Prep Baseball Report

Top Prospect Games San Marcos Quick Hits - Position Players

Max Semler
North Texas Scouting Director

TEXAS - On Tuesday, June 18, we hosted the Top Prospect Games: San Marcos at Texas State University. This invite-only event featured players from all high school classes that have earned their invite with our scouting staff. The day started with position players running a 60, throwing from defensive positions, and taking two rounds of BP. Following the workout, we went into gameplay where we saw the pitcher only participants show up and show out. Today, we take a look at some of the position players that stood out on the day..


Michael Peavy C / RHP / ST PIUS X HIGH SCHOOL, TX / 2025

Good build with room to add strength. Approach to hit can be improved.Hits with quiet hands and limited load of body, can add some rhythm to approach. Some length to swing, line drive contact, power potential. Two hard hit balls in game situation. Receives fine. Shows plus pop times in workout, 1.86-1.89 for best times. Did not see throw to 2nd in game situation. Player that colleges should be taking a look at over the summer.

Jake Baskin C / OF / ST THOMAS HIGH SCHOOL, TX / 2025

Good build, athletic. 6.96 60. Dead start approach to hit. Good swing with solid contact off barrel. Upside to power potential. 96.6 exit velo. Hard hit ball in game, 2B RCF. Defensively received fine. In workout, 2.01-2.03 pop times. Catcher with athleticism present. Moved fine in the OF tracking balls and showing fringe avg arm strength on throws. Colleges should be looking at him if looking for developing catcher.

Braden Cox OF / RHP / Klein Cain, TX / 2025

Good build with room to add strength. 6.85 60. Decent approach to hit with minimal hand/barrel load. Body gets in good position to hit. Solid swing with good wrists. Makes hard contact with 99.8 exit velo. Defensively moves well in OF, avg arm strength now with carry to throws. Hard contact in game with 3B to RF and hard contact outs. Steady OF, that showed he can play the game. 96 velo from OF. Good addition for some college

Isaiah Robledo 2B / OF / REAGAN H S, TX / 2025

Athletic player, will add strength. Good runner, 6.69 60. Good swing with line drive contact. Solid approach to hit. 95.6 exit velo. Showed solid contact in game, including hard hit ball to RCF resulting in 3B. Defensively moved well. Showed 93 arm strength from OF. Type of player that JC’s should be taking a look at, will develop into good college player.

Walker Hurst OF / 1B / Pearland, TX / 2025

Good build/frame for adding strength. Plus runner 6.61 60. Approach can be improved, Pull hitter with length to swing, pulls off at times, occasional barrel tip, still finds a way to make hard contact with 98.2 exit velo. I like the athleticism to make adjustments. Defensively moved well in OF, showed near avg arm strength now, will be at least avg in future. Interesting stuff seen, will need to make adjustments for future success. Some college is going to get a player with tools to develop.

Kash Wood 1B / OF / SINTON H S, TX / 2025

Good build with strength present, some maturity to body. 7.0 60. Stride and separate approach with some drift of body forward with stride. Bat speed present along with bat strength. Exit velo 101.5. Slight drift caused some problems in game with being on time consistently. Moved fine in the OF showing solid arm strength with 92 velo. Hits balls hard when timing good. Certainly a player colleges should taking a look at.

Carson Sharp C / 1B / Liberty Hill, TX / 2026

Good build with room to add strength. Fair athleticism, 7.26 60. Decent approach to hit with hands, dead stop start with body. Some lift in swing, makes solid contact. Top exit velo was 93.1, easily passed that with couple of hard hit extra base hits in game. Double and triple off the wall. 1.97-2.02 pop times in workout. Received fine in game. Not a workout guy, showed off his ability when it mattered, in game. Colleges should be taking a look at him.

Alex Cooley SS / ROCKWALL-HEATH H S, TX / 2026

Good build with room to add strength. 6.97 60. Approach to hit is fair. Late load with some lead arm bar, felt he never got his hands/barrel in consistent launch position. When he was on time, was able to find barrel. Put ball in play in game. Defensively has good feet with decent actions, will have avg arm in future. Hard nosed player, like the approach to game. Alex has upside with adjustments, will be a very good player when he makes them and gains strength. Colleges should be taking a look over the summer to see of they like the upside for their program

Joseph Cardona Jr. 1B / OF / Buda Johnson, TX / 2027

Thick build with strength. 7.38 60. Makes hard contact when he finds barrel with 99.5 top exit velo. Appr is solid, some length created with wrap to start. Good swing, will pull off on occasion. Got of quality swings in game showing good contact resulting in a couple of hits. Defensively at 1st has good actions with good hands. Arm strength will be avg. Looking for him to get bigger and stronger in future and tap into power.

Cole Flashnick SS / OF / HIGHLAND PARK H S, TX / 2027

Good frame presently, will get bigger and stronger in future. 5’11 165 right now. 7.16 60, look for that to improve as he matures and gains strength.Hit approach has barrel creating some length. When he works middle off field gets off good swing, will pull off occasionally. Defensively has good hands, can play thru baseball better, gets caught flat footed at times. Overall, I like the actions and upside with some minor adjustments. Same with hitting, athleticism present to make approach change. Good player for his year, one that colleges should be keeping track of.

Hudson Cuevas 2B / RHP / Cedar Park, TX / 2027

Athletic with foot quickness. Strength present now, will continue to add strength. 6.9 60. Solid approach to hit, hand cock present, occ late with timing. Otherwise has good swing components and gets off good swings. Can hit, shows ability to handle bat. 96.7 top exit velo. In game was able to make solid contact. Defensively has actions with good footwork. Shows solid carry to throws. Arm strength will be at least avg in future with chance to be plus. Player colleges should be keeping track of.

Noah Rodriguez OF / LHP / Cornerstone Christian, TX / 2026

Strong, thick build. 6.96 60. Bat speed present. Decent approach to hit. Late hand cock, gets barrel in decent launch position. Bat speed present, gets pull conscious at times, when he worked middle of field showed hard contact with top exit velo of 101.1. In game, got off good swings with 2B to RCF. In OF, moves fine to baseball. BA arm strength, lacks arm speed throwing, needs long toss program to improve arm speed and arm strength.