Prep Baseball Report

Virginia Fall Championships: Underclass Top Performers

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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See notes and video on twenty players from the underclass division of the Virginia Fall Championships.

Top Performers

Chase Colangelo SS / RHP / Battlefield, VA / 2027

Relaxed and quiet setup at the plate. Hands load in rhythm and swing has some length out front. Uses both gaps and stays on through extension. Showed some lateral range at shortstop. 



Yogi Colangelo 2B / 2B / Battlefield, VA / 2027

Had one of the better weekend's out of the underclass division. Had a homerun and triple on Saturday where he displayed his athleticism and explosive bat through the zone. On Sunday the hit parade continued and he showed some adjustability in the swing, matching plane on a lower pitch and driving it to right field. Really like the way the hands work in this swing and the feel to hit.



Jake Cozart LHP / 1B / Hickory, VA / 2026

Projectable 6-foot-3 frame, Easy operation on the mound and the arm works. Up to 80 and has room to add. Shows some feel for the barrel at the plate. Multiple hard hit balls. Level path and some strength to the frame that with more, should help with more power production.



Aaron Dierks RHP / 1B / West Springfield, VA / 2026

The 6-foot-3 right hander hit a new PR with us on Sunday, getting the fastball up to 88. While the fastball sat 83-86, he showed some of the raw arm strength that leaves plenty of intrigue for his future. Effort and intent to the delivery with some moving parts that can make it tough on hitters. Slider sat 72-75 and had some sharp downer bite to it. 



Benjamin Favreau LHP / 1B / Mechanicsville, VA / 2026

Maybe one of the more intriguing arms of the weekend was this Mechanicsville sophomore. The 5-foot-10 left hander showed some pitchability and ability to maintain deeper into an outing. Up to 83 early and was holding 80 in the fourth. Bigger 1/7 curveball that got some uncomfortable takes and swings and misses in the zone. 



Shota Fogus RHP / OF / Bishop O'Connell, VA / 2026

Fogus had probably the most dominant pitching performance of the tournament. Mowed through the opposing lineup by striking out the eleven hitters in a row. Used fifty pitches, with thirty-three strikes, while dominating opposing hitters with primarily a 82-85 mph fastball. Fogus has been up to the upper 80's, while he usually pitches in the low-mid 80's. Competes in the zone and attacks hitters. 



Jayden Grant RHP / SS / Manchester, VA / 2026

This arm continues to make gains. While the velo was similar, his ability to spin for strikes, and get an above average changeup over makes Grant that much better. Long loose arm with some arm speed through release. Low to mid 80's and plenty of room to add some mass to the frame. Should be a frontline arm for Manchester this year.



Matthew Hartsfield SS / C / Mills E Godwin , VA / 2026

Fun to watch this Mills Godwin infielder play the game. Compact, athletic, and continues to make gains at the plate. Very short to contact and flashed some bat speed and hand speed turning on a pitch Sunday for a homerun. 



Brady Holmes SS / Person, NC / 2027

Square and slightly upright, loads down into a slight crouch. Some rhythm in the hands and a level path swing that has shown some adjustability. Uses the middle of the field well and has flashed a knack to hit.



Jaethan Inman RHP / SS / Atlantic Shores, VA / 2026

Narrow and slightly upright, controlled load, balance throughout the swing. Lands in a strong hitting position with hands back and the barrel has a level path through the zone. Length out front and the swing plays. 



Tommy Kocot C / OF / Alexandria City , VA / 2027

Kocot did a really nice job on Sunday where he displayed the ability to use the whole field to hit. Loads and sits on the backside in the load and then gets it going forward, landing on line and on time. Gets the bat head out front and has shown some doubles power to both gaps. Junior Future Games alum.



Teagan Leach LHP / 1B / Battlefield, VA / 2027

Leach is poised for one of the top spots in the VA/DC 2027 class. The frame has really cleaned up and he looks in shape. Square and simple, not a lot of moving parts, and generates some impressive bat speed and strength through contact. Two home runs on the weekend and countless hard hit balls. All of this offensive ability and it does not even take into account his upside on the mound. 



George Minjack 3B / OF / St. Albans, VA / 2027

For two straight years, Minjack has shown his ability to hit. He produces double after double to both gaps and delivers a heavy barrel through the zone. Really early, but corner-corner profile.



Nico Moritz-Toledo OF / LHP / Battlefield, VA / 2027

Short compact swing with a late hand load. Can impact the game in a multitude of ways with his sneaky power and run tool. Versatile bat that continues to get better.



Nate Reed RHP / OF / James River (Midlothian), VA / 2026

Barrels and barrels and barrels. That is what Reed does. Early Sunday morning Reed had a few quality at bats, grinding out a twelve pitch at bat, and then in his next AB he mashes a double to deep center field. Quiet setup and pre-pitch actions before delivery a heavy barrel through the zone. Loft built in and has shown the ability to generate power to all fields. 



Caleb Rist 3B / Massaponax , VA / 2026

Square stance, rhythm in the hands, and has controlled intent to the swing. Attacks contact out front and finishes through contact. Really nice look at the Massaponax '26. 



Aaron Ritenour OF / OF / Gainesville, VA / 2026

XL 6-foot-4 framed left handed hitter. Nice combination of power and hit tool for the Gainesville product. Hands load to separation before sinking back into frame. Bat speed and strength and creates solid plane to match pitch heights. Big power potential in this bat and will be a very close follow going forward.



Cole Schaaf LHP / OF / Loudoun Valley, VA / 2027

Schaaf has a really impressive performance on the mound on Saturday. Struck out thirteen hitters, including ten straight at one point. Not an overpowering arm, but mixes it well and challenges in the zone. Left/left freshman with a simple swing at the plate and displayed a solid hit tool. 



Copeland Smith RHP / Cape Henry, VA / 2027

6-foot-2 projectable frame. Low effort delivery, short arm action, and showed some pitchability on the mound. Lands closed getting down the mound and induces some arm side run that gave opposing hitters a difficult time.



Weston Yount UTILITY / LHP / Mountain View, VA / 2026

Would go out on a limb and say Yount earned the Tournament MVP on Sunday. Barrel after barrel after barrel. Simple and quiet pre-pitch, whippy through the zone, and very hitterish tendencies. Doubles power to the middle and pull. Probably more 1B/corner outfield profile here, but regardless of where you put him, he needs to be in the order. Should be a premier bat in the Mountain View lineup this spring.