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2024 Midwest Premier Super 15: Preview

By Andy Sroka
Managing Editor, Scouting

We’re prepping for the latest Midwest Premier Super 15 event, which is already underway, but there’s a plethora of nationally ranked players to be made aware of ahead of time, and we’re going to break those prospects down within this piece. This is a tournament that is bringing together many of the top players in the region, namely from states like Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Missouri, among several others.

Check out some of the top prospects making their way to Kansas City this weekend.

National Rank: No. 16

+ Grant Westphal, OF/RHP (Blue Valley HS, KS, 2027):

Travel Club: Building Champions 2027 Navy

“Westphal recently starred at the KC Summer Championships and he'll be back in Kansas City again for the Midwest Premier Super 15. The left-handed slugger has an advanced approach inside the batter's box, listed at an athlete 6-foot-2, 175 pounds. Our VP of Scouting, Shooter Hunt, just ranked him inside the top-20 nationally as well, as part of this week's Class of 2027 National Rankings update. He's the top-ranked prospect headed to the event this weekend.”


National Rank: No. 70

+ Tyson Moore, C/OF (Acceleration Sports Academy HS, MN, 2027):

Travel Club: MN Icemen Gominsky

“Moore is Minnesota's top prospect within its 2027 class. He's a physical 6-foot, 195-pound right/right prospect with advanced bat strength from an easy swing that generated top-of-the-scale bat speed metrics at the winter's Preseason All-State event in the Twin Cities. Moore's strength and bat speed naturally created some high-end impact, per TrackMan, as he registered mid-90s exit speeds at that same event, and we're eager to see how he ignites his summer season this weekend.”


National Rank: No. 81

+ Kaden Wasniewski, 3B/RHP (McHenry HS, IL, 2027):

Travel Club: GRB lllinois Green

“From Illinois' Preseason All-State event in late February: Wasniewski keeps trending up after a highly productive winter. He ran a 7.05 60, jumped 30.6 inches in the vertical, and he tied for the hardest throw across the infield of the entire event at 92 mph. On the mound, Wasniewski ran his fastball up to 90, pitching at 87-89 mph, with ride (18.3” VB) and run (18.9” HM) at peak. He also threw a tight, firm slider at 78-80 mph while also showing natural run and fade (17.1” HM avg) on a changeup at 80-82 mph.”


National Rank: No. 145

+ Jack Spielmann, C/RHP (Milton HS, WI, 2027):

Travel Club: Hitters 2027 Navy

“At the plate, it’s a simple load and an efficient use of the lower half to hit line drives to all fields. His extension through the ball contributed to his strong 92.5 mph exit velocity. Behind the dish, Spielmann has a quick, clean transfer with good direction and balance to allow him to make accurate throws to second base. His 2.00 pop time and 7.21 60-yard dash were top-three numbers among catchers of all classes. On the pitching side, Spielmann reached 83 mph with the fastball, an offering that has some tilt through the zone. The curveball has depth at 67-70 mph, while his changeup showed run at 73-75. Spielmann was one of the top all-around 2027s at the South Milwaukee event, a big name to watch this year.”


National Rank: No. 150

+ Bubba Day, SS/RHP (Skutt Catholic HS, NE, 2027):

Travel Club: Nebraska Prospects Scout 2027

“Nebraska's top '27 prospect, Day, is a long-levered 6-foot-4, 170-pound righty whose quick arm produces easy mid-80s sinkers that pair nicely with a changeup that complements the heater's pitch action very well – he has a firm slider too, that projects.”


National Rank: No. 155

+ Cooper Schaefgen, 3B/RHP (Oconomowoc HS, WI, 2027):

Travel Club: Hitters 2027 Navy

“From the South Milwaukee Preseason ID in March: Listed at 6-foot, 189-pounds with some strength throughout, the right-hander displayed a simple and repeatable operation that works in-line down the mound, utilizing his lower-half well before transitioning into a high 3/4 release. His fastball played in the 81-84 mph range, topping out at 84.6 mph with some life and carry through the zone. He also went to a short 11/5 curveball at 67-71 mph, showing some feel around the zone. His final offering was a changeup at 72-74 mph, playing clean out of the hand with some run to his arm-side, kept mostly to that side of the plate as well. Schaefgen continues to impress us with his work as a third base prospect, too. He hits with a short and compact bat path that stays in the zone for a long time which allowed him to be all over the barrel during batting practice. His 95.3 mph max exit velocity was amongst the day’s best and second best for the 2027 class participants. His 91.7 mph average exit velocity was also up there, too. The freshman’s actions and his 81 mph velocity across the infield with accuracy are plenty good to stick at third, as well.”


National Rank: No. 157

+ Joey Shaw, LHP/OF (Muskego HS, WI, 2027):

Travel Club: Halos National 2027

“Our staff heard some rumblings of Shaw making some massive jumps on the mound of the offseason, and after his performance at the Milwaukee Preseason ID in March, it is safe to say that the rumors were true. Firstly, Shaw showed up a number of inches taller than when we last saw him over the summer and also boasted a stronger, more filled-out frame, now listed at 6-foot, 166 pounds. On the mound, Shaw is an athletic mover, creating some angle and deception in his intentful delivery. He also features an advanced arm for his age with both quickness and strength, which helped him produce fastball velocities upwards of 87.8 mph with over 18 inches of vertical break on average. Off of his lively fastball, Shaw spun in a slurvy-type curveball in the mid-70s that was thrown hard and with conviction. His changeup was also a quality offering in the mid-to-upper-70s, playing with 17 inches of horizontal break and was thrown with fastball intent. It was one of the more eye popping showings of the day, and Shaw is certainly a young prospect to know in the state, if he already wasn’t before.”


National Rank: No. 177

+ Carter Gordon, RHP/1B (Germantown HS, WI, 2027):

Travel Club: Prospect Training Academy 15U Cardinal

“From an April outing for his high school: Standing in at 6-foot-3, 250-pounds the imposing freshman took the mound for an inning in relief where he was efficient and struck out two batters. Despite his size, Gordon is an athlete on the mound with impressive movement skills. One of the top arms in his class and in the region, Gordon was able to run his fastball up to 90 mph sitting 87-89 in his inning. Gordon has advanced and still developing command of his fastball, showing some ability to spot up his fastball to both sides of the plate and keeping his misses away from the heart of the plate. While he didn’t need it in this outing Gordon showed a tight breaking slider in the low-80s during warmups. Gordon continues to impress in each outing in front of our staff as he has an advanced set of tools across the board for someone his age. Another underclassmen in the Badger State to monitor going forward.”


National Rank: No. 178

+ Andrew Maultsby, C/RHP (Staley HS, MO, 2027):

Travel Club: Building Champions 2027 Navy

“Maultsby is an easy-to-like right-handed-hitting backstop with tools. Simple swings with above-average bat speed and he's already making impactful contact, and that's before he's surely able to tack on more muscle to a presently lean 5-foot-11 build. Defensively, he moves well behind the dish, but it's his huge arm strength that's helped separate himself among his peers at the position, recording throws down to second base as high as 82 mph earlier this month at his travel club's Scout Day that we hosted.”


National Rank: No. 179

+ Kowen Rader, RHP/OF (Adams Central HS, NE, 2027):

Travel Club: Nebraska Prospects Scout 2027

“At May's Nebraska State Games, Rader stood out physically for his slender, high-waisted frame, listed at 6-foot-2, 147 pounds. He unleashed mid-80s from a higher slot that featured carry through the strike zone, underscored by above-average vertical break, reaching 21 induced inches at max. The combination of arm speed and size is particularly alluring for one of Nebraska's best prospects.”


National Rank: No. 200

+ Logan Hagman, C/OF (Hudson HS, WI, 2027):

Travel Club: MN Icemen Gominsky

“From February's Eau Claire Preseason ID: Hagman stands a sturdy and athletic 6-foot, 175 pounds. He showed off his strength during hitting by registering an event best 100.8 mph and drove a ball 373 feet. He generated an event best bat speed average of 77 mph, while also being towards the top in terms of hand speed at 22.4 mph. His flat bat path through the baseball allowed him to drive the ball to all fields. Behind the plate, he showed the ability to turn the ball around quickly and recorded the second quickest pop time of the day at 1.90 seconds. Additionally, he ran a 7.13 seconds 60-yard dash which is plenty of foot speed to play in the outfield to give him a more versatile defensive profile. Hagman further solidified himself as one of the top 2027s in the state after this performance.”


National Rank: No. 210

+ Brendan Freeman, RHP/OF (Emerson HS, TX, 2027):

Travel Club: Wow Factor Southwest 2027

“Freeman is an exciting right-handed pitching prospect with a fast arm who moves at an uptempo pace down the mound, from a high front side, unleashing premium velocity in the upper-80s with relative ease. The firm slider also has reportedly shown some late, sharp action that gives him an out-pitch offering to mix into his arsenal. Freeman's also an intriguing outfield prospect with right-handed bat strength; listed at 6-foot-3, 185 pounds.”

National Rank: No. 218

+ Matt Meeker, OF/1B (TPH Academy HS, IA, 2027):

Travel Club: MN Icemen Gominsky

“Meeker is one of the Midwest's top left-handed sluggers, and the No. 2-ranked player in Iowa. At 6-foot-4, he's an imposing opponent from the left side, and he can punish baseballs with impunity. He's able to move his long levers athletically throughout his swing, generating both prominent exit speeds and bat speeds, and not just for his age. He has a considerable ceiling offensively, and he's thrived on big stages already, like at last summer's Junior Future Games.”


National Rank: No. 240

+ Cameron Miller, 3B/RHP (Nixa HS, MO, 2027):

Travel Club: Building Champions 2027 Navy

“Miller is a pop-up who broke out this spring and summer, most notably just last weekend back in KC, at the Kansas City Summer Championships. There, he was on the barrel constantly with a loose, free right-handed swing. His size helps underscore the upside he's still got as a newcomer to the national rankings this week, debuting inside the top-250.”


National Rank: No. 247

+ Owen Hughes, OF/LHP (Rockhurst HS, KS, 2027):

Travel Club: Building Champions 2027 Gold

“Hughes is a need-to-know left/left from Kansas who is fresh off a 'wow' performance at the Building Champions Scout Day earlier this month, in which he ran a 6.88 and recorded throws as high as 88 mph from the outfield and it translated seamlessly to the mound. From the bump, he sat in the 84-87 mph range on an easy four-seamer that leaves a low release height (4.7 feet) yet still manages to produce high IVB marks for that kind of release, recorded as high as 19.4 inches (15.5 average). He has a curve, 67-70 mph, in his mix that spins at 2,200 rpm on average, showing quality vertical and horizontal movement.”


National Rank: No. 257

+ Kyle Rogosienski, SS/RHP (Muskego HS, WI, 2027):

Travel Club: Prospect Training Academy 15U Cardinal

“At March's Milwaukee Preseason ID, Rogosienski showed us exactly why he is a top-10 player in his state's 2027 class. The freshman measured at a lean and athletic 5-foot-11, 148 pounds with all kinds of upside and projection to his frame. He started off his day by running a sub 7.00 seconds 60-yard dash (6.97 seconds). He then proceeded to show off his athleticism further by recording one of the best vertical jumps of the event at 31.10 inches. During the hitting portion of the event, Rogosienski was hitting rockets to all fields and reached a max exit velocity of 90.6 mph and an average exit velocity of 86.8 mph, both of which are notable marks for a player his age. Next, the middle infielder showcased his acumen on defense with one of the best infield looks on the day. His smooth and twitchy actions on the infield indicate a very reliable shortstop who can also make the above average play to both sides with a quick first step. His 90 mph velocity on throws across was tied for the second best mark of the event, and was the best among all freshmen in attendance. Our staff was high on Rogosienski before the event but are even more excited about his potential after his impressive performance on Saturday.”


National Rank: No. 263

+ Grady Cheever, C/SS (Germantown HS, WI, 2027):

Travel Club: Prospect Training Academy 15U Cardinal

“From last summer's Junior Future Games: Starting offensively, the switch-hitting backstop took a clean round of BP, utilizing a loose swing to consistently drive the ball from gap-to-gap, and topped at 89.2 mph on his hardest hit ball of the day. Behind the plate he was equally as impressive, marking pop-time lows of 2.04 which was the lowest of the group. Cheever also offers some high upside on the bump as we have seen him run his fastball up into the high-70s, with feel for multiple offspeed pitches and will certainly see some time on the bump this week.”


National Rank: No. 299

+ Easton Elam, SS/RHP (Omaha Skutt Catholic HS, IA, 2027):

Travel Club: Nebraska Prospects Scout 2027

“Elam is a two-way follow from Omaha with a big arm. He's recorded velos as high as 90 mph across the infield, and it works well on the mound too. Elam separates himself as a pitcher, though, with the secondaries. He throws a very deceptive changeup that works off the fastball neatly, and he has an apitude for spin as well, showcasing the makings of a swing-and-miss breaking ball at Nebraska's Preseason All-State Event back in late February.”


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