VA/DC Scout Blog: April 25-28 Notes

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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Noah Yoder RHP / Atlee, VA / 2025




Aven Stevens RHP / 1B / Atlee, VA / 2024




Central Lunenburg

Ryan Allard RHP / 1B / Central Lunenburg, VA / 2024

Allard has a proportional frame listed at 6-foot-1, 175-pounds with projection left. Normal effort delivery, full arm action, and throws from a three-quarter arm slot. The arm is whippy and quick. Lands slightly closed and the delivery builds some late pace and intent. Did show a handful of pitches where he varied the tempo with a slight pause at the top. When he did vary the tempo of the delivery the arm tended to shorten up on the backside. The fastball sat 83-86 mph early on and touched 87 mph once. In the third and fourth innings it had faded just a touch, more into the 82-84 mph range, touching 85 on occasion. The breaking ball had bigger 12/6 shape at 69-70 mph. He did not have a great feel for it early, but it was raining. The feel got better as the weather improved and he was able to throw it for strikes pretty consistently in the third and fourth innings. Allard finished the game with fifteen strikeouts, a few of them coming on fastballs up in the zone, where he got a fair share of swings and misses.





Nicholas Morabito SS / 2B / Gonzaga, VA / 2022

Morabito was very aggressive at the plate. Had multiple at bats where he put the first pitch in play, including a leadoff triple that he hit into right field. In his final at bat on the day he worked the count and hit a single through the left side to bring in two runs. As we have noted before, it is a short quick swing and is able to produce some physicality at the plate. Defensively, Morabito played shortstop on the day. He looked more comfortable when he dropped the slot on throws across. He has arm strength from all slots, but the lower slot seems to have a little more rhythm and fluidity. Had multiple groundballs that he fielded cleanly and was accurate on throws.




Freedom-South Riding

Ryan Marohn LHP / 1B / Freedom (South Riding), VA / 2023

Marohn was really strong in relief for Freedom on Wednesday night. Delivery has some effort and pace. Full, loose arm swing and works from a three-quarter slot. I thought he did a nice job of moving the fastball in and out at 86-89 mph with more 86-87 than anything. The fastball had some late takeoff when working to the arm side and he created some angle when working in on right handed hitters. The slider was pretty firm at 75-78 mph and stayed in the 2300-2400 RPM range. Had a few where he worked it back over to the arm side and then a couple that he back footed to right handers. Marohn worked with pace and set a nice tempo on the mound.




Luke Proehl RHP / Freedom , VA / 2023

6-foot-2, 185-pound long levered frame. Short whippy arm action from a three-quarter arm slot. Proehl works with a slower methodical pace. Down and out stride landing closed. The fastball sat at 83-86 mph early. The breaking ball varied in shapes, both were 12/6, but one tended to have a bigger, more gradual break, while the other had a sharp downer bite. Both breaking balls sat at 75-78 mph and ranged from 2425-2526 RPM. Showed a few straight changeups at 77 mph.





Jakob Foster RHP / 3B / Patriot, VA / 2023

We have previously talked about Foster's pitchability at length, but just wanted to highlight a few things on his latest start. Touched 88 which is the best fastball we have seen out of Foster. Worked mostly in the 84-87 range and was able to move it in and out to both ends of the zone. Showed two breaking balls, a curveball and slider. Threw both for strikes, but the slider was the better of the two in my opinion. The curveball was 70-71 mph with gradual 12/6 shape, while the slider was 75-78 mph. The slider was tight, had later shape, and got whiffs in and out of the zone. Foster also showed some feel for a 74 mph changeup.




Caleb Ramey 2B / SS / Patriot, VA / 2023

Athletic 5-foot-10, 165-pound frame. Slightly open, balanced stance at the plate. Athleticism and rhythm in the load and swing. Ramey is short to contact, hands do a nice job staying inside and delivers the barrel on a level path. Solid bat to ball skills and takes what is given. Had a three hit game yesterday and was on barrel multiple times.




AJ Shepard C / OF / Patriot, VA / 2022

Strong 5-foot-11, 215-pound frame. Functional strength throughout the frame that translates into the offense. Rhythm in the setup and load, short load with the hands, and quiet approach with balance throughout. Just really impressed with the timing and controlled intent in the swing. Short path to contact with advanced bat to ball skills. Has some adjustability in the swing and is able to produce power within his shorter path. Have seen about eight at bats over the past two weeks and there is very little swing and miss at the plate. Saw a lot of spin in his at bats Wednesday and adjusted well. Unloaded on a breaking ball that went out foul in a 0-1 count and then worked the count back even before doubling on another breaking ball later in the at bat. In a later at bat he went down and got a pitch, muscling it into left, showcasing the strength at impact. Defensively Shepard is athletic enough that he will be able to move out from behind the plate if necessary. Behind the plate he is a well above average blocker. The body is soft on the block and directs everything back towards the middle while keeping it close to him, making it an easy quick recovery. One of the best, most consistent offensive pieces in the VA/DC 2022 class.





Nansemond River


Jordan Crosland SS / 2B / Nansemond River, VA / 2023

Athletic 6-foot, 184-pound frame with lean strength throughout and twitch in actions. Explosive athlete with impressive physical makeup. Found a couple of barrels on the day, but nothing to show for it. Short load at the plate, level path swing, and loft built into the swing. Gets out the box well and glides on the base paths. Had a 4.27 home to first and a 4.72 turn that he pulled up on at the end just a touch. Defensively Crosland has the arm strength to stay on the left side and he showcased that on Thursday. Stayed back on a ball deeper to third and delivered a throw with carry across the infield. Had a ball that he did a nice job coming forward to work through the short hop. The glove works well out front and outside the body, pushing through the catch and throwing from a lower slot with accuracy.






Chase Magrisi C / OF / Nansemond River, VA / 2022







Jacob Bunch 3B / C / Grassfield, VA / 2023

Strong, projectable frame with proportional strength present throughout. Physical presence in the box and really looks the part. Relaxed hands at setup, small hand load, quiet movements, and short path to contact. Level path swing with plenty of bat speed through the zone. Had a hard hit line drive in his first at bat, but right at the second baseman. Corner profile with more first base long term. Arm strength is present, but will need to enhance lateral quickness to stay at third at a higher level college.






Jacob Henry RHP / 1B / Grassfield, VA / 2023

6-foot-5, 207-pound XL frame and has more room to add strength. Light effort delivery, stays on line, and has a full arm swing from a three-quarter slot. The slot raises just a touch on the breaking ball, creating a bigger 12/6 shape. The fastball was 79-81 during his first two innings of work. The 12/6 breaking ball sat at 64-65 mph with feel for the zone, as well as showed a 73 mph changeup. Strike thrower, efficient mix featuring mostly fastball/curveball, and got early contact. Worked a scoreless five and one-thirds, allowing only three hits.






Maddox Tsutsui SS / 2B / Grassfield , VA / 2023






Bradley Zayac RHP / 3B / Grassfield, VA / 2024