DFW Rising Stars ID - Quick Hits

Brandon Gowins
Assistant Scouting Director

DALLAS, TX - This past weekend PBR Texas had their inaugural Rising Stars Showcase in Dallas.  The Rising Stars is intended for 7th and 8th graders, and a way for us to get a head start on the next two High School Classes.  Some of these kids will also be selected for the PBR Junior Future Games at Lake Point later this summer.  The staff couldn't be more happy with the talent at our 1st event, with multiple guys that will be receiving JFG invites from this event.  Today, we take a brief look at some of the talent that stood out this past weekend.  Be on the lookout for more post event coverage in the coming days. 


Joshua Viars SS / C / Reedy, TX / 2026

Viars is just a baseball player.  He did everything in this showing, and did it well. He looks the part of a high end catcher behind the plate, but also has the hands and arm strength to lock down a spot on the left side of the infield.  On the mound he featured a low 80’s fastball that peaked at 83. Viars is a 2021 JFG participant and he keeps raising the bar for himself.

Trent Vilade RHP / 1B / Prestonwood Christian, TX / 2026

Vilade had a well rounded day as well on Saturday.  You can tell he has been well coached with his footwork and glove work at 1st during the INF portion.  At the plate, the LHH had a solid round of BP, showing that smooth swing from the left side. He stayed in the big part of the field for most of his round, but there is some serious power projection down the road.  He is a big kid, with a high waist, and once he grows into that body the power will come.  On the mound he was 78-79 with minimal effort. He filled up the strike zone and showed a quality over the top breaking ball. Vilade has a good feel for the game and as the strength catches up to the size, he will be a force to reckon with. 

Brayden Lara SS / 2B / Weatherford, TX / 2026

One of the better athletes at the event was Lara.  He ran the 2nd best 60 at the event at 6.98.  He had clean actions in the infield, especially to the glove side and moving forward. At the plate, he worked up the middle mostly with a slight uphill path.  As he gets more physical, he should develop some gap power. 

Logan Shields 2B / RHP / Ridge Point, TX / 2026

2600!!!  You don’t see many 8th graders that can generate that type of spin on  a breaking ball. Shields throw from a low ¾ slot.  He topped out at 80 mph with the fastball, and the pitch had some serious arm side run. But the show stopper was the breaker.  He threw in the 68-70 mph range and was consistently above 2500 rpms on the spin.  What makes this even better is that he was a strike thrower as well.  Shields will be fun to monitor during his HS career. 

James Jorgensen SS / RHP / Jesuit College Prep, TX / 2026

One of the more complete days came from Jorgensen. He started it off with a 7.16 60 and then followed it up with 86 mph across the infield. He showed good actions in the infield with plenty of arm strength to play on the left side of the infield.  He was one of the standouts on the mound as well. He sat 80-83 with the fastball and paired it with a curveball and change up. At the plate he lived mostly on the pull side and was looking to elevate the ball.  As the strength comes, he should have decent power. Jorgensen has a chance to be a factor on both sides of the ball.

Carson Allen SS / RHP / Canyon, TX / 2026

We don’t get tons of kids from the panhandle at our events, but we were lucky Allen showed up on Saturday.  The LHH shortstop had a solid day in the field and at the plate.  His arm strength is the 1st thing that sticks out, as he was 83 from the OF and from SS.  He had good actions in the infield and looked like he has a future on the left side.  At the plate, he showed good bat speed and was really looking to get the barrel out. He holds the bat a little unconventional, but it doesn’t prevent him from getting the barrell going. Allen definitely impressed in his first event with PBR.

Hayden O RHP / C / Centennial, TX / 2026

O had a great day, both defensively and at the plate.  He was a standout behind the plate, with a 2.1 pop time and a showcase best 78 mph from the catcher position. He also had one of the best releases on his throw downs to 2nd. At the plate, he had some of the highest exit velocity readings and drove the ball deep into the gaps.  O looks like a future standout behind the plate that will contribute in a big way offensively

Jackson Voris OF / RHP / Van Alstyne, TX / 2026

The fastest 60 time of the day belonged to Voris. He ran a 6.93 laser time, which is flying at this age. The athleticism stood out all day in everything he did. He had a solid day during BP as well. The swing is more geared for line drives right now, but as he gets stronger and changes the approach a little, the athleticism and bat speed should grow into some power.

Taylor Haddock SS / 2B / Jesuit College Preparatory , TX / 2026

Haddock had one of the most well rounded days at the event. He ran a 7.28 60 to start the day, and followed that up with a clean infield session. He showed good hands and had a positional velocity of 81.  At the plate he topped out at 90 mph for his exit velocity.  Haddock has a high waist and plenty of room to grow. It will be fun to see where he is at in the next 12 months.

Braxton Barber OF / 2B / Jesuit Dallas, TX / 2026

One of the better swings on the day belonged to Barber. He just looked “hitterish” from the left side when he got in the box.  He has a frame that should allow him to continue to put on strength as he gets older.  He produced some 90 mph exit velos and used the whole field. He also ran a 7.19 60 which is great for this age and will continue to improve.  Barber has a chance to hit at a high level for a long time.

Dylan Cheek SS / OF / Rockwall, TX / 2026

The arm talent from Cheek stood out on Saturday as he had a showcase best 88 mph from the OF.  He followed that up with 86 mph across the infield, which tied for the best at the event. At the plate, Cheek got up to 91 mph with his exit velocity and worked the big part of the field for most of his round.  Cheek has some of the highest upside from this showcase, and will be fun to watch his progression.

Logan Corley 1B / LHP / Lovejoy, TX / 2026

1B/LHP The Lefty is another one that has intriguing tools on both sides of the ball. The 1B looked very comfortable around the bag, and picked multiple balls during the infield session. At the plate, he has a simple swing that he repeats well.  He stayed up the middle most of his round with a line drive approach. On the mound, there is a lot of upside as well. He topped out at 80 from the left side and he is going to throw a lot harder as he matures.  He threw a CB and CH as well.

Jeffrey Claycomb C / RHP / Liberty , TX / 2026

Claycomb was one of the stars on Saturday.  He had a presence and maturity about him you don’t often see at this age. At the plate, he showed some real power potential hitting multiple balls of the wall.  On the mound, he was 80-81 with the fastball and 73-75 with the breaking ball. He spun the breaking ball into the 2300’s.  Where I was most impressed with Claycomb is behind the plate.  You don’t see many kids his age with the IQ and confidence to speak up and help his pitchers out. Even in a showcase setting he was a leader behind the plate.  And to top it off, he threw an event best 2.0 pop time. 

Cooper Webb RHP / OF / Lake Travis, TX / 2026

Webb looks to be the next high end arm to come through the Lake Travis area. He has a pitcher's frame and the arm really works.  He sat 78-79 easily with minimal effort.  He  threw a CB and CH as well.  At the plate, had a simple swing that he repeated well. As Webb continues to fill out, his stock will continue to rise.

River Kirkhuff OF / RHP / Rowlett, TX / 2026

The OF had a solid showing on the day.  He was 81 from the OF and looked really smooth and comfortable out there.  At the plate the RHH had a very solid swing, showing the ability to drive the ball with authority.  There is some loft to the swing and as he gets stronger, he has a chance for some power.  Going to be a must watch down the road.

Cash Meade OF / 1B / Rockwall Heath, TX / 2026

Meade is another one who I think really has a chance to hit in High School. He registered upper 80’s exit velos while staying up the middle to RC for most of his round.  There is going to be some power from the pull side to RC.  He has good rhythm in the batter’s box, with a slight leg kick.  As the strength comes, watch out.

Jax Robinson C / SS / Waxahachie, TX / 2026

There were some loud tools from Robinson on both sides of the ball.  He maxed out with 91 mph exit velo and showed the ability to drive the ball from foul pole to foul pole with authority.  He also showed some soft hands behind the plate while receiving. He had a positional velocity of 75 mph and a pop time of 2.28. There is a lot to like about Robinson and will be fun to follow down the road.  



William McIntire C / RHP / Boyd, TX / 2027

For a 2027 grad, McIntire handled himself like someone who is already in HS. Everything he did, he did with a plan and purpose.  He had a solid day behind the plate with pop times consistently in the 2.2’s.  He also showed off a good arm back there topping out at 75 mph. His receiving for his age stood out as well.  At the plate, he has a short compact swing that allows him to repeat it well.  On the mound, he sat 78-79 and is going to continue to see that velo rise as he matures.  He showed good feel for his age of the secondary pitches.  He spun the breaking ball well and showed a usable CH

Drew Cross 3B / C / Mt. Pleasant, TX / 2027

Cross really stood out defensively behind the plate. He got his pop times as low as 2.18 and was up to 72 from back there. He showed a natural feel for receiving as well. He was also 78 across the diamond on his infield velo.  At the plate, he was very consistent in his approach.  Short, line drive stroke that he used to drive balls back up the middle.

Jaxon Dickey OF / RHP / Sabine , TX / 2027

Dickey had himself a good day on Saturday.  He was 77 from the OF and looked smooth going through the drills. At the plate, he showed good bat speed and stayed up the middle most of the time.  There is some rawness to the swing, and as that gets ironed out the hit tool will take another jump.  Really liked the arm on the mound.  The path was clean, short and he repeated it well. He threw his secondary pitches with great conviction and has the makings of a true curveball with spin already around 2300. Very excited to see where Dickey is this time next year.




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