PBR Mailbag: Why Did Cameron Varga Drop In The Draft?

By Nathan Rode
National Supervisor

The major league regular season concluded yesterday, which means two things. One, it’s playoff time. Two, the basic order for the 2015 Draft is set. The Diamondbacks have the first pick, followed by the Astros, who pick second as compensation for their failure to sign LHP Brady Aiken (Cathedral Catholic HS, CA) this year. The Astros pick again at No. 5, making them the first team ever with two top-five selections. The Rockies and Rangers pick third and fourth respectively with the Twins, Red Sox, White Sox, Cubs and Phillies following the Astros to round out the top 10. Those picks are protected and won’t change based on free-agent signings, but the rest can so things can still change between now and June.

Let’s get to some questions

RHP Cameron Varga (Cincinnati Hill Christian Academy, OH) was projected in the middle of the first round and went in the late second round. Why did he end up going a little later?
The draft is wildly unpredictable and projections are challenging because there are so many variables in play. One pick can send a ripple effect through the draft. I didn't speak to anyone that felt Varga would go in the middle of the first round. He actually ended up going around where I expected. He had the stuff to go higher, but there were a few things working against him.

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