Prep Baseball Report

Scout Blog - North Creek at Eastlake

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

Sammamish, WA - Back in the pre-season we had the chance to get our first look at Eastlake when they hosted their Jamboree. We circled back to check out their match-up against vising North Creek. Here's who stood out...


‘21 Matt Thompson, RHP
Tall, long frame at 6-foot-5, 195 pounds with projectable build. Simple, low effort delivery with consistent direction towards target. Deliberate pace to throwing actions. Stays tall on backside while maintaining a level shoulder plane during his stride. Head remains quiet and eyes stay on target thru release. Short arm action with consistent bend in elbow after hand break. High ¾ release that creates some downward angle to his offerings. FB sat mostly 75-76 and topped at 77. Shows late arm-side sink when down in the zone. Paired it with 11/5 CB at 65-67. Stays on top of CB well and creates consistent depth to go with its shape. Works quick and challenges hitters to put the ball in play.

‘20 Elston Miller, OF/RHP, R/R
5-foot-10, 155 pounds with a wide, square frame to his upper body. Lean build with room for additional strength. Has the potential to remain a 2-way prospect but was exceptional on the mound for this look. Uses a slow tempo, repeatable delivery. Up, down and out motion from his lower half. Arm action gets long early but shortens up quickly to create some deception. Ball jumps on hitters from high ¾ release point. Aggressive finish with hand speed out at release point. FB sat 80-83 and topped at 84. Showed consistent feel and confidence in his 11/5 CB at 67-71. Above average offering. Tunnels well with FB and has tight break to its shape. Commands the spin well enough to get it over for a strike when needed or bury it out of the zone when going for a K.

‘21 Jared Johnson, OF, L/L
Athletic OF’er with strong build at 6-foot, 170 pounds. Used in the DH role on this look. Narrow, upright stance with feet slightly open to pitcher. Stays tall as he squares up his lower half and gets into his landing. Hands stay back and work quick to the ball while staying tight to his body. Level swing capable of spraying hard contact. Advanced bat speed for his age. Projects to hit for additional power as he matures physically. Consistent approach at the plate. Stays within the strike zone. Young and promising prospect to keep an eye on.

‘19 Jack Titus, OF, R/R
Lean frame at 5-foot-11, 165 pounds with strength throughout build. Above average runner in the OF and on the bases. Clean arm action from high ¾ slot. Accurate arm that produces consistent carry on the ball. Sets-up in an upright, relaxed stance in the box. Feet square to the pitcher. Uses short, subtle forward stride before getting into landing. Hands stay loaded just below back shoulder. Quick, level swing that gets on plane early. Capable of producing line-drive, gap to gap contact. Keeps hands inside of the ball. Mature approach at the plate. Plays the game hard at all times.

‘19 Dalton Chandler, SS/2B, R/R, Washington commit
5-foot-10, 175 pounds. Lean, athletic frame with pound-for-pound type strength. Light and quick on his feet defensively, especially when moving laterally. Stays low throughout fielding process and allows momentum to work thru the ball. Quick hands on exchanges and feeds. Short, compact arm action with present strength. Shows balanced, controlled hitting actions in the box. Keeps weight gathered on backside during forward stride. Generates bat speed with easy effort. Whippy barrel thru the zone. High finish after contact with full rotation from his lower half. Could tap into more power down the road, especially to his pull-side. Presently more gap-to-gap power. Plays with hard-nosed, aggressive approach.

‘20 Garrett Carney, C/3B, R/R
Developed, physically strong frame at 6-foot-1, 205 pounds. Didn’t get the chance to evaluate defensive ability behind the dish on this look, but the overall physicality and power potential were enough to garner attention. Creates considerable leverage with his frame while generating quality bat speed with a tight, compact swing. Lets ball travel into the hitting zone. Stays connected with his barrel and keeps hands inside of the ball. Flat bat path allows him to generate hard contact middle/oppo. Also excels on the gridiron as a linebacker.

North creek

19 Garret Davis, RHP, Everett CC commit
Big framed pitcher at 6-foot-4, 200 pounds. Wide set upper body capable of adding more weight. Worked exclusively out of the stretch on this look. Short, compact arm action from low ¾ slot. Creates some deception by opening up hips/front side early but keeping ball hidden. FB sat 80-81 but the velocity plays up with his unorthodox delivery and release point. CB with 10/4 shape was inconsistent on this look but flashes potential. Produces sharp break with depth when he stays on top of it. Intriguing arm that could see significant development in the next few years. Committed to Everett CC.

‘20 Jonathan Cohen, LHP/OF, L/L
5-foot-10, 150 pounds. Proportionally built with a lean frame. Impressed on the mound with his athletic delivery and above average CB. Pitches from a quick paced, mechanically sound wind-up. Maintains body control while moving down the slope. ¾ release point with clean, whippy arm action. Stays tall with upright posture as he finishes his throwing motion. FB sat 76-78 with riding life into the zone, especially when elevated. CB has 2/8 shape with hard, tight break. Flashes more depth when thrown to RHH. Maintains FB arm speed and intent on the offering. Consistent 2-pitch mix. Competitive demeanor on the bump.

‘19 Michael Fouch Jr, 3B, R/R
6-foot, 165 pounds with an athletic and wiry frame. Proportionally built between his upper and lower half. Flashed athletic actions on defense. Clean arm action. Remains balanced throughout fielding and keeps momentum behind the ball. Had 2 hits on the day, displaying strike zone discipline and consistent approach. Starts slightly open to pitcher. Hovers on backside after short, controlled leg lift. Barrel gets into the zone early and stays inside of the ball prior to contact. Level swing capable of producing line-drive contact. Minimal lift in swing as he finishes. Overall, solid combination of defensive skills to go with a mature hitting approach.

‘20 Drew Kostelecky, OF, R/R
Projectable athlete at 6-foot, 180 pounds. Actions in the OF are a little raw, but given his frame and strength, he should be able to make adjustments easily. It wasn’t the most productive day for him at the plate on this look but he showed quality bat speed and promising hitting actions. Stays balanced while getting into wide, athletic base as stride foot lands. Tight, compact swing with the chance to produce power in the future. Hits against a firm front side with full hip rotation. Looks poised to develop quickly as he gets more seasoning over the spring and summer.