Prep Baseball Report

Top Prospect Games: San Marcos Quick Hits - Pitchers

Max Semler
North Texas Scouting Director

TEXAS - On Tuesday, June 18, we hosted the Top Prospect Games: San Marcos at Texas State University. This invite-only event featured players from all high school classes that have earned their invite with our scouting staff. The day started with position players running a 60, throwing from defensive positions, and taking two rounds of BP. Following the workout, we went into gameplay where we saw the pitcher only participants show up and show out. Today, we take a look at some of the pitchers that stood out during the game.


Jack Fuller LHP / 1B / Southlake Carroll, TX / 2025

Good physical build with room to add strength. Avg arm action and delivery with some effort present, will grunt at times. Solid stuff with upside present. FB 86-88 with late life. CB 72-75 with solid action present, showed ability to land. Change with fade action, 78-80. Strike thrower in this event.

Kortland Stovall LHP / OF / Mount Pleasant, TX / 2026

Lean, lanky build with room to add strength. Arm works with decent delivery, occ lead shoulder open early. Directionally can improve from fall off finish presently. Can pitch. FB 84-87. Slider 80-81 with solid action, CB 76-77. Like the velo he is able to throw secondary at. Upside play. 

Ryan Mason RHP / O'Connor, TX / 2025

Good physical build. Solid delivery and arm action. Arm speed present. FB 88-89 with arm side tail. Slider 77-79. CB 71-74 blended action to SL/CB, quality action/finish. Swing and miss characteristics to both. I like his stuff. Confidence that there is a velo spike coming. 

Roger Vincent IV LHP / Prosper, TX / 2025

Good build with room to add strength. Solid arm action. Front shoulder will open early causing arm drag. Head whack present. FB 86-88 with quality tail action, occ plus life. Slider 82-84 with feel, quality pitch. Change 83 with sink/fade. Good stuff. 

Bode Allan RHP / SS / San Antonio Christian, TX / 2025

6’2 frame with room to add strength. 170lbs presently. Semi compact circle,  gets some length to backside, arm speed present. FB 88-92, early in outing sat 90-92, backed to 88-90. Down plane present with some carry up, good swings against when he left FB in middle. Slider 79-81, solid action. DNS 3rd pitch.  

Kade Dobbs LHP / 1B / Angleton, TX / 2025

5’11 with room to add strength. Full circle with avg delivery. Will occ lose slot. FB 83-85 with ability to work both sides of plate. Creates some angle to RHH’s, ability to get in on glove side. CB 73-77 with some ability to vary action. Change 76-78 with some fade. Decent strike thrower. 

Michael Peavy C / RHP / ST PIUS X HIGH SCHOOL, TX / 2025

2 way player, catches also. Good build to add strength. Solid delivery and arm action. Describe as a thrower right now. BA command/control. FB 87-90. CB 73-75 with slurvy action, slows arm on CB at times. Change 79-80 with slight fade. Catching ahead of pitching for me, ability to pitch needs to be noted. Catching report coming