Preseason ID Leaderboard: Fastball Spin Rate

PBR Texas Staff

TEXAS - The PBR TX Staff hosted four preseason ID events this January. Starting in Austin, then to San Antonio, up to Fort Worth, then finishing in Dallas. There was a great turnout of prospects from all classes and all around the state. We are going to begin looking at the TX leaderboards for different metrics, broken down by class. Today, we take a look at Max Fastball Spin Rate for the 2023-2025 classes


max fb spin rate

Spin Rate: This metric calculates the rate of spin on the baseball as it leaves the pitcher’s hand, measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). Historical data shows that high-spin fastballs lessen the impact of gravity, allowing for more ‘rise’ (or less fall, in other words) as it carries through the zone. Low-spin fastballs typically indicate the pitch has greater horizontal action, often making it tougher to square up, but generally easier to make contact with, leading to more ground balls, while high-spin fastballs show a correlation with swings and misses.


Rank Name State School Class Pos Spin Rate (max)
1 Cole Loser TX Denton Guyer 2023 RHP 2487 rpm
2 Jaden Bahl TX Hendrickson 2023 OF 2458 rpm
3 Cameron Anderson TX Cornerstone Christian 2023 MIF 2341 rpm
4 Jeremiah Arnett TX Waco Midway 2023 RHP 2335 rpm
5 BARRETT JOHNSON TX Johnson 2023 3B 2293 rpm
6 Chase Weaver TX Hamilton 2023 LHP 2252 rpm
7 Quint Mullen TX Cedar Park 2023 SS 2241 rpm
8 Loch Taylor TX Davenport 2023 1B 2236 rpm
9 Zach Kirkpatrick TX Marcus 2023 RHP 2234 rpm
10 Peyton Browning TX Lamar 2023 LHP 2220 rpm



Rank Name State School Class Pos Spin Rate (max)
1 Grant Origer TX Plano East 2024 RHP 2363 rpm
2 Brady Coe TX Allen 2024 SS 2343 rpm
3 Aiden White TX Prosper 2024 LHP 2334 rpm
4 Todd Rochelle TX Mansfield Legacy 2024 RHP 2184 rpm
5 Jared Burdette TX Foster 2024 RHP 2147 rpm
6 Bailey Blaker TX Tivy 2024 RHP 2096 rpm
7 Jack Hickerson TX Denton Guyer 2024 RHP 2065 rpm
8 Stockton Taylor TX Del Rio 2024 OF 2062 rpm
9 Morgan Chase Hallmark TX Marion 2024 CF 2055 rpm
10 T.J. McCraw TX Wichita Falls 2024 RHP 2038 rpm



Rank Name State School Class Pos Spin Rate (max)
1 Luke Billings TX Prosper 2025 OF 2364 rpm
2 Brody Walls TX Mckinney Boyd 2025 RHP 2290 rpm
3 Carter Rutenbar TX Midlothian Heritage 2025 C 2278 rpm
4 Cody Palacios TX Magnolia West 2025 OF 2268 rpm
5 Garrett Hutchins TX Lovejoy 2025 1B 2264 rpm
6 Collin Pence TX Canyon 2025 RHP 2248 rpm
7 Reese Ogden TX Lovejoy 2025 C 2216 rpm
8 Cooper Rummel TX Dripping Springs 2025 RHP 2178 rpm
9 Hudson McNew TX Geneva School of Boerne 2025 1B 2152 rpm
10 Parker McDaniel TX Memorial 2025 RHP 2050 rpm


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