2022 TN Juco Showcase Weekend: Quick Hits

Colton Provey
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The Juco Showcase took place this past weekend at Dugan Field with ten games featuring all ten Tennessee teams. There was a sea of college recruiters and pro scouts locked in to see the next group of Juco talent. There were 24 arms that topped 90+ on the mound, lead by Columbia's Ryan Degges who touched 94 on Saturday night. It was clear that the arm talent was ahead of the bats at this point in the fall, but there were several intriguing bats who will look to make some noise this season. Dive in below on quick hits and also Trackman data captured from gameplay. 


Quick Hits

Chattanooga State CC

R-Fr LHP Kaleb Meredith 


Soph RHP Even Venable


FB Velo

Soph RHP Even Venable (88-91)

Soph LHP Matthew Gist (84-86)

R-Soph RHP Luke Motter (82-85 T86)

R-Fr LHP Kaleb Meredith (82-85)

Ty Burchett (82-85)

Parker Swanson (80-82)

Garrett Borst (80-81)


Exit Velo

Soph 1B Aiden McAskie (99.2)

Soph INF Stoney Smith (94.8)

William Carroll (93.5)

Cole Brennan (91.6)

Roy Waterman (91.1)

Soph OF Adam Haber (89.8)

CJ Morro (89.4)

Parker Wyatt (89.0)


Cleveland State CC

Soph CINF AJ Swader


Soph LHP Riley King (West Georgia)


FB Velo

Soph LHP Riley King (86-89 T90)

Andrew Kribbs (85-88 T89)

Fr RHP Nick Correll (84-87)

Soph LHP Carson Mitchell (83-86, T87)

Carter Fink (83-87)

Drake Randolph (83-86 T87)

Hunter Davis (83-86)

Tate Daniels (83-85)

Ben Smith (81-85)

Soph RHP Ben Norton (81-84)

Exit Velo

Soph CINF AJ Swader (98.9)

Soph 3B Jacob Robinson (95.9)

Colby Taylor (95.6)

Avery Collins (93.1)

Soph 2B Jaylen Jones (92.5)

Soph SS Rhett Hammontree (92.2)

Fr OF Reggie Cooper (90.1)

Parker Hughes (88.9)

R-Fr OF Elijah Galyon (87.7)


Columbia State CC

Soph OF/RHP Ryan Degges


Soph. RHP Grant Burleson


Soph RHP Brock Puckett (Lipscomb Commit)


FB Velo

Soph OF/RHP Ryan Degges (91-93 T94)

Soph RHP Brock Puckett (90-93)

Soph. RHP Grant Burleson (88-90)

C-Soph RHP JP Kenyon (87-89)

Jackson Reed (85-88 T89)

Soph RHP Nicholas Neighbours (85-87)

Fr LHP Dylan Kazee (85-87)

Cole O'Brien (84-86 T87)

Soph LHP Patrick Green (84-86)

Fr RHP Grayson King (83-85)

Austin Schrengost (81-85)


Exit Velo

Soph OF/RHP Ryan Degges (94.7)

C-Soph INF Preston Shelton (92.9)

C-Soph UTL Carter Davis (92.7)

Fr Jaxon Diamon (91.0)

Wyatt Heidle (89.1)

Abner Rodriguez (90.1)

Riley Ward (88.9)

Gattis Henley (84.8)


Dyersburg State CC

Soph OF Pierre Seals


FB Velo

Soph RHP Kevin Matos (88-91)

Soph RHP Dylan King (87-91)

Soph LHP Anthony Figueroa (87-90 T91)

Soph RHP Chris Gory (87-90 T91)

Shawn Perez (87-89 T90)

Nate Crider (87-89)

Soph RHP Kaleb Baskin (85-88 T89)

Connor Burt (85-87)

Soph RHP Preston Martinez (84-86)

Jimmy Wilson (80-83)


Exit Velo

Mason Krznarich (98.7)

Soph OF Pierre Seals (98.0)

Soph INF Grant Davis (97.1)

Soph INF Gunnar Magrann (92.5)

Soph INF Case Pettis (89)

Parker Patterson (88.5)


Jackson State CC

R-Soph OF Garrett Byrd


Soph RHP/OF Josiah Binford


FB Velo

Soph RHP/OF Josiah Binford (86-89 T90)

RHP Nick Kemp (84-87)

Fr RHP Jason Hamm (83-85 T86)

Fr RHP Mason Little (83-85 T86)

Fr RHP Alec Whitlock (81-85)

Cameron Gordon (80-82)

Dawson Ellis (80-82)


Exit Velo

R-Soph OF Garrett Byrd (101.7)

Drake Blackwood (99.6)

Jacob Bryant (90.5)

R-Soph SS Jalen Fithian (86.1)

Dane Isable (86.1)

Motlow State CC

Motlow was one of two teams to only play on Sunday, we'll try to catch them later this fall, but here is the Trackman data from their games. 


FB Velo

Soph RHP Nicholas Holbrook (87-89 T90)

Soph RHP Aaron Osada (85-88 T89)

R-Fr RHP Jack Fortner (87-89)

Soph LHP Jake Gulley (85-88)

RHP Jonathan Webster (83-86 T87)

Caden Alvey (84-86)

RHP Preston Davis (83-86)

RHP William Zebick (81-84)

Soph RHP Griffin Meeker (77-80)


Exit Velo

Julius Scearce (97.8)

Kaleb Gupton (92.8)

Soph UTL Kaleb Valdez (90.4)

Ryder Morey (91.3)

Soph C Jackson Cauthron (89.6)

Alex Killian (89.6)

Soph INF Gabe Sibert (88.1)


Roane State CC

Roane was one of two teams to only play on Sunday, we'll try to catch them later this fall, but here is the Trackman data from their games. 

FB Velo

R-Soph LHP Joey Soporowski (83-86 T87)

R-Fr RHP Zach McWilliams (83-86)

Parker Henderson (83-86)

Evan Maddox (83-86)

R-Soph RHP Layne Dale (83-85)

Graham Parrish (80-83)

AJ Motte (80-83)


Exit Velo

Moises Soto (96.6)

Gabriel Monterrey (96.5)

Soph UTL Ty Nettles (91.1)

Colton Thompson (91.4)

Soph OF Ty Martin (90.1)

R-Fr SS Joshua Sanchez-Harris (89.8)


Southwest TN CC

Soph RHP Colton Brumley


R-Fr RHP Markell Dixon (Southern transfer)


FB Velo

Soph RHP Colton Brumley (87-90 T91)

R-Fr RHP Markell Dixon (87-91)

Fr RHP/INF Hayden Collins (86-90)

Soph RHP Dawson Hargrove (85-88 T89)

RHP Jake McCalla (82-85)

RHP Matt Riley (85-87)

RHP JT Wolaver (83-85)

Wes Butler (83-85)

Jacob Dodson (82-84)

Monte Meyers (78-80)


Exit Velo

Soph 3B Tyler Harrington (99.2)

Soph 1B Brady Holloway (95.5)

Soph OF Anthony Zarlingo (95.1)

Wesley Mann (93.2)

Tuane Cope (90.6)

RH Frankland (90.2)

Bryce Turner (90.1)


Vol State CC

Fr RHP Tanner Bumbalough


FB Velo

Fr RHP Tanner Bumbalough (89-91 T92)

Fr RHP Brett Dowling (88-91 T92)

Soph RHP Eli Clotfelter (87-89 T90)

Soph RHP Caid Sanders (84-87 T88)

RHP Chase Birdwell (86-87 T88)

LHP Devin Train (85-87)

LHP John Tomlinson (84-87)

LHP Parker White (80-83)

LHP Will Trapp (80-83)

Cade McKee (80-82)

Landon Tucker (80-81)


Exit Velo

Soph OF Jase Mizell (96.9)

Soph C Caleb Hawkins (94.7)

Soph OF Jake Burris (92.4)

Ethan Huddleston (91.0)

Landon Godsey (90.1)


Walters State CC

R-Fr SS Angus Pence (Tennessee transfer)


FB Velo

R-Soph RHP Ty Cobb (87-90 T91)

Soph RHP Xavier Fosbenner (88-90)

R-Soph RHP Brendan Pomerleau (88-90)

Jackson Hull (87-90)

Taz Butler (87-90)

R-Soph RHP/INF Landon Slemp (87-90)

Karson Bonaparte (86-88 T89)

R-Soph RHP Landon Crumbley (85-88)

Soph LHP Luke Ferguson (84-86)

Exit Velo

Soph INF Cooper Torres (97.9)

R-Fr SS Angus Pence (97.7)

R-Soph INF Cole McCallum (94.6)

R-Soph INF Corbin Shaw (94.2)

Jackson Bryan (93.3)


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