NC/SC Border Battle - 2020 Pitcher Analysis

Eddie Tisdale
Scouting Director

NC/SC Border Battle - 2020 Pitcher Analysis 




~ 2020 South Carolina Pitcher Analysis ~




William Anderson RHP / Bishop England, SC / 2020

6-1, 210lbs with a thicker profile with good present strength. There is room to clean up certain areas to finish the development. FB topped out at 84 mph. Breaking balls ranged from 71-73 mph. Repeated the delivery well with a controlled temp. Short rocker step brings the knee to a balance point at the belt. Full arm action on the backside and loads the scaps before working to a H3Q to OTT release point. FB remained true through the zone with occasional wiggle to the arm side. Was able to control the pitch and elevate with intent. Breaking ball had side to side shape with loose tendencies. Landed for strikes consistently. 





Baker Cox LHP / 1B / AC Flora, SC / 2020

6-0, 178lbs with proportional build and durable frame. Strong athletic frame should add some thickness as he develops. FB was up to 85 mph. Worked FB/CH mix with the off speed pitches ranging from 75-76. Staggered with the stance in a hybrid position. Short rocker step and rotational at the balance point above the belt. Lands slightly open of his line with good extension to home plate. Deep take away with slight abbreviation on the back side. 3Q release point. FB showed heavy fade to the arm side at times. Charleston Southern recruit. 





Charles (Chas) DeBruhl LHP / OF / Andrew Jackson , SC / 2020

Sloped shoulders and lean 6 foot 1 inch build. Two sport athlete, is the QB on the high school football team. Worked the FB between 79-81 but has been up to 84. Breaking balls were 72 mph and CH were 68-69. Aggressive tempo and attacked the zone. Wants to challenge hitters, bulldog mentality. Medium rocker step to a balance point just above the belt. Rotational at the top with a short take away on the back side. Quick arm. Pronounced scap load and good extension down the mound. Max effort delivery. 





Braxton Elms RHP / 1B / Lewisville, SC / 2020

Broad shoulders and good present strength. Nearing his maximum projectiblity. FB was 81-84 at the Border Battle but has previously been as high as 86. Has good feel for a slider with occasional late bite from 71-73 mph. Slightly rotational with a higher leg lift at the top. Stabbing take away with an abbreviated path on the back side. OTT arm slot produced primarily straight FB's with occasional tailing action. Breaking balls showed matching hands speed and release point. Good extension and max effort in the delivery. 





Caleb Freeman 3B / RHP / P27 Baseball Academy , SC / 2020

6-5 195lb frame with solid build. Length throughout, broad shoulders and strong lower half. Worked as a two way player, seeing time at 3B as well as on the mound. 7.04 sixty time. 84 mph infield velocity. 93 mph exit velocity (tee). Wide base, slightly crouched into the lower half. Short toe tap load. Wants to get extension and work uphill through contact. Raw power is above average when he catches the ball cleanly. A short rocker steps brings the leg lift to a balance point just above the belt. The hands break with a full arm action on the back side. The weight is stacked over the  back side before working down hill with good extension. H3Q release point. FB showed fade to the arm side at 84 and mixed a 70-71 mph slider. 





Corey Loggins RHP / 2B / Walhalla, SC / 2020

6-0, 160lbs with wiry build and length in the limbs. Substantial projection remaining. Worked the FB up to 82 and spun a quality breaking ball at 68-70. Short rocker step to a balance point just above the belt. Weight is gathered over the back side. Full arm action with a H3Q to OTT slot. Lands slightly open of his line with avg extension. Slight shoulder tilt and scap load. FB shows some ASR at times. Breaking ball had 11/5 shape with early break and occasional snap. 





Dylan Smoak LHP / 1B / York, SC / 2020

Medium build with moderate thickness in the lower half and through the mid section. Will need to address some areas to reach his max potential. 7.92 sixty time. 80 mph infield velocity. 86 mph exit velocity (tee). Balanced LH swing with relaxed stance. Stride foot hangs slightly and turns the barrel upward. Stride foot lands slightly closed. Good separation between the hips and hands and flashes of barrel lag through the zone. Stays behind the baseball with a slightly lofted path and good extension. Solid avg. defender at 1B with good feel for the glove and good footwork around the bag. Border Battle was one of his more consistent PBR outings on the mound. Mixed a 82 mph FB with a big 1/7 breaker. Controlled tempo that he repeated well, landing on line and working to a H3Q to OTT release point. Worked both pitches into the bottom half of the zone. Also showed the ability to expand the breaking ball for swing and miss. 





Luke Sommerdyke RHP / Wando, SC / 2020

6-3, 200lb Projectable build with a strong lower half and lean torso. Sloped shoulders and long arms give him room to finish his development in the upper body. FB was up to 82 with more in the tank and CB landed for Ks at 71-73. Works with a controlled tempo to a balance point just above the belt. Stabbing arm action on the backside with some tilt in the shoulders. Quick arm on the backside to a OTT release. Landed slightly open of his line. FB showed run to the arm side. SL showed short side to side action. CH was thrown with matching hand speed and heavy fade to the arm side. Good pitchability and repeated his devilry well, throwing a ton of strikes.