Team Carolina Future Games - SC INF Analysis

Eddie Tisdae
Scouting Director - South Carolina

The PBR Future Games is the biggest underclass recruiting event in the country.  The 2019 version moved to LakePoint in Emerson, GA, and continued to grow in terms of the talent on the field and the coaches and schools in attendance.  Over 500 of the top uncommitted underclass players from across the country, and Canada, performed in front of over 320 college coaches and scouts.

For the second year, Team Carolina combined the top prospects from North Carolina and South Carolina.  Position players participated in a full pro-style workout on day 1, with most of the workouts coming on one field for the coaches and scouts.  The following three days saw Team Carolina take on Team Georgia, Team Florida, and Team Alabama. 

As we continue our coverage of the 2019 PBR Future Games, we begin to jump into the individual player evaluations.  Today we take a look at a four quality infielders that impressed for Team Carolina.



~ Team Carolinas Analysis - Infielders ~

Cooper George 1B / 3B / May River, SC / 2021

6-3, 200lbs with proportional build with moderate strength throughout and room to finish out his development. 7.51 sixty time. 95 mph exit velocity (tee). Balanced stance just outside the shoulders. Controlled short stride timing mechanism pushes the hands back slightly and coils the barrel. Quiet head through contact. Steep attack angle initially flattens out through the zone and finishes slightly uphill at contact. Developing power with gap to gap tendencies and enough juice to run balls out to the pullside.  Showed advanced awareness of the zone in game working multiple deep counts resulting in BB's and a HBP. Serviceable defender at 1B, with natural hands and consistent exchanges on double plays. Will need to clean up the footwork around the bag, but plays the position with good instincts and sneaky athleticism will allow him to continue to trend up. 




- Cooper George - 


Billy Amick 3B / C / P27 Academy, SC / 2021

Strong 6-0, 190lb frame with athletic build. Moderate projection remains with an athletic base to continue building on. Relaxed set up at the plate with slight pre pitch rhythm. Medium leg lift times a short hand load and coils the barrel at the top. The stride foot hits on the ball of foot and firms up the front side as the back side fires. Good hip rotation and torque present. Lofted path at contact with good extension. Above avg. raw power with pullside tendencies. Multiple HRs during BP rounds, HR and double in game, both to LCF. Athletic defender with good body control. Smooth with the transfers and maintains rhythm through the fielding process. Able to control the arm slot based on body position and get the ball out quickly. Plenty of arm strength is present when needed. 




- Billy Amick - 


Tucker Toman 3B / RHP / Hammond, SC / 2022

 Youthful prospect with projectable frame. Will continue to add strength and will fill out into a solid corner INF profile. 7.63 sixty time. 83 mph infield velo. 93 mph Exit Velo (tee). Switch hitter with feel for the barrel. Rhythm with the hands from both sides of the plate pre-pitch. Slightly open stance from the ride side with the feet further apart. Medium high leg kick lands back to parallel. Coils the barrel and attacks through the zone with a lofted path. Drives the ball gap to gap from the right side. More exaggerated open stance from the left side with the feet closer together. Longer stride, generates good separation. Attacks the ball with intent and whips the barrel through the zone with uphill path at contact and long one handed finish. Elite mixture of contact/power present. Skillful defender, plays himself into a good fielding position. Consistently worked around the ball to glove it just off the left hip and continue his rhythm through the play. Soft hands with good feel get the ball in and out quickly with clean exchanges. Enough arm strength to make any potential throws. 




- Tucker Toman - 


JP Cunningham 2B / OF / Lancaster, SC / 2022

Smaller profile with high level athletic ability. Good strength present will continue to develop with physical maturity. 6.56 sixty time. (6th best at the event, best 2022) 76 mph infield velocity. 88 mph exit velocity (tee). Balanced stance at the shoulders with the back foot slightly rotated in. Short stride lands softly to the ball of the foot with medium length. Back elbow is slightly elevated, in line with the back shoulder. Stride stacks the weight slightly to the back side and creates a small barrel turn behind the head. Flat path through the zone produced consistent hard line drive, ground ball contact through the middle of the field. Reached base safely in all 3 games with two hits and a walk. Had 3 stolen bases in 3 games. Above avg. first step quickness and range in the middle infield. Body can get out of control at times but the athletic ability can overcome for some mechanical flaws. Easily projects as an OF if he doesn't stick as a 2B/SS. 




- JP Cunningham -