Prep Baseball Report

Top Prospect Games: Dallas - Quick Hits (Upperclass)

Max Semler
North Texas Scouting Director

TEXAS - On Monday, July 8, we hosted the Top Prospect Games: Dallas at Dallas Baptist University. This invite-only event featured players from all high school classes that have earned their invite with our scouting staff. The day started with position players running a 60, throwing from defensive positions, and taking two rounds of BP. Following the workout, we went into simulated gameplay where the pitching data was recorded. Today, we take a look at some of the upperclass participants that stood out.


***For notes mentioned, I am grading against ML Players. If I say that a player has below avg arm strength, that is against ML Players, not their peers in HS.***
- North TX ScoutingDirector, Max Semler


Micah Green OF / ANDY DEKANEY H S, TX / 2025

5’11 200 Strength to body with room to add. Micah has raw tools, needs to make adjustments to achieve. Tick above avg runner. Barrel/hands in good launch position to start, hands separate with stride to far away from body, nearly barring out. Even with this action to start shows bat speed present with hands speed as well. Some linear movement to the backside, falls back at contact, costing him. Does show hard contact, HR in game to LF. Moves fine to ball in OF, fringe avg arm that will be avg in future. Front shoulder opens early, costing him carry. 90 velo from OF. Mid level D1’s and JC’s should be taking a look. 

Logan Sariga OF / RHP / Clear Brook, TX / 2025

6’3 200 Good build/frame to add strength. Shows avg bat and hand speed. Wide base with top tap, lower ½ works in swing. Lots of hand movement to start, with barrel tip present. Never gets hands and  barrel in a consistent launch position. Swing gets long with the barrel tip. 6.76 60. OF will have avg arm in future, doesn’t use lower ½ well in throwing from OF. 

One the mound. Showed avg arm action. Inward turn in delivery. Around the zone with stuff. Split, presently is best pitch with plus action, tail/sink with deception present. 76-79. FB 84-86. CB 69-70 with 12-5 break. JC’s should be checking in on him. Will get stronger with some abilities to work with.

Ethan Downum OF / Reedy, TX / 2025

6’0 160 Good build to add strength. Good player that I have written up 2 times. Saw him with his HS team in spring and wrote him up after an event this summer. Solid timing to swing, finds barrel. Gap to gap doubles guy now, will develop power with physical strength added. I like the future with the bat. Solid defender in the OF, moves well to baseball. Arm works, will have avg arm in future. To expedite development of arm strength, needs to get on a long toss program. This is a good player/hitter that mid level D1’s should be checking in on. Plays game right way.

Jack Pettigrew OF / OF / Grapevine, TX / 2025

5’11 177 Room to add strength. Hitting has bat/hand speed, shows decent contact, upside present with hit adjustments. Upright stance with short stride, rotational backside, never gets anything going with his body. Opportunities present to make adjustments and improve contact, consistency, and impact. 6.74 60. Needs a long toss program for arm strength development, glove hand doesn’t help in throwing. Athletic player with a good body to add strength. Raw tools to work with, JC’s should be taking a look at this player. Upside.

Matthew McKnight LHP / Marcus, TX / 2025

6’2 185 Plenty of room to add strength. Good arm action. Cross step delivery. Avg strike thrower. FB 82-85, CB 68-72 showing avg spin. Creates angle with delivery. He’s going to throw harder. Confident on mound. JC’s should be watching progress. With added strength, stuff will pick up. 

Will Coffman OF / RHP / St. John's, TX / 2025

6’3 195 Room to add strength present. Shows some bat and hand speed hitting. Upright stance with feet just wider than shoulders, draw back stride with foot landing in starting spot. Rotational movement to backside, doesn’t complete movement most of the time, costing in bat speed and impact. Inward turn with shoulders creating length to swing. 6.93 60. Moves fine to ball in OF. Arm strength present in OF, showed 93. Arm strength from OF doesn’t translate yet on the mound with FB 82-84 in game play, loose CB 73-74. Good frame for strength. Opportunities to get better with adjustments

Gage Belknap 1B / RHP / Hebron, TX / 2025

6’3 214 Strength present with ability to add more in future. Solid approach to hit with body. Crouched stance with leg lift to stride, gets foot down with lower in good position. Rotational backside that works in swing. High hands and back elbow with flat barrel, some length to swing present. Bat strength with avg bat speed. Shows developing power. 7.21 60. Moves well fielding with actions present, footwork is avg. Will have fringe avg arm strength in future. JC’s should all be taking a look, chance for solid defender at 1st with power potential.

Grant Dovidas 3B / 1B / Reedy, TX / 2025

6’3 198 Good build/frame to add strength. Solid contact off barrel with line drive contact. Short/compact swing with avg bat/hand speed. Starts slightly open stance, length to stride, rotational backside that works well. 6.98 60. On the dirt, he showed decent actions and footwork, fields the ball deep with minor glove flip. Needs some development on the dirt. BA arm presently. I like the upside physically and swing. Short/compact swing that found the barrel. JC’s should be taking a look. 


Jaxon Casselberry OF / RHP / Argyle, TX / 2026

6’0 182 3rd look at Jaxon this year. Saw him this spring with HS team and at previous event. Good build for future strength. Athleticism. 6.74 60. Solid defender, will have at least an avg arm in future. Good approach to hit with power coming. I like this player. Colleges should be recruiting him. Could develop into a pro prospect.

Jaeden Wilson OF / OF / Allen, TX / 2026

6’0 173 Great build and frame to add strength. Avg bat/hand speed, barrel in good launch position. Scoop swing, dumps barrel, rarely gets barrel on plane…when he does, good swing and contact. Upright stance with slight crouch, drawback with stride foot prior to going forward. Stride foot lands back where it started. Rotational backside, over rotates back foot losing power and impact. 6.77 60. Believe he will have an avg arm in future, cutoff circle to back side. Upside play. Will get stronger, some hit approach opportunities for improvement. 

Jake Felsman SS / OF / Prestonwood Christian Academy, TX / 2026

5’8 160 Good frame/build to add strength. Line drive contact with ability to find the barrel. Simple approach to hit with short swing. Good AB’s in game play. Defensively has some versatility, makes plays. Solid actions and footwork in the infield, hands are good. Best suited for 2B. Will have a near avg arm in future. Moved well in the OF. Saw Jake in spring for PCA and during previous events. Can play the game, is not going to wow with big tools. Will make plays on defense, have quality AB’s and end up with some hard hit balls. Everyone wants prospects at every position, give me a player like this everyday to help the tooled up prospects win. Colleges should be watching progress

Antonio Martinez LHP / 1B / Westwood, TX / 2026

5’11 185. Frame and build to add strength in future. Arm works with arm speed present. Good delivery and finish. FB 84-86, CB 73-75 with ¾ tilt when landed, CH 74-77 fade. Around the zone with stuff, command was fine. Arm works, good delivery, strikes.

Hitting, he has a good approach to hit with the lower half. Backside works in swing. High start high, above shoulders, never come down. Creates length to swing. Shows some bat speed and quickness to hands, struggles to get on plane with high hand start. Opportunities for improvement with the hit approach. Defensively at 1st has good actions, footwork and fielding.

Luke Davis LHP / OF / Marcus, TX / 2026

5 '8 177 Smaller build with good frame to add strength. Full circle with some length, lower slot. Overall solid delivery, minor head pull. Arm speed present. FB 84-87, CB 71-73 with solid shape and action, CH 81. Around the zone with stuff. FB played to both sides. 

LHH. Lower half works fine in swing, open stance, toe tap moving to online stride. Decent bat and hand speed. 7.11 60. Moved fine in OF, throws showed carry. Pitching ahead of hitting on this look. Colleges should monitor progress on the mound. 

Ryan San Miguel OF / LHP / Marcus, TX / 2026

6’0 179 Good build frame to add strength. Solid set up and approach to hit from upright stance with slight crouch. Barrel in good launch position, pulls off at times. When he barrels generates good contact. 7.04 60. BA arm strength presently. Moved fine to baseball in OF. Like the future strength and hard contact off barrel. 

Davidenko Rodriguez SS / 2B / Taylor, TX / 2026

5’7 160 Room for strength  development. Simple approach to hit from crouched stance with rotational backside. Barrel/hands in solid launch position. Solid path to baseball. Fair hand and bat speed. 7.38 60. Good actions and feet defensively. Will have fringe avg to avg arm in future. For me, best suited for 2nd base in future. Good AB’s in game play.

Christian McCleary 1B / LHP / Second Baptist, TX / 2026

6’1 195 Solid build with room to add strength. Crouched stance, lacks rhythm and timing to approach with quick/abbr stride and hand load. Rotational backside, inconsistent with back foot, will get on toe, will backslide foot away from plate losing power and impact. Even with a weak back foot that is not in a strong position, he still generates hard contact. 7.17 60. Defensively showed avg. actions fielding with solid footwork. BA arm presently. Chance for him to show power in future. Like the hard impact off the barrel. Watch progress for colleges.