contact. Was 2-for-2 on Saturday against the Keystone Baseball Clubwith a double to the left-center field gap and a line drive base hit to left field. Short to the ball with quick hands and quick bat speed through the hitting zone.

Sean Mindas OF Toms River North (NJ) 2021
Athletic body type and 5'10'', 175 pound frame. Hits from a balanced stance at the plate with rhythm. Small leg kick load and stays behind the ball well with a short, compact swing. Showed quick hands and bat speed with a strong two-handed finish. Gap type hitter with some pop.

Austin Beard 3B Toms River South 2021
Showed good hands on double to left center field gap. Short and quick to the ball with bat speed on the offensive end.

Richmond Braves

Tyler Cotten C 2020 Grafton
Strong frame. Present strength at the plate. Hits from a wider set pu with with a simple load to hitting position. Gets to a strong position and aggressive to the baseball. Power to the pull side and is starting to show better pop to all fields more consistently. Has whip in the barrel and shows extension through contact. Solid receiver defensively. Quiet hands and moves well. Throws have carry and footwork in quick and clean. Recently has opened back up recruitment.

David Marshall RHP Home School 2021
Lanky projectable 6-foot-3 frame. Room to add to it. Slower delivery with slight pause after side step. High leg kick working down to out. Can get more from back leg in delivery. Free arm action throwing from a three quarter slot. Arm works quick while pitching with regular effort. Gets slight cross body action at leg land. Arm works well and there is more in the tank. Very interesting to see how much more.

Thomas Latham SS Chantilly 2020 (Holy Cross)
Atheltic, taller set up at the plate. Has a level path at the plate with some bat speed. Showed some power potential to the pull side. Like his approach at the plate. Clean actions in the field, with confident first step and good range. thorws showed some carry across the diamond.

Jordan Peyton IF Miller School 2020 (Radford)
Great to see Peyton back after coming off Tommy John last spring. just cleared to swing now, it looked like the Miller School product didn't miss a beat. Balanced set up at the plate with short swing and quick hands. Showed good barrel awareness in swing and made strong contact throughout tournament.

Tommy Hawke IF Ronald Wilson 2021 (Wake Forest)
Compact frame 5-foot-7, 145-pounds. Scrappy firestarter. Hits from balanced set up at the plate, gets out of the box fast. Barrel is fast and level as barrel stays in the zone well. Sprays ball around the field. Fun to watch.

Christian Martin IF Amherst 2021 (Virginia Tech)
Shows an advanced ability on the offensive end. Balanced set up at the plate with quick wrists and barrel. Like how the hands work at the plate. Really quiet lower half with explosiveness. Like the balance. Developing really well.

Bryce Suters IF Broadway 2021 (James Madison)
Athletic frame. Has quieted down the lower half some in swing, creating better balance. Great athleticism and power potential. Hands are direct and shows some bat speed. Like the athleticism and versatility in the athlete.

Eric Wilson IF Highland School 2021
Athletic frame with some projection. Level bat path with extension through contact. Steep to ball at times. Shows power to middle of the field. Like physicality of player and potential.

Nick Mattfield RHP Atlantic Shores 2020
Pitched a CG in game two on Saturday. 75-77 mph on the fastball showed command of the pitch and competed.

Trey Gibson RHP Grafton 2020 (Liberty)
Advanced Physicality. Always saw the frame but really seeing the physicality come into his own. Controlled delviery with nice tempo. Ability to throw multiple pitches for strikes and is a power arm. Slider/cutter are plus pitches and he shows advanced feel for both. Fastball has a ton of life and love it when he is aggressive with the pitch. Was up to 90 mph on the day.

Kyle Fields RHP/1B Rustburg 2022
Physicality and projection in frame. Two way potential. build up style delivery throwing from three quarter slot and sound arm action. fastball ranged 81-84 mph and breaking ball had gradual break with 11/5 shape at 66-68. Shows some pop on the offensive end hitting from a balanced set up.

Vince DiLeonardo IF Fredericksburg Christian 2021
Really like the offensive potential in the player. Hands are direct and free with bat speed. Hits from taller set up. simple load to hitting position. Gets nice extension through contact. Think has a chance to be really good hitter. Defensively is athletic and versatile, consistency is key. Looks like he can stay at corners or move to corner outfield.

Zach Mallia RHP Western Albemarle 2020
Interesting unsigned senior. Compact delivery with sound arm action throwing from almost over the top slot. Pitches with some effort at 85-87 mph. There is some more in the tank Breaking ball 65-68 mph. Durable pitchers frame.

Nick Willard RHP York 2020 (Liberty)
Lanky frame with a ton of projection. Clean smooth delivery with loose arm action and fast arm speed. pitches 84-86 on the day with 69-72 breaking ball. As he adds to the frame that velo will be higher. Like the projection in the arm. Repeats delivery well and efficient. Lot more left in tank.

Jordan Smith OF Kellam 2020 (George Mason)
Athletic frame at 6-foot, 165-pounds. Love the athleticism and projection. Swung the bat well on the weekend hitting from a taller athletic set up. Hands work well and peppers the gaps with middle approach. Showed some pop to the pull side. Runs well covers ground and shows arm strength. Really like the potential of what he could become down the road.

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