Northern VA Prospect ID (Top Pitching Performaces)

August 10, 2014

On Thursday, July 31, 2014, PBR VA/DC hosted its first prospect camp at Patriot High School in Nokesville. Over 50 student-athletes across four classes participated in the event and multiple colleges were present. Here are some of the highlights from the pitchers on the day.

Top Pitching Performances:

Best Fastball Velocity: Grayson Gough, RHP, 2016, Patriot High School. Gough hit 87 on his last fastball and sat 81-85. He has a long, clean arm action and an over the top slot and drives the ball down to the plate with a lot of plane from his 6-1 frame. Gough also showed a breaking ball which flashed as a plus pitch and a very good change-up with fastball armspeed.

Best Fastball Movement: Severin Shultis, RHP, 2015, Pinecrest High School (NC) and Patrick Fyvie, LHP, 2017, Patriot High School. Shultis’s fastball was 77-79 and he generated heavy run on the ball. Fyvie is a low three-quarters lefty who touched 76 and also has heavy run on his fastball. Fyvie and Shultis also both showed very good change-ups with outstanding movement.

Easiest Velocity: Logan Bruckschen, RHP, 2015, Battlefield High School. Bruckschen has a very easy, loose arm action and the ball explodes out of his hand, reaching 83 on the gun. He also featured a late, sharp slider in the low 70s that flashed as a plus pitch.

Best Secondary Stuff: Jack Howell, RHP, 2016, Patriot High School. Howell was up to 83 with his fastball and has a very lanky 6-3 frame and a long, loose arm action. His slider was sharp and late and his change-up had full armspeed with a lot of sink. He demonstrated very good command of all three pitches.

Best Overall Command: Jaret West, LHP, 2016, Menchville High School. West pounded the mitt with all three of his pitches. His fastball was 75-78 with late run. He threw a late breaking slider in the mid 60’s and a change-up with full armspeed and sink right around 70.