Virginia Tech to host the Top Prospect Games for the 2017 Class

By Sammy Serrano
Director of Scouting - Virginia/D.C.

On July 7th and 8th, the Prep Baseball Report Virginia/D.C. will host it's Top Prospect Games (2017 Graduating Class) at English Field on the campus of Virginia Tech (Pictured Above).

The games will feature prospects from all over the Commonwealth and the District of Columbia from the 2017 Graduating Class. Each player will have the opportunity to play in three games as well as take batting practice and an extended pregame infield/outfield over the course of a weekend that will be heavily attended by numerous college coaches.

Some schools that have attended our events in the past come from all over the Mid-Atlantic region and represent all levels of college baseball, including schools from the ACC, SEC, CAA, Big 10, Big East, Big South, Conference USA, the SOCON, and the A10.  As well as, schools from the Division II and Division III level.

Each participant will have their performance video-taped and hosted in their online profiles updated with results from the event, which will allow the 450+ colleges Nationally that subscribe to Prep Baseball Report to receive updated information on each players’ performance. The Top Prospect Games are invitation-only, interested players will need to be identified at an event prior to being invited.  For more information regarding events that qualify you for the Top Prospect Games, please visit