2020 Yearly Leaders - Spin Rate (FB)

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

Although 2020 was a difficult year for athletes across the state, we were fortunate to be able to continue with our scouting coverage as well as run events when we had the opportunity. 

One of the biggest question marks throughout the year was what was going to happen to college recruiting. Scouts all over the country have had to get clever with their approach but there has been plenty of recruiting still going on. College coaches are finding a way to get it done and Prep Baseball Report has been there to help provide resources and information to anyone who is looking to find more players. Our coverage of the state will continue moving forward and should hopefully be a bit easier as things get closer to normal in 2021. 

One of the biggest additions to PBR in 2020 was the implementation of higher level technology with advanced data metrics. Prep Baseball Report events across the country were powered by TrackMan’s industry-leading portable radar system to capture pinpoint, accurate, actionable data from player performances. Prep Baseball Report and TrackMan are dedicated to recognizing talent and sharing what we discover across all of our platforms. 

As we wrap up 2020, we will continue reviewing some of the top performances of the past year. Today, we will be taking a look at the top spin rates on fastballs.. All of the data below is from players who attended PBR events ONLY

Spin rate helps us understand what type of potential a pitch has and helps the player understand how to best utilize their arsenal. Spin rate is a piece of the equation. We also need to know the axis the ball spins on as well as where it is being released from. All of this information is available to players in their post-event deliverable. 

PBR Showcases help identify which prospects have asserted themselves towards the top of their class as well as who might be one of the next youngsters to emerge onto the scene. They also serve as potential identifiers for invite-only events such as our Future Games and Junior Future Games

All of the data is hosted on a player's profile page. To see an individual player, click on their name in the list. 

yearly leaders

Fastball spin rate

1 Aiden Herrick WA Olympia 2021 SS 2524 rpm
2 Connor Enebrad WA Annie Wright USB/Stadium 2022 1B 2437 rpm
3 Connor Schlect WA West Valley 2021 RHP 2412 rpm
4 Bryce Johnson WA Meridian 2022 OF 2369 rpm
5 Miles Durvasula WA Ingraham 2023 RHP 2352 rpm
6 Jarod Oldham WA Hockinson 2023 OF 2351 rpm
7 Carter Seely WA Selah 2023 RHP 2341 rpm
8 Kevin Spear WA Bishop Blanchet 2022 C 2313 rpm
9 Rece Allensworth WA Ballard 2022 RHP 2287 rpm
10 Dylan Osborne WA Union 2023 LHP 2285 rpm
11 Trevor Young WA Bothell 2023 RHP 2280 rpm
12 Grant Cunningham WA Seattle Prep 2022 RHP 2278 rpm
13 Stephen Hammergren WA Mark Morris 2023 OF 2277 rpm
14 Landon Kerzman WA Bellingham 2022 OF 2276 rpm
15 Ty Linster WA Battle Ground 2023 OF 2267 rpm
16 Braden Hartley WA Rochester 2023 OF 2261 rpm
17 Noah Kimura WA Juanita 2023 SS 2258 rpm
18 Hunter Hyatt WA Bellevue 2022 LHP 2257 rpm
19 Brady Trombello WA Prairie 2023 RHP 2254 rpm
20 Tyler Jones WA Woodinville 2024 SS 2243 rpm
21 Matthew Blackmon WA Federal Way 2023 3B 2238 rpm
22 Anthony Sendejas WA Bothell 2021 LHP 2231 rpm
23 Caden Poor WA Puyallup 2021 RHP 2229 rpm
24 Aidan Roddel WA Ferndale 2021 1B 2226 rpm
25 Patrick Galvin WA O'Dea 2024 SS 2221 rpm
26 Owen Browning WA O'Dea 2024 SS 2210 rpm
27 Jeramiah Crain WA Bethel 2022 3B 2210 rpm
28 Carson Ackermann WA Woodinville 2023 C 2205 rpm
29 Corbett Mathewson WA The Overlake School 2023 OF 2200 rpm
30 Trevin Long WA Battle Ground 2023 SS 2196 rpm
31 Mason Greene WA Bellevue Christian 2021 RHP 2195 rpm
32 Ciaden Thomsen WA Kamiakin 2023 LHP 2194 rpm
33 Joshua Parrish WA Vashon Island 2024 3B 2181 rpm
34 Bjorn Johnson WA Lincoln 2023 LHP 2180 rpm
35 Ty Thurman WA Gig Harbor 2022 1B 2178 rpm
36 Wyatt Bare WA Garfield 2025 LHP 2178 rpm
37 Cole Williams WA Mount Vernon 2021 C 2177 rpm
38 Luke Sketchley WA Chief Sealth 2023 LHP 2173 rpm
39 Dylan Schwartzmiller WA Snohomish 2022 SS 2171 rpm
40 Max MacDicken WA Snohomish 2023 2B 2170 rpm
41 Finn Still WA White River 2023 3B 2169 rpm
42 Kengo Shirokane WA International School/ Bellevue 2022 RHP 2163 rpm
43 Davis Franklin WA Bellevue Christian 2021 LHP 2161 rpm
44 William Peyton WA International School/ Bellevue 2022 SS 2158 rpm
45 Hunter Grasser WA Puyallup 2023 3B 2156 rpm
46 Eli Knowlton WA Squalicum 2023 OF 2155 rpm
47 Tiernan Perkins WA Lake Stevens 2023 C 2152 rpm
48 Luke Shields WA Bainbridge 2021 RHP 2142 rpm
49 Mason Shaw WA Puyallup Highschool 2022 SS 2141 rpm
50 Brendan Doshi WA O'dea 2022 RHP 2139 rpm

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