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2024 Midwest Premier Super 16: Preview

By Andy Sroka
Managing Editor, Scouting

This weekend, we’re back in Kansas City to host the Midwest Premier Super 16 tournament, featuring some of the top talent in the region, primarily representing Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Minnesota, among others.

Today, we’re previewing the top committed and uncommitted talent headed to Creekside and Homefield complexes.


National Rank: No. 17

+ Beau Peterson, 3B/RHP (Mill Valley HS, KS, 2026); Nebraska commit:

Travel Club: Prime 27:17 National 2026

“From the Kansas City Preseason ID in February: Peterson continues to show loud tools in every aspect of his game. Peterson started off the day posting an event high 104.7 mph exit velo with a powerful stroke from the left side; averaging 92 mph on the day. His strength also showed off in the field with a 96 mph bullet across the diamond. Peterson then hopped on the mound and pitched at 89-92 mph with his fastball with an average spin of 2,444 rpm, paired with a slider at 79-81 mph (2,527) and a changeup at 84 mph. On top of all that, the 6-foot-3, 205-pound sophomore ran a 6.76 in the 60.

Later in the spring, we caught up with Peterson at a start of his for Mill Valley where he was pitching at 89-91 mph, competing with the fastball primarily as the slider wasn't at his sharpest on this day; all while he was anchored in the middle of the team's lineup swinging with elite bat speed.

Peterson is slated to represent the Class of 2026 at the second annual Prep Baseball All-American Game in Miami this September.”


National Rank: No. 97

+ Cooper Shrum, RHP/1B (Belton HS, MO, 2026); Tennessee commit:

Travel Club: Royals Scout Team 2026

“Shrum is a dynamite prospect on the mound who's actually been steadily increasing his two-way stock this year. At 6-foot-6, he swings a loose, quick left-handed bat with the levers that project for him to make some meaningul impact as he adds strength and weight. Still, the prowess on the mound is too enticing to look past. He has an effortless, clean arm stroke that's fast out front, producing easy velocity that looks capable of generating prominent, top-of-the-scale velo in the near future. Shrum also utilizes a two-plane breaking ball well, and he throws a true parachute changeup that could even become his go-to secondary. He is a sky-high prospect, though he won't be pitching this weekend.”

National Rank: No. 181

+ Brody Jindra, SS/RHP (Elkhorn South HS, NE, 2026); Nebraska commit:

Travel Club: Nebraska Prospects Scout 2026

“Jindra is yet another need-to-know two-way prospect headed to KC this weekend. As Nebraska's top-ranked incoming junior, Jindra is also committed to the Cornhuskers already. He can do a little bit of everything – it's a simple, compact right-handed swing with bat speed that produced EVs into the mid-90s at events this year like Nebraska Prospects Scout Day, as well as the Prep Baseball Nebraska Preseason ID in February. He pitched at Preseason All-State where he was 85-87 mph with a clean arm, and he featured a sharp-breaking slider, 73-76 (2,325 rpm), as well as a deceptive changeup, 79-80.”


National Rank: No. 189

+ Nolan Sissom, SS (Fort Zumwalt West HS, MO, 2026); Mizzou commit:

Travel Club: RBC National

“From a performance in April: A premier name in Missouri’s 2026 class, sits at No. 2 overall on our rankings; 5-foot-10, 165-pound frame that holds strength, particularly in the lower half. Started at shortstop and hit in the three-hole for the Jaguars in this look. Short compact left-handed swing with polish and barrel feel. Doesn’t expand the zone and is in control of the count at the plate. Slapped a two-strike single the other way, also drew a walk. Sound defender at the infield’s most important position. Does all the little things right and is the type of player that all successful teams have.”

National Rank: No. 195

+ Hunter Watson, C/RHP (Tuttle HS, OK, 2026); Oklahoma commit:

Travel Club: BOA Oklahoma 2026

“Watson is the No. 4-ranked player in Oklahoma, and he's been gaining momentum as a prospect for his work on the mound more recently. He moves athletically on the mound, and from a short draw, he unleashes upper-80s fastball that really carry through the zone, with above-average spin. The spin translates to a downer slider that he favors, and the changeup looks like a viable third offering as well. Positionally, he offers bat strength from a compact right-handed swing, and he's efficient on the catch-and-throw from behind the plate as well.”

National Rank: No. 221

+ Parker Clubb, C/RHP (Mulvane HS, KS, 2026); Louisville commit:

Travel Club: Prime 27:17 National 2026

“Clubb's a Louisville recruit with huge tools on both sides of the ball. At the Prime and Precision Scout Day in February (as well as the MOKAN Preseason ID), Clubb struck baseballs with upper-90s EVs, including a 102.4 mph max, aided by huge bat and hand speed metrics from the right side. On the mound at that Scout Day, Clubb sat 90-91 mph from a lower release height (4.9 feet) that produced over 19 inches of horizontal break at max, spinning at over 2,300 rpm. The slider's short and sharp, looking like a swing-and-miss pitch too.”

National Rank: No. 245

+ William Haas, LHP (Rockford HS, MN, 2025); Tennessee commit:

Travel Club: P2P Millers Kirkwold

“Haas was actually named our National Player of the Week in late April after he punched out 32 batters in 12.1 innings over the course of just two starts. That underscores just how good the incoming senior is. He was in attendance at the Prep Baseball Minnesota Preseason All-State event in February where he climbed his fastball all the way up to 94.0 mph – a heater that exhibits both rise and run traits. The knuckle-grip breaker has short, late action to it and he controls it well, and he can really turn over the changeup despite decelerating for the pitch somewhat, in the 73-75 mph range. He's currently Minnesota's No. 2-ranked player in its 2025 class.”

National Rank: No. 336

+ Josiah Kemp, OF (Westmoore HS, OK, 2026); Oklahoma commit:

Travel Club: BOA Oklahoma 2026

“Kemp is another Oklahoma prospect coming this weekend who's already committed to the Sooners. He's a strong, right/right athlete with a fast swing and arm strength (87 mph).”


National Rank: No. 130

+ Max Hamilton, RHP/3B (Olathe West HS, KS, 2026):

Travel Club: Building Champions 2026 National

“From the Building Champions Scout Day earlier this month: A premier arm in the Kansas '26 class, Hamilton had another impressive showing at this event. On the mound, Hamilton effortlessly ran his fastball up to 89 mph with a considerable amount of late life through the zone from a low ¾ arm slot. Paired with that was a slider at 73-74 mph and a tumbling changeup with depth at 75-77 mph. Although he is known more for his work on the mound, the junior also put together a strong round of batting practice, sending his best ball 88.1 mph off the bat while running a 6.97 60 for good measure as well.”


National Rank: No. 199

+ Tyler Putnam, RHP/SS (Battle HS, MO, 2026):

Travel Club: US Nationals Midland Scout 16U

“From June's Missouri State Games: Putnam continues to soar upwards from a prospect standpoint and is amongst the more talented 2026 grads in the entire Midwest. Plenty athletic and projectable at 6-foot-5, 185-pounds, Putnam worked out as a position player to kick off his day and produced one of the day’s firmest barrels (100.7 mph) with an average mark of 90.5 mph per batted ball. He ran a 7.16 60-yard dash at his size and moved comfortably around the infield, controlling his long, lanky levers well. After all of that, Putnam jumped on the mound and pumped his fastball at 88-90 mph, though he’d touch 92 mph a few days later at the National Program Invitational at LakePoint. Though he didn’t turn to it often, Putnam did spin a 72-76 mph breaking ball with some lateral tilt and depth to it. As he continues to grow into his frame, as well as gain more control over his levers, Putnam’s only going to keep improving in all areas of his game, and he holds one of the highest ceilings in the state.”


National Rank: No. 217

+ Carson May, C/1B (Olathe East HS, KS, 2026):

Travel Club: Prime 27:17 National 2026

“May is one of the top uncommitted position players coming to KC this weekend, as he's capable of flicking lofted, hard-hit contact to all fields from the right-handed batter's box. It's a simple swing with bat/hand speed. May brings arm strength to the catcher position as well where he currently fits defensively, though he may outgrow the position given his current 6-foot-3 stature.”


National Rank: No. 239

+ Milo Burton, RHP/3B (Olathe East HS, KS, 2026):

Travel Club: Building Champions 2026 National

“From June's Building Champions Scout Day: Burton is one of the top two-way prospects in the nation and a top-10 player in the Kansas class, and he looked the part on both sides of the ball at Monday’s event. The 6-foot-3, 189-pound junior started the day by putting together a loud round of BP, using his long levered, compact swing to reach exit velocities upwards of 98 mph with ease. Defensively, he showed clean, athletic actions on the infield to pair with a 83 mph infield velocity. Burton then wrapped up the day on the mound, throwing his fastball at 86-88 mph, topping out at 89 mph with a peak spin rate of 2,264 rpm. With that he paired a 2,300-plus rpm horizontal moving slider at 70-73 mph and a changeup at 77-79 mph with arm side fade.”


National Rank: No. 246

+ Brett Liezert, RHP/OF (Olathe East HS, KS, 2027):

Travel Club: Mac N Seitz 16U Black

“The No. 1-ranked Kansas 2027, Liezert, showcased himself in a tier of his own this past winter at the MOKAN Preseason All-State. There, the physical, 6-foot-1, 200-pound prospect showed smooth actions on the mound, producing effortless velocity with his fastball at 86-88 mph, peaking at 89. Additionally, Liezert also spun a slider at 76-78 mph at 2,400 rpm on average, and a changeup at 76-80 mph.”


National Rank: No. 258

+ Cole Dunlap, C/RHP (Edmond Memorial HS, OK, 2027):

Travel Club: BOA Oklahoma 2026

“Dunlap is one over several catcher/pitcher prospects headed to KC this weekend. He's one of Oklahoma's best incoming sophomores too. Built at a compact, strong 5-foot-9, 180 pounds, he wields an aggressive and heaby fastball that sat 88-91 mph (91.7 max) at the recent BOA Scout Day, spinning at 2,364 rpm on average. Dunlap's separator is a tightly spun breaking ball, 79-80 mph, that he spins over 2,800 rpm and efficiently, too. He moves down the mound athletically and repeats well enough that he projects to pump strikes at a stable rate, adding to his overall prospect stock. He's quick and athletic on his catch-and-throw from the crouch also, where the easy arm strength plays naturally.”


National Rank: No. 267

+ Cooper Kardokus, SS/RHP (Edmond Memorial HS, OK, 2026):

Travel Club: Oklahoma Fuel 2026

“Kardokus was a Future Gamer a year ahead of schedule, making Team Oklahoma last July. There, he showed as one of the top '26s in attendance and he remains uncommitted headed into an important summer for himself. It's a rhythmic left-handed swing geared for contact that he can spray around well.”


National Rank: No. 268

+ Cooper Vais, RHP/SS (Arvada West HS, CO, 2027):

Travel Club: Elite Baseball - Vais

“One of Colorado's top incoming sophomores is headed to the Super 16s. Vais broke out at February's Northern Colorado ID, where our staff had this to say: 'We can't say enough good things about Cooper Vais. The freshman led this event in numerous categories and is currently in the middle of his 5A varsity basketball season. Vais comes with a 94.4 mph top exit velocity, a 76.2 mph average bat speed, throws over 87 mph on the mound, spins his breaking balls each around 2,600 rpm, and can hit 88 mph from both the infield and outfield. The young athlete also flashed exceptional feel in the infield while being incredibly twitchy and electric across the board. If Vais continues to develop his game, he could have one of the highest ceilings as an underclassman in the state.'"


National Rank: No. 302

+ Charlie Ziola, OF/LHP (Creighton Prep HS, NE, 2026):

Travel Club: Nebraska Prospects Scout 2026

“Ziola is a must-see left-handed hitter for Nebraska Prospects Scout squad in KC this weekend. At 6-foot-1, 185 pounds, offers middle-of-the-order potential from a strong, lofted swing that naturally generates power potential with every batted ball. He recorded exit speeds as high as 97.1 mph at the Prep Baseball Nebraska Preseason All-State in February. Ziola's pretty athletic too, as a 6.99 runner with an efficient gait. His left-handed throws were measured at a high of 88 mph to home at that same preseason event as well.”


National Rank: No. 338

+ Brody Landgraf, 1B (Columbia HS, IL, 2026):

Travel Club: US Nationals Scout

“Landgraf is probably the top prospect from Illinois headed to the Super 16s. He stands at an impressive 6-foot-5, 200 pounds, and there's still more strength coming. At a look this past spring season, he was the DH and batted fourth. A left-handed hitter, Landgraf has above-average bat speed and power for his age, quick and direct with an uphill path, drives the ball to all fields, tough out. He put Columbia on the board in the first inning of the semifinal game against DePaul College Prep with an RBI triple to the right-center gap. In the fifth inning, he blasted an RBI double to center field for another RBI. He finished the game 2-for-2 with a triple, double, two RBIs, one run scored and a walk. Landgraf is one of the top bats in the state’s class of 2026.”


National Rank: No. 340

+ Andrew Gette, RHP (Mounds View HS, MN, 2026):

Travel Club: Selects Baseball 2026s Americans

“Shooter Hunt had this to say in a January story regarding some breakout '26s: "Already possessing a Paul Bunyan-esque frame at 6-foot-4, 195 pounds, Gette fits the mold with regards to talented prospects coming out of the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Equipped with a loose arm that is sure to see steady velocity increases in coming years, the deceptive cross-body step and lower release height only help amplify his potential as a future prospect. An impressive athlete for his size, Gette also showcases a promising slider with sweeping action that presents wipeout upside."

At Minnesota's Preseason All-State, which Shooter was referring to, Gette was 87-88 mph and the curveball projects as a real out-pitch. He has some of the best upside among right-handers on this list.”


National Rank: No. 342

+ Easton Roby, SS (Okarche HS, OK, 2026):

Travel Club: BOA Oklahoma 2026

“Roby is worthy of a close watch this weekend as a left-handed-hitting shortstop inside a 6-foot-2 build, equipped with bat strength. He carries some serious physicality from the left side. At May's BOA Scout Day, Roby recorded EVs in the upper-90s, marked by a a 99.0 mph max. He's a sound defender too who moves his lower half well, and he's got above-average arm strength (86 mph), though it feels like his best tool(s) belong to the bat. He's one of the most intriguing uncommitted '26s headed our way though.”


National Rank: No. 386

+ Tucker Thompson, LHP (Gardner Edgerton HS, KS, 2026):

Travel Club: Building Champions 2026 National

“From the recent Building Champions Scout Day: After a breakout spring season, Thompson continues to prove that he is one of the top left-handers in Kansas. Featuring a fastball that he ran up to 87.9 mph from a near side-arm slot, Thompson makes it tough on hitters with a unique arm angle and plenty of arm side run. With that fastball, the lefty pairs a changeup at 76-78 mph with depth and fade as well as a slider at 74-76 mph that moves horizontally across the zone. At 5-foot-11, 160-pounds, with plenty of room to add on, Thompson looks poised to breakout on the national level this summer.”


National Rank: No. 394

+ Grey Sanders, RHP (Mulvane HS, KS, 2026):

Travel Club: 316 Diamond Kings Select 2026

“Sanders climbed 22 spots to enter the top-10 after tossing one of the most impressive 'pens of the preseason. The right-hander made a velo jump into the low-90s, topping at 92 mph, spinning a high-end breaking ball in the mid-70s. Sanders has also had a strong start to the spring.”


Missouri State Rank: No. 11

+ Brody Crane, RHP (Neosho HS, MO, 2026):

Travel Club: Royals Scout Team 2026

“From the MOKAN Preseason All-State: Crane was a winner on both sides of the ball. Built with plenty of strength at 6-foot, 205-pounds, Crane found the barrel to consistantly produce loud contact throughout his BP round. He squared his firmest ball up at 98 mph. Crane's strength carried over to the oufield where his peak velocity was 86 mph. Afterwards, Crane hopped on the mound where he was up to 91 mph with his fastball with the aptitude to spin a 76-78 mph slider and 81 mph changeup for strikes.”


Missouri State Rank: No. 12

+ Rocco Marriott, OF/RHP (Platte County HS, MO, 2026):

Travel Club: Competitive Edge Black 2026

“Marriott is a physical 6-foot-4, 206-pound frame with strength throughout. He's one of the top sophomores in the state, also excels on the gridiron for the Pirates’ football team. Started on the mound for Platte County against Lee’s Summit North early this spring where he hurled four strong innings of work, giving up only two hits while striking out six. His fastball played at 85-87 mph with some ride up in the zone, and he spun a low-70s curveball with some tunnel feel off his heater.”


Kansas State Rank: No. 12

+ James Hunt, RHP (Blue Valley West HS, KS, 2026):

Travel Club: Building Champions 2026 National

“At the MOKAN Preseason All-State, Hunt showed considerable upside on the mound from a 6-foot-2, 190-pound frame. Hunt, now ranked No. 12 overall in Kansas’ 2026 class, showcased a fastball at 87-88 mph with natural run. The sophomore also flashed feel for the zone with a horizontal moving slider at 78 mph, and a changeup at 79-80.”


Minnesota State Rank: No. 5

+ Hudson Ohm, RHP (Zumbrota-Mazeppa HS, MN, 2026):

Travel Club: Selects Baseball 2026s Americans

“The high-waisted, 6-foot-2 righty works at an uptempo pace and really gets down the mound. At the recent Minnesota State Games, he sat 86-88 mph (88.9 max) on a rise/run fastball that leaves a 5.6-feet release height. The secondaries are very aggressive – a hard, downer breaking ball with 2,500 rpm spin and a firm, deceptive changeup with late arm-side action.”


Wisconsin State Rank: No. 14

+ Matthew Hietpas, RHP/OF (Appleton North HS, WI, 2026):

Travel Club: ISA Royal 2026

“From the Green Bay Preseason ID in February: Hietpas is an athletically built 5-foot-10, 173 pounded two-way prospect who continued to impress our staff during Saturday’s event. Starting on the mound, Hietpas utilized a clean and simple delivery, paired with a loose arm to deliver fastballs upwards of 90.4 mph that played with over 16” of carry through the zone, too. Hietpas also showed impressive feel for a curveball with sharp 10/4 tilt that already has the makings of a quality out-pitch. His changeup was delivered out of the same window as his fastball and played with fade/depth to his arm side while sitting in the low-80s. Offensively, Hietpas took a clean and impressive round of BP. From a well sequenced and compact swing, Hietpas consistently hit line drives to all parts of the field, with his hardest one registering in at 92.5 mph and he averaged 85 mph, too. Defensively, his athleticism is really one display, as he is a quick lateral mover on both the infield and outfield, pairing it with plenty of arm strength for both. Hietpas has continued to make big strides to his game over the past couple of years and is certainly a highly talented name-to-know inside of the state’s sophomore class.”


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