Virginia/DC Class of 2023 Top 150 Rankings Update: 4/8/21

Jerry Shank
Virginia/DC Executive Director

It is with great pleasure that we bring to you our latest update to the Virginia/DC Class of 2023 Rankings. This smaller scale update sees the rankings expand from the previous Top 125 to the now top 150 players. 

Today we give to you the complete update of 150 players we have ranked across the commonwealth thus far. This update includes twenty-eight new players, some big risers, and seven new faces inside the Top 100. Expect the next six months to see a large increase in number and changes to this class across the board. As we expanded the rankings since our last update, we have come across plenty of talent in the commonwealth and only expect to see more as we go. 

Here is a sneak peek at 51-60. 

To see the entire rankings of the VA/DC 2023 Class, CLICK HERE .

51 Joe Gomez VA Fluvanna 2023 RHP  
52 Eli Edelman VA Freedom-South Riding 2023 OF  
53 Mason Butash VA Freedom-South Riding 2023 RHP  
54 Payton Shipman VA Isle of Wight Academy 2023 RHP/SS  
55 Zach Horn VA Brooke Point 2023 LHP/1B  
56 Garrett Mason VA Mills Godwin 2023 RHP  
57 Conner Spears VA Thomas Dale 2023 C  
58 Will Coleman VA Albemarle 2023 RHP  
59 Andrew Powers VA St. John's College 2023 1B  
60 Cameron Johnson VA Maury 2023 2B