Prep Baseball Report

Dallas Preseason ID Quick Hits: Underclass

Brandon Gowins
Texas Scouting Director

DALLAS, TX -  On Sunday January 15th, the PBR TX staff traveled to Lake Dallas High school to host the Dallas Preseason ID. The event consisted of players from all high school classes participating in a pro style workout. They started by running a 60, using swift performance timing gates, then moved into the defensive workout. The day was capped off with a round of batting practice followed by pitchers throwing bullpens. Today, we take a look at some of the uderclass standouts on the day.






J.J. Idrogo OF / RHP / Whitehouse, TX / 2025

The Twitchy Jr. from east Texas got things started with a bang as he posted a 6.33 60. It was less than ideal conditions to run in, but it didn’t matter.  Idrogo has always been a good athlete, and it keeps getting better every time we see him. He also improved all of his other numbers on the day, throwing 84 from the OF and posting a max exit velo of 92.1. There are more  jumps coming at the plate as he continues to use his twitch and athleticism in the batters box. 

Gabriel Winans RHP / SS / Birdville, TX / 2025

An arm that has made a jump is Winans, the 6’2 RHP from Birdville.  He has the frame to dream on, with broad shoulders and plenty of room for good weight.  He moves down the mound well and is consistently on time with his arm, allowing him to fill up the bottom of the zone.  His fastball topped out at 86.5 and sat in the 85-86 range.  I was impressed with his secondary offerings, as Winans showed command of his breaking ball and change up.  The changeup was 75-76 and showed ASR and the breaking ball was in the 70-72 range with good depth to the pitch that should continue to take steps as he throws it with more power.  Winans will be one to watch this year.

Garrett Hutchins 1B / LHP / Lovejoy, TX / 2025

Hutchins had a good off season, as he showed up looking leaner, stronger and faster.  And it carried over to the workout as he improved his numbers across the board.  Standing 6’5 225, Hutchins showed good speed running a 7.19 in less than ideal conditions.  He handled both the outfield and 1st base with confidence and could play either outfield corner. At the plate, Hutchins has a short swing for his size.  He is direct to the ball and is more line drive oriented.  As he keeps learning to use his size and levers, Hutchins has a chance to grow into some big power.  Hutchins was also low 80’s on the mound with simple mechanics he repeated well.  He stayed on the Arm side with the fastball and change, and flashed a breaking ball.  Hutchins has put the work in, and as he keeps learning how to use his size, he will continue to gain some helium. 

Reese Ogden C / 1B / Lovejoy , TX / 2025

Another one that looked good physically was Ogden. He has gotten stronger and in better shape. The LHH only hit on this day, as he is still working his way back into catching.  He has a very compact swing for his size and he excels at driving the ball to the LC gap.  He maxed out at 94.5 on his exit velo and showed above avg. bat speed.  Ogden has another gear to tap into when it comes to his power.  As he learns to get more aggressive in positive counts and looks to pull the ball with authority, I think Ogden could have above average. power.  He will definitely be one to follow at Lovejoy this spring.

Nicolas Cardenas C / 1B / Mansfield, TX / 2025

Another player that took a big jump in the right direction was Cardenas.  He looked quicker behind the plate, and it really showed up during the defensive workout.  His arm looked good, registering an 80 mph velo from behind the plate and consistent pop times between 2.0-2.02.  At the plate, Cardenas continues to improve.  He showed good bat speed and some gap power.  As he continues to use his strength at the plate, Cardenas could be a good catch and throw guy that offers some power from the catcher position. 

Evan Robson 3B / OF / Southlake Carroll, TX / 2025

Robson looked more physical at Lake Dallas and also made some small tweaks to his swing.  The LHH from Southlake Carroll has spread out and got into his legs more which helped him generate more consistent, hard contact. He improved his #’s across the board, running a 7.08 60 and was 85 from the OF.  He could play all 3 positions in the OF but profiles best at one of the corners.  He had a max exit velo of 91.2 and consistently found the barrel. Robson has put in the work and will be fun to follow him this spring.   

Brock Boddie SS / OF / Gunter, TX / 2025

Boddie had a good day overall while still in basketball season.  He improved every number across the board, and looks more physical.  He has good actions in the infield, and could play all over. He profiles best as a 2nd baseman right now, but with some strength could play short.  He has a fluid swing in the box, with good rhythm and uses the whole field.  Boddie is a high IQ player that does all the little things needed to win, and as he continues to mature physically, Boddie is going to start turning some heads. 




Grady Emerson SS / 2B / Argyle , TX / 2026

The #1 player in the state for the ‘26 class looked the part on Sunday at Lake Dallas.  Emerson is up to almost 6’2 now, but still looks smooth with the glove and in the batter’s box.  The LHH has great rhythm in the box, and is always under control.  His swing and timing looks the same if he is hitting bp or facing a guy that is 90+.  He produced mid 90’s exit velocities while never being out of control.  He made every ground ball during the defensive portion look easy, and fundamentally he keeps getting better. The arm can make all the throws on the left side.  Emerson continues to show well and keeps working hard to  improve his craft. 

Cole Koeninger SS / RHP / Keller, TX / 2026

Koeninger had a great day in all aspects on Sunday. The freshman from Keller has a projectable 6’2 170 frame, and ran a 6.9 60 showing current athleticism.  At the plate, Cole swings uphill some and is still learning to use his lower half but there are a lot of tools to like in the box.  He shows a good glove on the infield and good footwork.  He profiles best at 3rd right now, as the body is going to continue to fill out.  He was really impressive on the mound as well, with a fastball that sat 83-84 from a low effort, repeatable delivery.  He is still learning to throw his breaking ball with some power, but it showed depth and quality shape.  Koeninger has a lot of present tools and a great body.  He will be one to follow this summer.

Hunter Bulin 3B / RHP / Rockwall-Heath, TX / 2026

Another 2 way 2026 grad that stood out was Bulin.  The LHH/RHP had a good day on both sides.  He has a good arm across the infield, as he registered 87 mph across.  He profiles best at 3rd right now.  In the batters box, Bulin had a repeatable swing from the left side with no wasted movement.  He has a subtle leg kick as he starts the swing and does a good job of staying balanced throughout.  On the mound, Bulin maxed out at 84.2 while sitting in the 83-84 range. He is long out of the glove but shortens the arm as he gets closer to foot strike, allowing him to have a consistent release point. He throws his secondary offerings from the same slot and as he throws the breaker with more conviction, it has a chance to be a swing and miss pitch.

Logan Brown 3B / RHP / Keller, TX / 2026

Another player that had a good day on both sides was Brown.  The RHP/3B from Keller High has a very projectable frame to go with some current tools.  On the mound, his fastball peaked at 81.5, but there is plenty more in there.  Brown is still growing into his body, and doesn’t use his lower half much. As he gets stronger and more into his legs, there will be some velo jumps.  At the plate, Brown had a max exit velo of 94.2 and repeated his swing well. He uses his lower half more effectively in the box right now and it allows him to consistently barrel up the baseball. Brown is another physical freshman with a lot of projection on both sides of the ball. 

Elijah Newton SS / RHP / Bells, TX / 2026

Newton was a high energy player that was a lot of fun to watch and evaluate. The freshman from Bells started his day by running a 6.9. He looked comfortable in the infield and outfield with the infield looking more natural.  He has the bounce and twitch to stay in the middle of the field long term.  At the plate, Newton is a LHH and has a compact swing that is geared to line drives. He stays on top of the ball and is looking to use the whole field.  Newton plays the game with some bounce and a lot of energy, and it was noticeable throughout the day.

Vince Long SS / 3B / Denton Guyer, TX / 2026

One of the swings I liked best on the day belonged to Long.  The RHH from Denton Guyer has good bat speed and a swing that he repeats well.  He creates good separation and finds the barrel often. There is some pull side power there presently, but as he gets stronger he will be able to hit with authority to all parts of the field.  Long needs to continue to get stronger and faster, but the hit tool is there. 

Josiah Rojas OF / LHP / Colony, TX / 2026

The 6’1 180 lb. freshman from The Colony was impressive in the box and on the mound. He showed good bat speed and some power potential from the left side. He creates good separation and keeps the barrel in the zone for a long time allowing him to drive the ball to left center with authority.  There is some length in his swing, but as he gets stronger that should take care of itself. On the mound, Rojas has some rawness to his mechanics, but showed some arm speed and the athleticism to fill up the strike zone. He sat in the upper 70’s and I expect him to be in the low 80’s by the middle of spring.  He threw a mid 60’s curve ball with decent shape, he just needs to get stronger and throw it with more power.  Rojas has an intriguing tool set I am excited to follow. 

Chase Pearrow SS / 3B / Waxahachie, TX / 2026

Pearrow continues to improve his game and is a fun player to watch. The freshman from Waxahachie plays with confidence and has good awareness on the field. He is still growing into his body and getting stronger, and as that happens the athleticism will pick up. At the plate, Pearrow has a good swing with an approach that sees him staying inside the ball as long as possible.  He has the bat speed, and once he gets stronger, Pearrow will develop quality gap power. In the field, Pearrow has good actions and will be able to stick up the middle.  Pearrow plays the game at a high level and is a really smart player, as the physical tools continue to show up, he will be one to watch

Cash Meade OF / 1B / Rockwall Heath, TX / 2026

The ‘22 JFG member continues to get bigger and stronger, and is an exciting follow. The 6’ freshman showed off a much stronger arm than I remember during the OF portion registering 85 mph with good carry and accuracy.  At the plate, Meade shows the ability to drive the ball with authority to the RC gap.  As he gets stronger and more body control, Meade will learn to stay behind the ball and let the barrel get out front which will allow him to really tap into his pull side power.  Meade goes to powerhouse Rockwall Heath, and the PBR Texas staff will see him often. 


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