TX Summer Championships Top Prospects - Part 3

Phil Haig | Brandon Gowins
PBR TX Scouting Directors

TEXAS - We kicked off our summer tournament schedule down in Houston for the Texas Summer Championships this past weekend and the competition and talent was even better than expected. With many of the top teams from across the state in the 2024 and 2025 classes, our staff was able to see some familiar faces as well as some players that we hadn't seen before. 36 teams went at it over 4 days, with the NTX Longhorns winning each age group. As we go through each team, we will highlight players that stood out over the weekend and caught our scouts eyes. Lets take a look at part 3 of 4 as we break down the Texas Summer Championships.


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Scorpions 15u & 16u Black

+ Dylan Rostron - OF/1B - 2024 - Cy Fair - Uncommitted

Standing 6-foot-1, 165-pounds, the left-handed hitting outfielder had a weekend for himself at the plate. Rostron caught our eye on day 1 when he showed bat speed in a couple AB’s with no results and gave us a name to pay attention to the rest of the weekend. He didnt disappoint in the final 3 games of the tournament for the Scorpions 2025 group, putting multiple barrels on the ball including a triple to RF at San Jac. Rostron stands tall in his setup with some pre swing movement in the hands but calms it down as he starts his swing, showing present bat speed from the left side and more to come as he physically develops. In our first look at Rostron, we quickly found out he could hit, and are curious to see what it will look like down the road. 


+ Garrett Keller - 3B - 2025 - Bridgeland - Uncommitted

The athletic right handed hitter showed natural rhythm in the box and the ability to hit at first glance. Keller moves well in the field and shows his natural athleticism within his actions. The bat is ultimately what stood out for Keller showing bat speed and a natural swing with some surprising pop for a 2025. Keller is another one that we will need to follow and see again soon this summer. 



16U Canes

+ Isaias Roman - C - 2024 - Marble Falls - Uncommitted

The stoutly built backstop gave our staff a lot to like over the course of 4 games. Roman will be a 4 year starter at Marble Falls High School and its easy to see why. Roman has a natural rhythm to his swing and hit multiple balls on the screws. Defensively Roman has a calm presence to him and showed the ability to receive the ball naturally. Roman has impressed us in a showcase setting and now in a game setting, we look forward to seeing him again soon.


+ Tobin Eschief - 3B/RHP - 2024 - Davenport - Uncommitted

Standing 6-foot-6, 190-pounds Eschief catches your eye quickly when you see him step on the field. On the mound Eschief was up to 87 but sat comfortably at 84-86 with plenty more in the tank as he continues to develop. Throwing from a low ¾ slot the big right hander creates tough angles on the hitter. He will also mix in a breaking ball at 73-74 mph that is more of a sweeping breaking ball than anything but it paired well at times with the fastball and worked well out of his natural slot. In the box, Eschief also showed something to like and follow along with this summer. Hitting at a .444 clip on the weekend with 2 extra base hits, there is enough there to think he may be able to two way at the right spot down the road. 



Five Star 15U

+ Cedric McClintock Jr - C - 2026 - Thomas E Randle

Thomas Randle HS - McClintock stands out for his physicality for his grade. The catcher showed flashes of some serious power. At Rice, he smoked a pitch off the left field wall for a double.  He has good bat speed and a frame that is going to put on more strength. Behind the plate, he showed the tools necessary to stay behind there.  He will have to continue to tighten it up, but it’s all there. 


+ Yarel Delgado - CF  - 2025 - Paetow - Uncommitted

Delgado had a great weekend at the plate for 5 Star. He batted .444 on the weekend with a double. Once he got on base, he was looking to take an extra bag. He had multiple stolen bases on the weekend. Delgado looks to be a future table setter at the top of the order who can cause havoc on the bases.  


+ Josh Morelli - RHP- 2025 - Foster - Uncommitted

Morelli got the start on Friday morning and came out dominating. He featured a FB that was 80-82 that he could get to both sides of the plate.  He threw a CB that was 64-67 with good shape and was able to throw it for a strike.  And he even mixed in some good Changeups in the low 70’s and showed the ability to kill the spin.  Morelli has a quick arm and as he gets stronger I would expect the velocity to jump. 


TX Angels '24 and '25

+ Tye Briscoe - LHP - 2025 - Abilene Wylie - Arkansas

Briscoe flat out has electric stuff. The fastball worked from 87-90 mph topping out at 91 mph with 2500+ RPM, getting many swings and misses on the fastball in the zone. The breaking ball shows shape and sharp action when its right at 71-74 mph. Briscoes delivery is as efficient as it gets with no wasted movement and no head wack allowing him to hold velocity over 5 innings. The Razorback commit is one of the more interesting arms to follow for the next few years due to his stuff but by no means a finished product. The young left hander still has plenty to develop to be able to repeat his best pitches consistently, but the framework is there to be a special arm. 

+ Jordan Ballin - SS - 2024 - Boerne Champion - Uncommitted

Ballin is the spark plug that makes the 2024 Angels group go. Hitting at the top of the order, the left handed hitting SS wastes no time to swing the bat if the first pitch of the game shows up where he wants it, as he showed twice on the weekend. At the same time Ballin isnt afraid to work a count showing the ability to battle deep in counts and fight off tough pitches until the right one shows up. Standing 5-foot-8, 170-pounds with a strong build, Ballin does all the little things you like to see from a MIF and a leader on your team. Looking forward to seeing Ballin continue his journey as a ball player. 

+ Brady Clark - RHP - 2024 - Abilene Wylie - Uncommitted

Clark has an electric arm from a smaller frame. Standing 5-foot-9 the right hander showed a clean, quick arm with a long path and repeated his delivery. The fastball worked at 84-87 over 4 innings with a sharp power curveball shape BB at 76-77 mph. The arm speed and firmness of the breaking ball makes me think there is more velo coming from Clarks compact frame. Clark wasn't perfect but showed a lot to like like moving forward.

+ Braden Regala - CF - 2024 - Abilene Wylie - Uncommitted

Standing 5-foot-9, the switch hitting center fielder continued to stand out more and more with each game. Regala can flat out move down the line, clocking in at a 4.07 on a full swing from the right side and a 3.91 on a ground ball from the left side. Hes not just a runner, but also showed the ability to hit the ball hard consistently to all parts of the field. The uncommitted CF showed natural baseball instincts in the outfield and seemed to communicate with his team in the dugout. Regala was one of the standouts from a tough Angels team that knows how to play the game of baseball the right way. 

+ Trip Ancheta - RHP/MIF - 2024 - Clyde - Uncommitted

Ancheta joins the long list of tough ball players from the 2024 Angels team. The right handed hitter stood out all weekend putting together quality at bats, and gap to gap power right now. The results werent always there on the weekend for Ancheta but he continued to put together good at bats and hit balls hard.


+ Zach Gingrich - OF - 2024 - Smithson Valley - Uncommitted

Gingrich had himself quite the weekend at the plate. Hitting just over .300 on the weekend including a walk off hit, the left handed hitting  OF/RHP showed more than enough to like in 4 games. Gingrich shows a loose stroke from the left side with barrel control and as he continues to physically develop the power should come with. 



Lonestar Moench 15U 

+ Garrett Ticer - 2B/RHP - 2025 - Central Catholic - Uncommitted

Ticer had a nice weekend at the plate and on the mound.  He batted .444 for the weekend with a double and 3 RBI’s. He has an upright stance, shows some bat speed and current strength. He hit the ball hard to all parts of the field.  He also got the start in their playoff game.  While they ended up losing, Ticer was in total control for the first 3 innings.  He showed a fb in the low 80’s that he could command and showed some ASR. He also had a breaking ball and a changeup with good fading action. He did a good job of mixing his pitches and pounding the strike zone.  


Off-Speed Athletics "24 & "25

+ Carson Haffner - LHP - 2024 - Randall - Uncommitted

Haffner got the start in Off-Speed ‘24’s 1st game and was dominant. He went 5 innings of shutout baseball only allowing 2 hits against a quality Lonestar Team.  He threw all 3 pitches for strikes and was in total control.  He threw an upper 70’s fastball that topped out in the low 80’s. He threw a Curveball that had good shape. He could drop it in for a strike or back foot it to a righty.  He also threw a quality changeup that he threw with good arm speed.  Haffner has a feel to pitch, and as the velocity comes he will be one to watch out for. 

+ Jake Qualia - RHP/UTL - 2025 - Lubbock Cooper - Uncommitted

Qualia had arguably the best weekend at the plate out of anyone at the tournament. He hit a ridiculous .727 on the weekend with 8 hits, 2 doubles and 4 RBI’s.  Qualia has a quiet set up with a slight leg kick, he does a good job of keeping the barrel in the zone for a long time.  He has an athletic build and some present bat speed. He will be one to watch as the summer continues.


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