PBR Releases Draft League Analytics Portal

Mike Rosenbaum / Eitan Leff
Senior Prospect Analyst / Data Engineer

Since the beginning of the inaugural MLB Draft League season on May 24, the Prep Baseball Report team has been actively collecting and sorting all of the League’s TrackMan data in a back-end, Baseball Savant-inspired analytics portal that was designed and built by PBR data engineer Eitan Leff.  

But now that we are well into the season, and we’ve had ample time to review the data to ensure that it’s all being properly ingested and sorted, PBR is excited to unveil a large portion of our behind-the-scenes Draft League analytics to the public. 

For now, we are sharing several of the daily leaderboards and logs that best highlight the day-to-day happenings in the Draft League. We’re also making available our hitter analytics database, which spans the entire Draft League season. In each of the aforementioned portals, you can find the date and time of the most recent update (both daily and season) at the bottom of each page.

To access the various data pages, visit PBR’s Draft League homepage and select ‘Analytics’ on the main navigation bar. From there, you will be able to select from a drop-down menu any of these five pages: 

Daily Leaders: Here you will find all of the previous day’s TrackMan leaders ranked by category. For hitters, that includes an overall top-10 list of the best max exit velocities and batted-ball distances from the previous day’s three games. Pitching performances, on the other hand, are broken down into a few more categories:


  • Max Exit Velocity
  • Max Batted-Ball Distance


  • Fastball: Max Velocity & Max Spin Rate
  • Breaking Ball: Max Velocity & Max Spin Rate
  • Called Strikes + Whiffs Percentage (CSW%): Individual pitch CSW% and overall CSW%

Pitcher Daily Recaps: This data portal is your one-stop shop for reviewing the previous day’s pitching performances. Whether you’re looking to dig in on a pitcher’s success with an individual pitch or simply want to review the entire outing, our Pitcher Daily Recaps have you covered. (Horizontal viewing recommend for mobile users.)

Daily Batted Balls in Play: Want to know the exit velocity, launch angle and estimated distance for every single batted ball from the previous day? Then you’re going to love our Daily BIP portal, which features all of that as well as every plate-appearance-ending pitch from all three games. 

Hop Leaderboard: Based on the fastball-identifying metric created by PBR’s Zach Day and Joe Dattoli, the Hop Leaderboard provides a ranked, running list of the Draft League pitchers who possess the best Hop fastballs.  

Hitter Analytics (Season): Last but certainly not least is our hitter analytics hub, which, unlike most of our other data pages, covers the entire Draft League season and the entirety of the League's hitters. The first leaderboard on the page highlights hitters’ exit velocities and launch angles for different types of batted-ball contact. Below that, you will find another leaderboard that offers additional insight on the overall quality and consistency of their contact. (Horizontal viewing recommend for mobile users.)

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