Prep Baseball Report

Dallas Summer ID: Quick Hits

Max Semler
North Texas Scouting Director

TEXAS - On Tuesday June 11, we hosted the Dallas Summer ID at Lake Dallas HS. This event saw players participate in a pro style workout. The players ran 60's, threw from defensive positions, then took BP. Following BP, we went straigh into bullpens where TrackMan data was recorded. Overall, it was a good day with quality players throughout. Today, we take a look at some of the standouts on the day.



Jaxon Casselberry OF / RHP / Argyle, TX / 2026

Like this player. Had a chance to see in a couple games this spring. Athletic with good build/frame for future strength. Good swing path showing hard contact off barrel. Some opportunities  for adjustments to improve hard contact/exit data. Can add some load/rythym to swing, gets quick with front side occasionally. 6.75 runner, this will get better. Defensively has avg arm action showing near avg arm strength in future, will be avg in future. Should get plenty of looks this summer from colleges. Top exit velo 97

Isaac Calderon C / OF / Denton Guyer, TX / 2026

2026 Catcher with some tools. Good swing showing some ability to impact baseball to pull side. Top exit velo of 95. No load with hands, dead start, some upside to hard contact if he can get small movement with hands. Decent ability to find barrel. In workout situation showed 2.01 best pop time. Fringe avg arm strength present. Received fine. 7.35 60. Strength to body, some durability present. Catcher for colleges to check in on over summer to see how he receives in games and how the actual pop times play with hitters in the box. 

Jackson Voris OF / RHP / Frisco, TX / 2026

Room to add strength physically. Good swing showing solid contact and exit velo off barrel at 94. No load with body, late push back with hands. No rythym/timing to approach creating some timing issues at times, front shoulder will pull off. With all that, does show good contact off barrel when finding it. 6.6 runner. Arm works fine, lacks present arm speed, can be improved with long toss program. Colleges should take a look at him and see if they like the tools and opportunities for coaching. 

Ashton Widmer OF / RHP / Homeschool, TX / 2026

Good build with room to add strength in future. Hard contact with top exit velo of 97. Bat speed present, some length to swing with bat wrap. Late, small load getting ready to hit. Feel there is some upside to contact consistency and hard contact rate if he can add a load and slow down the movements getting ready to launch. Arm work okay, slot gets low on throws. Should have avg arm in future. 7.0 60. Type of ability that can help some college in future.

Noah Felton C / Tyler Legacy, TX / 2025

Good build to add strength in future to 6’2, 6’3 frame. Top exit velo of 99.6. Bat speed present, room for improvement with approach. Decent launch position, pulls off some, rotational lower ½ with inconsistent use. Opportunities present for improvement. Showed solid time to 2nd in workout situation, 1.94. Arm action works. Like the hands receiving in workout. 7.2 60. Player who should get some looks from some colleges over summer. Chance for a catcher with some power

Trent Westerfield SS / OF / Callisburg, TX / 2025

Good build to add strength to 6’3 frame. Moves well both in OF and on the dirt. Top exit velo of 95. LHH has late load, good path to baseball showing bat speed. Pull approach. RHH with similar approach, more line drive contact created from right side. 7.0 60. OF moved well to baseball with good arm action and carry. Avg future. Infield needs to clean some things up to stay on the dirt. Fields baseball deep with dead feet. Throws show carry. Must make some improvements to fielding to viable option on the infield. I like the build for future strength and the fact he shows some hard contact off barrel.

Barrett Herr RHP / 1B / Richardson, TX / 2025

6’4 210 RHP with good build to add strength. 2024 All District 1st Team on the mound. Arm works fine showing some arm speed. Solid delivery. FB shows some run topping at 88 working 86-87 in bullpen. CB with nice action at 71-72 now. Change with quality fade action, 77-78. Change deception hindered some by slowing down. Strikes were solid bullpen situation. For me right now, looks like he would be a solid addition to a JC staff. Velo spike coming at some point in future. Upside play.

Matthew Williams RHP / McKinney Boyd, TX / 2025

Long, lanky with room to add strength. Had a chance to see him pitch in state playoffs. Showed tick better velo than today with similar secondary. Upside play, I believe he’s going to throw harder. Low slot creating different look for hitters. Strike thrower with arm side run when I have seen him. FB topped 88, worked 86-87, seen better in game. Blended breaking ball 75-78 showing solid action, 2500 spin rate. Change with tail/sink. 78-80. Colleges, especially JC’s should give him a look this summer. Boyd has lots of starting depth on the mound in 2025, could thrive out of pen for them if that ends up his role and he embraces that role.

Matthew McKnight LHP / Marcus, TX / 2025

Good build to LHP with avg delivery and arm action, creates angle with delivery. Occ elbow gets low on release. Looking for velo to increase in future. 82-84 FB with some tail action. Change shows occ quality actio with tail, 73-75. CB/SL both lack present velo, doesn’t throw either with conviction at this time. Feel he need to pick one and develop. LHP that looks right, upside that JC’s should check in on over the summer and spring looking for more velo and some definition on SL or CB. Around zone in this pen session. 

Peter Cuoco RHP / 3B / Allen, TX / 2026

Stoutly build RHP showing some arm speed. Arm works fine, crossbody finish, arm quickness present. FB touched 86, worked 84-85 showing arm side run, comeback life to glove side. Change has fade with deception present, 72-74. CB 71-74 showing some spin with decent finish, gets under at times. RHP coming off injury, interesting one to keep an eye on as he returns to mound.