Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: NC/SC Border Battle - '26 SC Position Players and Pitchers

Sammy Esposito
PBR SC Director of Scouting

Over 115 of the top players from North Carolina and South Carolina converged on UNC Charlotte’s Robert & Mariam Hayes Stadium on June 28, 2023 for the PBR NC/SC Border Battle.  In front of over 30 college and professional coaches and scouts, players from each state went through a pre-game workout and then played 9+ innings in a controlled scrimmage.

Position players opened the day with an offensive workout, taking live BP on the field.  TrackMan and Blast were used to track pre-swing and ball-flight analytics.  Players then went through a defensive workout at their position, allowing coaches and scouts to get a feel for their athleticism, movement, and arm strength. 

After the workout, North Carolina took on South Carolina in game play.  Pitchers threw to live hitters in a controlled environment, allowing PBR Scouts to control pitch count and stress of each inning.  Hitters got live looks at pitchers, allowing the coaches and scouts in attendance to further their evaluations after BP, in the live setting.

One of the marquee events of the summer, the 2023 NC/SC Border Battle did not disappoint.  Several players boosted their profiles, while others solidified their spot as one of the top prospects in the Carolinas.

Below we break down some of the numbers from the event.  To see a player’s full profile, simply click on his name.  To see the NC/SC Border Battle roster, full stat page, plus analytics from the event, CLICK HERE.

Quick Hitters


Ayden Beeco, Easley, 2026, INF

A strong 6-1, 175-pound build.  A short stride leads to a balanced hitting stance.  Stays behind the ball effectively while traveling uphill, and has strong extension out front.  309 feet maximum exit distance and an exit velocity of 87.4 mph.  Demonstrates a strong hands and footwork and has arm speed over the diamond of up to 75 mph.

Hudson Clark, Berkeley, 2026, INF

155-pound athletic frame, 5-9.  Left-handed batter with an open, relaxed stance.  Strong extension out front and a short, rapid path through the ball and an aggressive batter.  Swing produced a max exit velo of 87.4 and a max distance of 310 feet.  Good hands and footwork are displayed defensively, and the player can play anywhere in the infield.

Jake Downing, Wando, 2026, INF

5-10 150 pound lean athletic frame with room to grow.  Flat path through the zone with a line drive approach while staying in the big part of the field.  Had a max exit velo of 83.7 mph and a max distance of 288 feet.  Defensively showed good carry on throws across the diamond up to 79 mph.

Briggs Lee, Legion Collegiate, 2026, 3B/RHP

155-pound frame weighing 5-11 with potential to grow.  Fast-paced delivery that features a high leg lift and low 3/4 slot throwing for quickness.  With run and sink at speeds of up to 78.9 mph and a max spin of 2218 rpm, the fastball exhibits some life.  A huge, slower-breaking pitch with a top speed of 65 mph is a curveball.  Line drive approach with the bat while staying in the big part of the field with a max exit velo of 87.4 mph.

Anthony Marano, Clover, 2026, INF/RHP

A strong 6-1, 180-pound frame.  A stable base and a slightly open stance.  Has a moderate leg lift and strikes from a balanced posture.  A strong line drive approach with a maximum distance of 315 feet and an exit velocity of 88.1 mph.  On the mound mixed his FB and CB in the zone.  FB was up to 80.6 mph with a max spin of 1869 rpm.  CB was up 67.1 mph and a max spin of 1770 rpm.  

Logan McGarity, Byrnes, 2026, INF/RHP

5-9 160 pound frame.  Hits from a slightly open stance and uses a medium leg lift and stride to get to a balanced hitting position.  A gap to gap line drive approach with a short swing.  Had a max exit velo of 86.9 mph  Longer, more controlled, and smooth arm movement from a 3/4 slot.  FB was up 81 mph and a max spin up to 2108 rpm.  CB was up to 73.6 mph and a max spin at 1776 rpm.

Ethan Offing, Dutch Fork, 2026, INF

5-11 155 strong athletic frame with room to add on.  Big time speed through the zone with a short compact swing with flat path to and through the ball.  Made consistent hard contact with a line drive approach with a max exit velo of 94.8 mph and a max distance of 342 feet.  In the infield showed big time footwork and action while a clean arm acton and the ability to throw from multiple arm angles.

Aiden Smith, Clover, 2026, OF/RHP

5-9 160 pound wiry frame.  Quick paced delivery with medium arm swing while throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Good quick arm speed with intent.  Fastball up to 87.3 mph with a max spin at 2283 rpm.  Showed feel for his CB while uo to 73.2 mph and a max spin at 2000 rpm along with a changeup that showed good action down in the zone.  With the bat should a flat path through the zone with a max exit velo of 90 mph and a max distance of 312 feet.  

Alex Smith, Nation Ford, 2026, OF

6-0  and 170 pounds.  Balanced swing with a line drive approach, moving through the middle of the field. His hands showed good quickness, and the front of his barrel was extending out front.  Maximum exit velocity of 85.7 mph and max exit velocity of 256 feet.