Scout Blog - Bothell at Mount Si

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

Seattle, WA - Monday afternoon we were back over at Bannerword Park again. This time we were getting our first look at Mount Si and Bothell.

It was a tightly contested game early on. After 4 full innings, the score was knotted at 1-1. Bothell’s experienced line-up would add 2 runs in the top of the 5th and then another insurance run in the 6th. Mount Si didn’t go away easily though. Trailing 4-2 in the final frame, they were able to get the tying run on base with only 1 out. Bothell RHP Kassin Matson responded though and got the final 2 outs via strikeout to lock up a 4-2 win for the Cougars.

Check out some of the players who stood out for both squads.

Mount Si

‘21 Dawson Schneider, RHP, Uncommitted
Schneider got the start against Bothell and was solid across his 3+ innings of work. Looks to presently be approximately 5-foot-10 at about 165 pounds or so. Proportionally built between upper and lower body. Pitches from a high ¾ slot with fluid, clean arm action. The delivery is mechanically sound and repeatable. No wasted movement or concerning actions. Shows an aggressive finish thru release with quality hand speed out front. FB sat mostly 74-76 and topped at 77. Given his youth and clean throwing actions, he should be able to add a few ticks to that down the road. The CB is a quality secondary offering at 64-68 and he flashed a willingness to use it. Features 11/5 shape with tight spin. Showed some poise while pitching out of jams from the stretch. Utilizes a slide-step as needed with runners on base. Solid understanding of controlling the run game. Overall, Schneider has some mature pitching skills with the chance to improve with additional physical development.

‘21 Turner McCutchan, RHP, Uncommitted
Continuing the youth movement on the bump for the Wildcats, McCutchan came on in relief of Schneider and also flashed some promising ability. Athletically built at 6-foot-1, 170 pounds. Upper body has slope to the shoulders, capable of handling additional weight. Slight cross action in delivery at landing. Arm stays compact and maintains constant bend in elbow after hand break. Pitches from a high ¾ slot with a whippy finish. Keeps eyes on target thru release. FB sat in the 74-77 range throughout and he paired it with his CB at 63-66. CB was a little inconsistent but showed flashes of being a quality offering. The combination of size and arm action should allow the pitching skills to develop sooner, rather than later for McCutchan.

‘19 Spencer Marenco, SS, R/R, Yakima Valley College commit
5-foot-10, 170 pounds with a proportional, athletic frame. Presently has some strength in his build. Stays light on his feet at SS. Moves well laterally, maintaining balance. Stays low while working thru the ball. Arm flashed plenty of strength and produces true carry on throws. Short, quick arm action with high exchange. Showed a consistent approach at the plate, racking up 2 hits in 3 AB’s. Stays tall with a relaxed set-up. Slightly open to the pitcher. Works quick to the ball with level, compact swing. Hands stay tight to the body. More of a low finish after contact that should produce gap-to-gap power. Allows the ball travel into the zone and is capable of spraying line drives up the middle/oppo. Solid all-around player who looks poised to be a consistent performer this spring. Yakima Valley College commit.

‘20 Jack Mardon, OF, R/R, Uncommitted
Strong, sturdy frame at 5-foot-8, 155 pounds. Showed very well in the OF defensively on this look. Quick first step after his initial read. Short, powerful strides allow him to generate closing speed on the ball. Throws from high ¾ release and showed some accuracy while gunning down a runner at the plate late in the game. Posted solid times with his run tool on the bases as well. Clocked 4.40 on a hard 90 from the right side and 4.64 with a turn. Simple, contact approach at the plate. Keeps everything connected and doesn’t let hands or barrel get away from his body. Has strength in his frame to maintain balance while showing quality bat speed. Plays with a high motor and has the ability to be a reliable table-setter at the top of the Mount Si line-up

A couple other Wildcats to keep an eye on in the line-up were ‘19 OF Trace Halvorson and ‘20 1B Harrison Clark. Halvorson flashed a 4.26 down the line from the left-side, showcasing his above average running ability. Capable of quality defense at any OF spot. Cut down a runner at 2B in the first inning while ranging to the LF line on a base hit. Has the smooth, prototypical left-handed swing. Didn’t get the chance to tap into any power on this look but there’s lift in his finish after contact. Given his size (6-foot, 180 pounds) and athleticism, there’s certainly some potential to do some damage on balls, especially to his pull-side. Clark had a tough game with the bat but he has a strong frame capable of creating leverage from the right side. The hitting actions are balanced and loose, which bodes well for his ability to hit down the road. Looks destined to be at 1B long-term. Moves well around the bag at 6-foot-1, 215 pounds and presents a big target.


'20 Evan Berry, OF, L/L Uncommitted
6-foot-1, 170 pounds with a wiry, athletic frame. Berry had the most impressive showing at the plate of any hitter. Went 3-3 with a BB on the day. Hit line drives to LF, CF and RF, showing an efficient, level swing as well as the ability to generate hard contact based on where the ball was thrown. Starts very upright and relaxed in the box with an open set-up. Maintains steady rhythm with the hands before loading back as he gets into forward stride. Barrel is loose and whippy when he decides to jump on a pitch. Swing stays flat thru the zone and there’s consistent extension from his top hand after contact. Showed a 4.75 with a turn down the line. Defensively looks best suited for left field. One of the more polished hitters we’ve seen so far this spring in terms of his overall feel for the barrel.

‘19 Jackson Gould, RHP, Edmonds CC commit
Big, physical presence on the bump at 6-foot-5, 180 pounds. Long, lanky build with strength and a wide upper body. Significant projection left. Steady tempo to delivery. Stays tall on backside throughout. Maintains level shoulders. Has some cross action in his direction at landing. Long arm action with full extension after his hand break. Loose, clean finish from ¾ release point. Keeps eyes on target with tight glove side as he finishes. Showed consistent feel for 2 pitch mix. FB sat 81-82 and topped at 83. Flashes late, arm-side sink at times. Paired it with CB at 66-68 that shows 10/4 shape. Polished strike thrower with a balanced combination of size and stuff. Committed to Edmonds CC.

‘20 Kassin Matson, RHP/SS, R/R, Uncommitted
Lean, projectable frame with square upper body at 5-foot-11, 155 pounds. Quick paced delivery with controlled throwing motion. Fluid, whippy arm action with continuous path after hand break. High ¾ release. Consistent direction towards target with short stride. FB shows quality life when getting thru the zone, especially when elevated. Sat mostly 83-84 and topped at 85. Only flashed 1-2 sliders in 2 innings of work. Couldn’t get a velocity reading but it’s a firm offering with a late, tight dive to his glove side. Considerable projection left for the athletic righty.

‘19 Josh Davis, C, R/R, Yakima Valley College commit
Strong, physical backstop at 6-foot, 185 pounds. Already sporting a mature, developed frame. Does a quality job of getting low and presenting a compact target. Showed the ability to handle some decent velocity with his glove hand on this look. Catch-and-throw actions are clean. At the plate, hits in a narrow, upright stance with relaxed rhythm. Hands stay inside of the ball and maintain a compact swing. High finish with slight uppercut. Aggressive approach. Hit a few balls hard to his pull-side, narrowly missing out on 2 hits. Yakima Valley College commit.

Two other players who will figure prominently for Bothell this season are uncommitted ‘20 Caden Baker and ‘19 Dylan Gerard, Skagit Valley commit. Baker stands at 5-foot-11, 175 pounds with an athletic frame and strong build. Moves with balance on defense at 3B. Stays low and fields in a wide base. Exchanges quickly into his high, compact arm action and gets rid of the ball in a hurry. Produces true carry on the ball. Flashed quick bat speed in game and put a charge into a ball to his pull-side but was robbed of a hit by a great defensive play. Gerard started at SS and was solid throughout the game. Quick, active feet on defense with the arm strength and actions to handle all the routine plays. Had an effective day at the plate as well, going 1-2 with a BB and R scored. Hits with a mature approach and lets the ball get to him. Capable of spraying hard contact with his quick bat speed and flat barrel path